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  1. I play a lot of henchmen hardcore with my 7 year old son. When he saw this he wanted to join in. Made with crayons.
  2. What was the list against the Crossroads ?
  3. This is close to a match i played just last weekend against Von Schill. Scheme are a little different but here goes: Rasputina Wendigo Silent One (6ss)+ MT (2ss) Silent One (6ss) Ice Golem (10ss) December Acolyte (7ss) Ice Dancer (6ss) Blessed of December (8ss) Cache: 5 ss I would take Power Ritual and Outflank. With Ice Dancer runing to one corner for schemeing protected by the acolyte deployed sligthly forward and the Blessed running for the other corner. Ice Golem takes the center with blast and ice pillar support form the Ice mages. Acolyte also doubles as anti armor tech. I would put to bombs on the Blessed and one on Ice dancer, Acolyte and the Ice Golem. Regards Niels Chr.
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