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  1. Wenshai

    Marcus NB

    Generated Generated off a trigger, from a charge action.
  2. Wenshai

    Marcus NB

    If a cerberus triggers onslaught on the charge, with thick horns, im prrtty sure the triggered attack is still benefitting from a charge?
  3. Sorry to revive an old topic, but raw now, can lillith be hired into nekima? I seem to remember a rule disallowing that.
  4. Misery and stacking conditions. Does adding, say, burning +2 to a model with burning already, proc misery?
  5. Wenshai


    Feels strong.
  6. Iduno. A few 3ss minions running around with mv 6, an ability to distract and force a discard when the enemy tries to disengage, then they act as a bb bomb with fly with me, bb pustule and bbs ritual knife (for additional corpses! Doesnt even need to do dmg!)
  7. Wenshai


    Miserys once per activation can proc from a single model once per acti, so if you have a sorrow and dora, opponent model concentrates, takes 1 damage from dora for focus, attacks dora and gets stunned from her df trigger, would proc misery from sorrow. Unless im wrong..?
  8. Anyone noticed he's a 30mm? When other flying young neph sized models are 40mm?
  9. Wenshai


    Question; Collodi has a free action that gives 2 conditions, shielded +2 and staggered, how does Misery interact with this? If you had a single model with misery in range of a model who benefited from an action that granted 2 different conditions, would it prompt a single damage/move due to once per activation? And if so, would having two models with misery in range of said conditioned model, prompt 2 damage/moves?
  10. I dont know. 2 mv7 flying significant models sound fine to me for 3 ss (regarding hounds)
  11. Has anyone considered the Dogs are beasts? They might be significantly improved with Marcus
  12. Wenshai

    Fae crew

    Last night i played vs a mate, and he found titanias free action, the Queens Command, oppressive. The ability to drop a 50mm marker underneath 2-4 models twice a turn and deal an unavoidable 1 damage to each. I racked up about 2p damage overall over the course of the game. Broken? Do we need to add a tn15/16 duel just to make it avoidable?
  13. Rougarou for 9ss might be a bit steep when for the same cost you can get hinamatsu, juju or 2ss more, a rider. For 8 you can get a doppel or serena bowman. Dont get me wrong, rougarou are nasty. I had 2 last night (3 if you count the gorar turning into one) and they were mint. But i think if z is your main master, you just have better options. However, Z as an added hire, will only boost their fiercesome potential.
  14. True. Mb. Though it was the same kindve condition as Juju. Either way. Gorar looks like a baller model to me, so long as he can stay out of the enemies way.
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