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  1. Jecko

    FnS 13

    Thanks much. Incidentally, the skull flowers came out to be a hair under 7mm across. Rather on the small side.
  2. You are far from alone, even after I saw the link to the gallery, I still couldn't figure out where they were in the forum itself for a day.
  3. Jecko

    Dio 1

    Love the varied colors of the fighters
  4. Jecko

    Dio 3

    Nice work on the rain drop effects
  5. Jecko

    Dio 6

    What is the airspeed of an unladen gremlin?
  6. Jecko

    Dio 8

    Wow, very impressive work in this one
  7. Jecko

    Dio 9

    Love the paintwork on the stage display
  8. Jecko

    Dio 10

    Excellent work with the tree
  9. Jecko

    Dio 11

    Very good use of the backdrop
  10. Jecko

    Dio 2

    Very fun scene
  11. Jecko

    Dio 7

    Very vibrant. Good color use
  12. Jecko

    FnS 1

    Outstanding work on the pond and the whole scene
  13. Jecko

    FnS 2

    Nice use of flowers
  14. Jecko

    FnS 34

    Good color selection, quality work
  15. Jecko

    FnS 35

    Very nice work with the rain
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