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  1. Pandoras self loathing is enemy only. I guess this is no longer a thing.
  2. I took Dora into Brewmaster yesterday. Holy cow, Woes are effective. Admittedly, I dont focus on abusing conditions. My crew was Pandora, Poltergeist, Wrath, Candy, Kade, Teddy, Doppelganger, Iggy. The amount of simple duels i threw down kept stripping his hand of useful cards. Anytime Pandora activated, my opponent moaned. Anytime misery triggered, it was simply a bonus, to add to a stunned condition or a slow condition. I didnt even synergise too well, by keeping Poltergeist nearby the WP duel abuse. I simply used him as a scheme runner.
  3. Its been two months and Zoraidas wrecked face on people who dont know how to play vs her. Still early days to call her broken. Agreed what happened to your opponent was nasty though. Good play.
  4. Alright, Pandora got me into Malifaux. I loved her oppressiveness. I played her a couple times in the beta. Atm, i dont 'see' what she does or where she fits. Can someone breakdown Woe for me? Cause less than m2e, i think shes not intuitive.
  5. Bring the latest iteration on paper. Note: There is a wait list now.
  6. Currently Dead Man's Hand is an option. Feel free.
  7. Theres a lot of killy in Titania. Though shes probably more a 'tank' crew in Neverborn. Whole crew is undead (besides Waldgeists and Bultungin), so they get h2w. In addition armour +1 is common. And Titania can reduce severe dmg flips to moderate within 4". Pretty nice. Offensively, Rougarou, KJ and Titania herself are pretty nasty. Rougarou and Titania are a little deceiving, being min 2, but have excellent triggers on Crows to not only add +1 damage to an enemy model within (i think) 2" of an underbrush marker, but also place that model in contact with said underbrush marker, making it a control trigger as well. Whilst KJ has Onslaught on min 3, making him simply brutal. Her mid tier minions, the Autumn Knights are pretty strong, armour, h2w, df6 and a trigger to deal 2/3/4 in return to an enemy attacking them, plus they can force an enemy model to attack them or discard a card. Not bhed. I think Aeslin (Titanias Hench) is very niche. Mostly for schemes like Dig their Graves, as she has ranged attacks that can drop scheme markers, but also can deal out some blasting injured, which isnt horrible. I think where some really obscene tech comes in for this crew, is when you throw in something like the Hooded Rider. He doesnt get anything directly, beyond what the crew already provides, but The Gorar, Titanias Totem, should the Hooded die, can resummon him, or even better, Changelings can copy the Gorars 'Mold of the Other', tactical action, to resummon your Rougarous or mid tier beaters. Adding a heavy layer of toughness to the crew.
  8. Very easy and simple explanation.. Lucius sent Dashel with a tonne of reinforcements to destroy the Peppeteer. Collodi shits on the Guild attack, murders Dashel, creates a human meatsack powered by Clockwork Gears, and now Lucius has hidden his friend and PIC in the Guild with a permanent part to play, get Guardsmen killed. Secretly, Lucius has been sending Collodi artefact locations discovered by McCabe in order to transfer his consciousness, whilst Collodi gained the meatworking knkwhow to turn himself into the now formidable, Dashel. This proves the greatest Puppetmaster, is Lucius.
  9. If its an attack action, and doesnt have a restriction, it can attack anyone.
  10. Awesome reports man. Sounds like a good day.
  11. Zoraida, 3x changelings and Collodi. Ooh yeah. Lol.
  12. I think Lucius and 3x changelings and collodi could be worse, putting collodi in a point and consistently obeying him to make your opponents charge/attack themselves
  13. I have 15, i found that 8-12 is enough. 7-8 for initial crew deployment, then a couple for titania to move with, and a few spare for mid game just incase
  14. No, tots can only grow into nephilim minions. Yes. He is.
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