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  1. Dreamer and Lucius, I love their tricks and the way they play this edition, but most of all I love their look and theme, and played them a lot in 2e as well. I've yet to try Euripides, Zoraida or Marcus however, as I don't own most of the models. I've struggled with Pandora but I haven't really put enough time in, so I'm likely just missing what makes her crew work
  2. My first few games Chompy went down regularly (and he's probably one of the better models to dump damage into early), but now i tend to stone with him a lot more and keep Serena nearby, and lo and behold he's made it through the last few games and helped put down all sorts of troublesome peices. One thing I do find hilarious though is that an insidious madness is actually tougher to kill in one activation, barring stone use
  3. One other thing that I love (as a dreamer player) but is very frustrating to the opponent, even if you do kill dreamer and chompy early, its not game over the way it was in 2e. The crew is far less reliant on its master than it once was, and doesn't have to bubble up anymore. For some masters and scheme pools it seems to me the answer is probably to out-scheme, mess with dreamer's positioning or waste their ap (zipp is so good at that of course). I've also found that Molly and Jack Daw aren't horrible vs dreamer, but that might be due to the skill of their owner rather than the crews themselves I can't say, as I only know the one resser player, and he tends to win 90% of his games anyway.
  4. In my experience (running dreamer), mostly vs gremlins and ressers, a cautiously played zipp can do some nasty things turns 1-2 to really mess with the snowball effect. You definitely have to stop Dreamer early, by turns 3 and 4 lucid dreaming means I tend to win a lot of duels without cheating. More aggressive crews should aim to kill what they can as quickly as possible, while crews like zipp should be wary of getting stuck in unless necessary, as I tend to find unburying stitched with insidious madnesses tend to mess with your plans. Also the amount of anti armour abilities (dreamers gun, chompy, serenas gun) is pretty nasty for anyone who relies too much on Armour (recently had a very one sides game vs mei feng). Don't bother killing Serena unless you absolutely can finish her off, generally take out stitched wherever you can, kill chompy, daydreams and copelius. If you're going to take out insidious madnesses, make sure you do it quickly as they have a nasty habit of surviving protracted fights only to emerge at full wounds.
  5. Personally I don't own the model, and that's the only reason I haven't tried him. He does look solid
  6. I have only used her a couple of times, so have no real feel for how good she is. Is she great with bandersnatch mostly or still great on her own? I was concerned she would just die but looking at her card, she does have a lot of tricks
  7. I haven't tested them, but I'm curious if anyone has used stitched with Lucius, at 7ss they still seem pretty good to me. One I've seen mentioned a lot, is the Mature Nephilim with Lucius, which is very very good in my experience
  8. I haven't used alps much yet, as i usually have a high enough card to pop out a stitched or madness, so maybe I get greedy. That list looks pretty similar to what I tend to run, depending on strats/schemes bringing things like Teddy in for corrupted idols or reckoning as well, and more madness for plant explosives usually
  9. Often I summon stitched who then enter off of insidious madness attacks on flanking schemers, tends to pay off very very well ime
  10. glad to hear she has some depth, I've got all the models anyway so I might as well give her a shot
  11. If you want to wait for the alt models, and you are only playing casual games, most opponents would probably let you proxy them in. Personally I think Stitched are too good to pass up and most games I end up using 2-3 between hires and summons. In reckoning they are especially nasty
  12. In your experience of M3e thus far, who stands out to you as the most engaging and rewarding master or set of masters? DMH ecluded, (sorry Collodi and Lilith) I'm slowly working my way through my collection (I don't own Marcus, Zoraida or Euripides), so far having tried Titania a few times, and Lucius and Dreamer each in a good number of games. In practice, Lucius is as entertaining as he has always been to me (even before he was any good), and I very much love new Dreamer, and my win ratio with him suggests he might even be stronger. Of the crews I haven't taken to the field yet, Pandora stands out to me as potentially interesting, whereas Nekima seems a bit straight forward for my tastes, although I own all the models so will no doubt try her out. So, based on your own experience which master/masters are your pick? Which combos?
  13. I'll have to try that combo soon, I'll always love Lucius and Pandora's crew is the next I hope to learn. Dreamer/Lucius could be fun too of course... so many options
  14. I'm curious how Stitched do with Lucius. If you take Dreamer they would seem a pretty good summon, but would they be worth hiring in in anyone's experience?
  15. I have mostly been playing Dreamer, even so I've yet to use Carver or the Bandersnatch, as I do not own them. I haven't felt a need to pick them up though as the crew feels very strong using mostly the units you listed, with the additions of Serena Bowman (she is the #1 most important addition in my view, always performing well), widow weaver (harder to use but also quite handy and fun) and teddy (does what you'd expect). Hinamatsu, Doppleganger and the Hooded Rider all seem useful as well, though I have mostly used them with Lucius to date. I'd say of Dreamer's keyword options, Insidious Madness, Stitched and Serena are hard to go wrong with, favoring more stitched in say reckoning, and more Madnesses for any really schemey pools. I am curious to know how important Carver or the Bandersnatch are though, as I like the models a fair bit and will end up getting them eventually...
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