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  1. I play a variant of the above list: McMorning Sebastian Zombie chihuahua flesh construct nurse Kentauri Death rider Guild autopsie this list is very fast with the 2 riders and the golem. It allows to go very quickly to the melee on the scenario reckoning and for turf war to take the markers very quickly turn 2. Doing a 2 ride with me on MC Mourning allows you to charge a target end of turn 1 and if you win the initiative to kill it at the beginning of turn 2 and then at the second activation make a ride with me to roll back Mc Mourning. The advantage of hitting Mc Mourning is that from the start of the turn, the pressure is put on the opponent's hand. The attack makes it possible to discard the hand. The death rider allows turn 3 to make a very important area damage is to finish the minions started and thus take the ascendant. Sorry for my English, I'm French.
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