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  1. Ezuma

    Fae T-Rex

    Might give me a reason to play Titania sometimes Even if this thing is straight up bad I'll probably buy it for the model
  2. I'm not convinced Neverborn is dead just yet from two changes, I didn't even use IR in many of my games, but then I also don't play in tournaments and mostly use Dreamer, Pandora and Euripides. Euripides will be a bit unhappy for sure but perhaps I just have to learn to play more cautiously with him. Unfortunately Nekima is boring, so with or without the upgrade I don't play her much, Marcus just seemed sub-par to begin with so I don't know that this change alone does him in. Maybe my optimism is just ignorance, but I am going to try to get a few games in before I panic too much.
  3. At least you don't have to worry about Inhuman Reflexes anymore, although Nekima's crew is hard enough to beat that might not make a huge difference, but every now and then it'll mean you get the drop on her where before she could dart away
  4. well said, Dreamer still stands above most Neverborn, and the stitched are probably still useful to boot, the more i think on it -though need to get some games in to really get a feel for it
  5. Good points all I, I've neglected Dreamer for a few weeks now and totally failed to notice the benefit of making it a WP attack. It was inevitable they would get altered and actually from thinking about it a bit, the changes aren't as harsh as I initially suspected -except for inhuman reflexes. I'm a bit choked there
  6. I was surprised Bultungins got nothing, I haven't bought them yet because they just look so useless on paper, dying to anything rougher than a stiff breeze. Inhuman reflexes being gone will hurt Euripides a lot, but on the upside it will help keep Nekima in check. Good to see a lot of the more b.s. abilities toned down across the game though, probably for the best
  7. So opponents may now cheat vs stitched, correct? And on top of that the TN is upped to 13 and its no longer a tactical. So it doesn't get around defensive tech anymore, and basically you must reserve a 12-13 to even want to attempt it... at least it encourages your opponents to hang onto their high cards I guess. Interesting to see how large the impact will be. Gonna miss inhuman reflexes big time, definitely the biggest hit.
  8. Thoughts on the changes? Glad to see some of the other faction's changes (first mate being nerft made my day, it always bugged me that he does more damage than anything in Neverborn with his built in ram and a card or stone) I was surprised to see only Stitched and Zoraida altered at all, and boy were stitched hit (deservedly), and inhuman reflexes seems significantly less useful than before. The big question: are stitched even good now?
  9. Thanks, it will be interesting to see results. I think the only master I've played 6+ games with is Dreamer, everybody else is still hovering in the 1-5 range except Marcus and Zoraida who I don't own. I expect Dreamer and Pandy to be the most played overall, rightfully so.
  10. In M3E only or including the beta, or including previous editions? I'm assuming not including 2e or 1e?
  11. Lots of moments involving changelings in M2E, the best was when my lucius crew faced Colette, and shoved killjoy deep into swamp terrain along with a single changeling killed him with his own weapon in two very lucky hits. Lately Thoon burying zipp for turns 2 and 3 was hilarious (for me) or anytime Euripides teleports into and annihilates a scheming skeeter (even better if its carrying earl burns)
  12. Although the gender is allegedly wrong, I just use an alt pose katanaka sniper i had lying around. I might headswap or something at some point but nobody has minded thus far, as ive painted it black and purple. I think as long as you've got a rifle and a hood some leniency is ok...
  13. Ezuma


    I am also waiting to see if any marcus experts emerge, I was briefly interested in him but 1. the fact i would have to buy so many new models (arcanist beasts and swampfiend keyword stuff, since I've avoided playing zoraida) and 2. Neverborn already has a lot of murder potential with the models I already own. At the same time the flexibility of the upgrades system and having so many swift and nasty minions can't be all bad, so I am sure there's a way to make him competitive... right?
  14. Lots of great replies here, I would second that you should try to build your lists based off of all the info you can (not just strats but schemes and board setup and the faction you are against). - I agree that Serena is pretty essential, amazing at claim jump and especially useful in corrupted idols and reckoning -although frankly I consider taking her in most Neverborn crews. - Widow weaver is much more situation dependent, and probably should be taken with Bandersnatch most games. - Carver seems better in Pandora to me but probably I just haven't cracked him yet. He is very reliable as a henchman with stat 7, but frankly I would prefer to take Hinimatsu (who is almost never a bad call) - Copelius is a top notch schemer and a capable fighter, though I do use Insidious Madness in a similar role and they are significantly cheaper (and surprisingly tanky). - Stitched are amazing and probably no one needs to tell you that. I hire them often but probably you can just summon them when needed. -When it comes to versatile models Hooded Rider and Hinimatsu are both strong pieces especially in Reckoning or Turf War. Dreamer is my favorite master and a great choice as he can do everything pretty well, even reckoning isn't too tough provided you don't feed your opponent kills and play cautiously (which is totally doable especially if you go henchman heavy). Between lucid dreaming stacking the odds in your favor, good anti Armour tech, high mobility pieces, summoning great minions and access to healing and very reliable damage output, there is a lot in Dreamer's favor and I have a way more consistent win rate with him than any other master (except Nekima but i find her a bit boring).
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