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  1. Yeah the lack of melee beaters in-keyword is kinda weird, considering the fact she's got a really decent melee attack. There should probably be more choices coming with newer releases I could imagine, since her roaster is pretty onesided on the will-get-played-a-lot side of things. What you should consider though is the versatile models, the best example right now would be the emissary.
  2. I haven't seen any discussion about her in this forum so far. I really can't say much about her, the trap generation with bushwhackers seems pretty neat though. She on her own is obviously a very solid beater, but her crew seems to have lost a lot of movement overall. Rooster riders and bushwhackers having only 1SS difference feels kinda odd to me, but I got to try out the bushwhackers a bit to check out their early game control, since from the shadows could easily be a way to punish the enemy for their deployment choices, or just start shooting straight away from turn 1 on. Has anyone gotten a few games in with her? I'll add some of my experiences when I put her on the table a few times next week.
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