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  1. This. But swap the ability names around. Misery as the damage dealer and opportunist as the movement.
  2. Did yoy remove all of your severe and mod cards in those games bluefyr? Or majoritively weaks?
  3. Has anyone run Zoraida as a second master? I feel aa though shes our secondary support character. I feel she could be good with Lucius, having the Changeling card draw machine just totally bonkers. I feel she could be good moving up the Savages, or focusing them before a charge. Same with the Nephilim, also granting nephilim more card draw. She could get the woes a tonne more condition removal by utilizing opportunist a tonne more. I havent really thought about marcus, but im sure his crew would benefit from a 3 obey/turn master. Anyone used her as a secondary master?
  4. Yes. You can still do that.
  5. It just deals one damage. Unless stoned or Incorporeal is involved.
  6. Yes. Most of you are. Admittedly, I picked up a deck and ran through all 13 models that have the lucid dream ability (that fit in 50SS as well), and just ran through 2 turns of Lucid dreaming with no other distorting. Not the best test admittedly, but still. I managed to discard 26 cards from the game. 3 were Severe cards. The rest were low cards. By the end of 'turn 2', I had 3 low cards in deck and a few moderates. Primarily high cards elsewhere. I think you people should stop math-hammering, and start jamming it, or at least flip cards at the extreme end of the ability to test it. Otherwise you may ruin what is actually a decent free action. Obviously it sucks when you draw 3 high cards, but you discard so many cards into your discard pile you end up shuffling it back into the Fate deck inevitably. It'll only shuffle faster in a real game.
  7. Her crew and Neverborn in general has a bunch of Lures, why would you ever use her Mv at all.
  8. Sorry to divert. Just lookjng for clarification, Von Schills Blast resistent, doesnt negate BB does it? Due to not reducing to 0 correct?
  9. It would be amazing if ALL nephilim got this trigger. 😁😅
  10. Wenshai


    Why did they change killjoy originally? Was he really so broken?
  11. I read somewhere dreamer is good for Turf war. Lets open the chat up a bit. I feel i may have been a little vague? In your opinions, what pieces are best at..and why? Turf war? Plant explosives? Idols? Reckoning? Then for schemes. Detonate? Breakthrough? Harness the Ley line? Search the Ruins? Dig their Graves? Hold up their forces? Take prisoner? Power Ritual? Outflank? Assassinate? Deliver a massage? Claim Jump? Vendetta?
  12. So. What are we thinking for strat and scheme appropriate pieces? Is it too m2e thinking to feel that a singular master is better at x? Or that certain models are better at certain schemes? What are we feeling?
  13. Wenshai

    Pandora + Carver

    I think thats where carver suffers. Vs stunned. Like swampfiends.
  14. Question RE nekimas totem, "Stampede, when this model finishes a charge action, it may suffer 1 damage. If it does, all other models in base contact suffer 1 damage. Does this trigger bb in addition too the stampede ability?
  15. Wenshai

    Pandora + Carver

    Carver works well with dora when you consider Woes start dropping hands like balls. When carver triggers execute twice, kade starts triggering execute and candy and other woes start doing aoe simple duels, theres only so many cards your opponent is willing to throw. I think the carver is super valuable with dora. Being able to execute models.
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