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  1. I'd say, conditions like stunned or burning could be quite painfull for Daw, don't you think so? And outcasts have no real way to deal with them. Regarding the demises I think the biggest threats might be eternals and those of amalgam keyword and marlena's anti-heal could handle them in some way (but I have tried it only once and not even with Daw).
  2. Exactly. I can't really understand, why so many people say resser Daw is better. GST and SoDP are definitely comparable. Ressers might have better ways to deal with conditions (Bone pile) and apart from it, I really cannot see much reasons why the ressers should be better for Daw.
  3. I would say Margaret Belle from the Other Side would be an excellent proxy. Especially when the dagger is swapped for bottle. šŸ™‚
  4. Have anyone ever actually used that ability (against an opponent aware of it)? I think it is just too easy to place summons out of Taelors LoS.
  5. I am unable to fill it because of this. I guess it would be much better, if players would be able to rate individual masters for each strat. It might be still diffucult because of different matchups, but much easier then ranking all the masters. I doubt, that majority of players play with all the masters in their faction.
  6. Actually, anti-heal auras work pretty well, too. They turn off all amalgam demises as well as all heals, ruinous repairs, essence transfers etc.
  7. Have anyone tried hiring Marlena with Jack Daw, or is she just too expensive support with no real synergy with the tormented?
  8. Iā€™d say it was a void wretch, which means there were only two ook/versatile models in the list. Much better than on the TT side of the table. šŸ˜‰
  9. I haven't played Hamelin much in m3e so I might be totally mistaken, but I guess all these tactical discussions just try to defend him as a viable master and to prove he can still be usable in some matchups. He had been the strongest outcast master in the 2e and one of the strongest in the game and he just moved to the opposite end of the ranking. A lot of people still like his theme and mechanics and try to find a way to use him effectively despite all this. Is he still playable? I guess he is. I can think of really great setups where he would shine. But even in these, I have no problem to fi
  10. Seems you have been lucky not to face Shenlong during the tournament. šŸ˜‰ Would you mind elaborate a bit those Tara games? What s&s did you play against her?
  11. Does it also mean, that when using Leveticus' Necrotic decay trigger, you can announce the cost of 2dmg, reduce it (with Marlena, Shielded or ss) to 0 and still deal +2 damage from that trigger?
  12. Yes, it can. Not sure, if I understand it well. Damage reduction takes place after damage is determined and if a model suffers 0 damage, it is not considered to have suffered damage (p. 24 digital, 60 physical rulebook). Would that mean, that the cost is considered to be paid even if the damage was not suffered in the end?
  13. I would like to ask about how exactly "suffer damage" as a cost works. I used to asume, that regardless of if it is action, trigger or ability cost, if a model do not suffer damage (e.g. it is reduced to 0), the effect does not take place at all (action fails). However it seems to be a bit more complicated and it might differ for actions, triggers and abilities. (I.e. if the cost is not paid, "trigger is not resolved" in case of trigger, "action fails" in case of action, nothing about the ability). But the practical problem comes with the Shielded. I understand, that using shielded is no
  14. Just a quick note, that Sever Timeline is an attack action, therefore cannot be copied with Just like you.
  15. One would expect 20ss from your gang should be brutal. šŸ˜„ Anyway, while running two gunslingers, doesn't they feel worse as you need to distribute the masks from your hand to tow of them (and the other one is weaker then)?
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