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  1. Page 14: In the picture on the left Pandora is moving 2" away from Rasputina, but text below says "Rasputina in moving 1" away..." and at the end of clause "...and moves 2"..."
  2. Looks like I was wrong and misunderstood shadow ๐Ÿ˜‰. Now it clear. Thank you guys!
  3. The sight line are not considered blocked, I agree. But when model Size 2 is within 1" of terrain Size 1, according to rule you quoted, is not consider to be in Shadow. Because rule says, that terrain must be Size equal to or higher than model's Size. I understand this rule, that when model Sz2 is within Sz1 terrain's Shadow it doesn't benefit from cover. May be wrong, that's why asking.
  4. How do you define this creates and stuff that they are giving you cover? Model gets cover only in shadow, so unless terain is Size 2 and Blocking model doesn't benefit from cover (as most of models are Size 2). I'm just curious how you solve this๐Ÿ˜‰.
  5. Today I had my first play and noticed, that models gain cover only in shadow. Am I correct? Or I missed something? I couldn't find any other references to cover in rulebook...
  6. It isn't grammar/spelling, but in table Detail Timing there is missing point when "After activation" effects are resolving. This point is listed in Activations paragraph.
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