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  1. Titania can't stay alone vs all the enemy crew! you must give other target to the enemy. The good thing of aeslin is the trigger on the attack, the study action is useless, or maybe casual: not all the crew drop corpse or scrap and the opponent chose where to put them! bultungin are very good runner but they have 5 wounds, anyway the model is good! knights are the worst in the crew. killjoy should have some ability to reach the enemy faster, or maybe something to never get conditions. It's the only enforcer of the crew, he should be a obviously choice, he's not always! "Scheme manipulation"??????????????????
  2. You mention the only two models that is good: titania and rogarou! speaking of kill joy is just one model without ss that is easy to slow! autumn knight without any type of action that let you change the game. imho FAE is a flat crew.
  3. Really don't understand why most of the people says Titania in ready to go. I played over 15 matches in the open beta and I ALWAYS lost or draw with Titania, maybe won once. Now, for sure i'm absolutely not the most good gamer in the history of malifaux but that's a fact! The last 3 games i lost 5-1 vs Tara with scion that stay buried and do anyway actions and evocations, vs Asami that summon 3 spiders during the game and other 3 models, vs Zipp that eat my scheme marker in a game where unfortunately i haven't pick kill schemes. I played once vs Pandora, i let my friend play and i watched the game! in the crew the very op things are titania and the rogarou with inhuman reflex, but if you want to try to play the game you have to spend 2/5 of your points in 2 minion with upgrade imho there's something wrong!
  4. That's what i said! Are very beautiful miniatures, but in every game they are always the last choice! Always!
  5. Good explanation!
  6. But in the economy of the game that Challenge is usless comparing with drop scheme or moving extra! That's what i say!
  7. Sorry!😌 anyway, bultungin and rogarou can move potentially of 16". Titania 20". Waldgeist has ambush...
  8. But waht they protect if they are slower?
  9. For sure! But the knight should be the base of the crew for the background and the concept of the crew! But in this moment i find no reason for use the knight instead of bultungin or rougarou!!!
  10. I think that in this game if you don't have the possibility to give conditions or interact with scheme you should be better in moving! probably have the "AMBUSH" ability with all the crew would give a better options for all the matches! i think that titania is a very good fighter/tank master with good options, but to let the crew be more competitive they should have more moving options!
  11. Whit "change" i mean something to let them be less boring to play as you say! comparing cost is better take a waldgeist!!! they are a sort of titania bodyguard! they should move faster as minimal!
  12. Probably is too expensive the cost of the autumn knight for what they do! probably a better interaction with the underbrush would be good. My impression is that if you want to try to win the game with Titania you have to kill half or more of the opposite crew before and then close the game the last 2 turns. I would like to see a better interaction except for titania with the underbrush, i think that this is something to ask for!
  13. I don t know. I found something missing to the crew. Something special you can use if something go wrong.
  14. What do you think about this "not upgrade" for the FAE?
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