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  1. In my opinion the arcane emissary is the best one for diesel engine, good damage track and he can charge 2 times easily with a + to the damage
  2. yeah and Sandeep has to be the the leader now and Zoraida is going to be the most 2º master used probably ( and yes she summon her own totem xD ) Anyway this is not a discussion about which master is better. I'm just comparing obeys
  3. Sandeep: IMO all summons should not being able to interact the turn they are summoned like in M2E. Command the Elements has a double restricion, friendly + elemental, a TN of 6 seems acurate to me (zoraida needs a 7 to do it to everybody for example) Blessed of December: Cost 8 would be fine yes, but I see the damage track fine for a 8 ss model. Steam Arachnid Swarm: I see him in the same level than the Blessed and the Cerberus, 8 stones mobile beaters, the printed mask is great yes but nimble is worst than leap. And the Cerberus can get the mask too quite easy with Marcus. In addition to this the swarm has being the same during all the open beta and I didn't see an abuse of him in the reports so I wouldn't change it.
  4. Plant Explosives: In this one Mei for sure, the high mobility of the crew should make it easy. Reckoning: the best one for Irosides, the whole crew is quite tanky. Corrupted Idols: in my opinion Sandeep is the best one for it. He can summon wind gamins that can get any idol easy and you dont care if they take damage and die after that because they were free xD Turf War: not sure about this one, maybe Raspu for the table control.
  5. Maybe not every model needs to be tanky but yes the ones who act in a 6um area and cost 8ss xD (he used to have armor 1 in 2E) I dont mind to loose a 6ss suporter but hire him for 8 is too risky in my opinion. The question was about the less playable models and Sparks looks like one of those.
  6. Everything looks in a good place now but I still worry about a few models: Ironsides: please give her The Injured Workers Act back, and change it into "other friendly models" so she doesn't benefits from her own Grit. I can life without the extra adrenaline but this is essential. Sparks: he is situational, he has to be in the front line without any defensive ability and way too expensive. 7ss would be a more acurate cost, and even with that I would think twice to hire him. Kang: same as sparks, he is to expensive for what he does, 2 short range aura and pulse in a really mobile crew. He gives a focus for everyone in the first turn and that's all. Snow storm: This model is going to be use for sure but I feel like the Ice golem works much better with Sandeep than with Raspu, to fix that I would like to see the "December's Command" like it was in M2E: a placement in base contact instead a push.
  7. I love the changes in Banasuva and the mage, I feel like that this is going to generate a lot of combos, I cant wait to play it! The fist thing that comes to my head is the demise of the Wind Gamin, really good placement for any model that is going to give us a lot of movility.
  8. Well it looks like they want Amina to be the real M&SU master. Injured Workers Act is essential for the synergy of the crew, I cant believe they took it from Toni. Im really sad with the changes, is imposible keep all modes in 6 UM and is not practical. I have not idea what to do with Howard now, he is so grit dependent, if the was nimble at least.... To make things worst Toni doesnt win adrenaline with the defensive trigger any more , Caught in the Ring looks a cool ability but now with less adrenaline she is easier to kill and easier to avoid because now there is going to be only one big bubble of models. In my opinion those are really big changes to the end of the beta. We need to test how it works now because this change the whole crew.
  9. I would say that after an activation of LJ she is not going to leave anything alive to attack her (joke) xD Now seriously, if you atack her yeah she is going to take some damage, your not going to kill her in 1 activation, then she is going to respond you healing herself with juggernaut and healing after killing (because she is going to kill) she is quite tanky too. And yeah Toni is really easy to avoid, she needs a place like in 2E using adrenaline.
  10. Well I said similar not the same xD. And I just wanted to remark my position on this topic, which is she is a run of the mill master only good in Reckoning. Thats all
  11. All masters are different in their own way. Toni core mechanic is being tanky and even she is bad doing on her own, you need the rest of the crew to keep her alive (the captain, Amina, Fitzsimmons etc) going all toguether in a bubble. So it is normal that she is going to be hard to kill after spend all those resourcers and playing in other to keep her alive .... I cant believe we are having this discurison about Ironsides when Lady Justice has a similar defensive trigger , she kills like 10 times more, is more mobile and has an insane healing. Doing all of that her alone without the rest of the crew.
  12. That's a great idea, I always end up doing only 1 attack with him cause with his charge + range 5 you are going to need another ap to geting close. In addition to that idea I would like to see Off the Rails as action and maybe with a trigger to repeat it. That way he will win mobility and use his 2 actions attacking. This will also compensate the fact that his is always behind the rest of the crew.
  13. Sabbac

    Colette Card

    Or you can kill the dove before attacking Colette, which shouldnt be difficult xD
  14. I find all the changes really good, now both Colette and Kaeris have more options and they look more fun to play. Ironsides can increase her own adrenaline quite easy and thats great for the turns when you are not engaged. Carlos survivability has been increased a bit, which was necessary. The nerf to the Blessed is not big deal, so no complains this week.
  15. Another good idea would be add to her Distraction Illusion something like: does damage equal to the value of its Distracted Condition (to a maximum of 3). Or something in that direction. This can make the Distracted thematic of the whole crew a bit more reliable because a distracted model can avoid it with focus, soul stone or remove it with an Assist action pretty easy. I find it a bit irrelevant sometimes. In other words playing with her I feel like the only thing Im doing is putting Distracted meanwhile my rival is killing me xD
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