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  1. Play Titania. Shes can be pretty 1dimensional. Her things are generally beaty. You've got one annoying trick that will inhibit most crews if used correctly, but can be avoided by players more experienced in countering her. She has next to no card draw, and so kindve relies on focussed to do heavy damage, but she'll have enough tricks to be interesting enough for you and not get bored.
  2. As a titania crew he can use his concealment markers to put the guild player on negatives, on the neph crew side he should simply hide directly behind things to avoid being seen, unless you guys are placing the terrain favourably in the guilds hands. Recommend new masters though. Collodi might hurt guild a bit with armour +2 and an inbuilt obey into his rg 10 attack.
  3. Well, the Changelings targettimg Collodi with his own puppetmaster action wont give him a +. Where the thought came from, is that I believe his attack is still really strong. That 1ap prompt along with damage seems good, and the chabgelongs and lucius effectively give collodi 9ap a turn...seems good...but might be too cute.
  4. I've been toying with the idea of Collodi into a Lucy crew, can summon his marionettes in, and Changelings can prompt his Puppetmaster, giving Collodi more actions. I dont really kbow how effective this can be though. Need to try it myself.
  5. Hey guys. Just letting you know, I'll be running an M3E tournament at MOAB from Sylvania Youth club on October 5th. It will be a 50ss, fixed faction, 3 round event. Rego will start at 830, looking to start the first game off between 9-930. Each round will be 2 hours with a lunch break between r1 and r2. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings. As well as best painted if enough people show up. Looking forward to see you all turn up.
  6. He is 2/3/4, but inbuilt poison
  7. Well, it depends on what you think Lelus role is i guess. Young Neph are obviously a little utility. Build a few models into matures, use them as b grade beaters and schemers until the matures go down. Lelu however, is a bit odd. Hes...kindve a support piece...kindve a mid level beater? (Effective 3/4/5 with poison), hes just open to not being the best beater due to condition removal. But at least that isnt everyehere nowadays
  8. I guess the idea is that theyre a priestly caste? Not the frontline brawlers? Ergo slimmer?
  9. All good mate. Not a worry. Will add. Recommend Hinamatsu with her. Lots of synergy between them, Hina being tanky, fast, having a lure and potential additional attacks works wonders with Zoraidas double action obey
  10. If zoraidas obey succeeds with a double mask, and you trigger ensorcel, zoraida may make a model perform 2x actions
  11. He obviously didnt push the wp duels.
  12. Sorry. I just stumbled over this. Doras df/wp trigger Dark Thoughts: After Resolving the attacking model gains stunned. This means Doras gonna stun someone everytime they attack her, and (melee only i guess) trigger misery? Brutal
  13. I think Carver is a bit overlooked actually. That tac action is brutal, especially in a Dora crew. You get 3 models within that Aura and Doras Aura, Candy throws him fast, dora thins their hand with her free action, then Carver throws out 3x Draw Essence, your slamming their hands for 4 hench AP? Dora wants your opponent to have no hand. The issue with Carver is positioning him, but Doras crew has plenty of ability for him to do that. Could be a point for misery, draw everything into him like a black hole and Draw Essence 2-3 times. Worse if you have a changeling or two.
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