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  1. While a nice themeatic and iconic idea, I feel like her defence with ice shield is already extremely good, maybe on the verge of too good, she does not also need to be un-chargeable.
  2. Awesome, thought I was missing something somewhere. Cheers for that
  3. Hi all, I have a question about ice pillars. The ice pillar markers that are created are Ht 4, Blocking, Destructible, Impassable. Now the clarification I’m after is, is that marker actually height 4 for the purpose of summoning the marker underneath models to lift them 4 inches up from where they where. If so models on bases larger than 30mil would fall straight away due to having part of their base unsupported, who would determine which side of the pillar those larger models would fall?
  4. True, I did not even thing about that. That seems a little extreme to have rasputina and the silent ones dropping scheme markers 8 inches away
  5. I have noticed what I would presume to be an unintended interaction on the silent one’s card with Grim Feast, and ice mirror. Ice mirror says that this model model may draw LoS and range from an ice pillar within 8 for a non-melee action . Grim feasts let’s you remove a corpse marker within a 2 inch range to heal for X amount. While I doubt it is game breaking I do find it funny that silent ones can eat a corpse almost 1/3 of the board away.
  6. What they need to do is be more consistent with their wording, and if the intention is for the trigger to let you create another ice pillar, just add "another" into the trigger like other instances of abilities that let you place the same token again. With the bigger cards they are aiming for space should not be an issue, so while how they have written the trigger currently IMO is that when resolving you place another ice pillar, you can make the trigger clearer for newer players who are not as familiar with the rules but just adding "another" to the start of the trigger. Similar to Snow Storm's Cataclysm trigger on Ice Tornado.
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