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  1. As a cool trick you can hire Anna Lovelace to prevent their models from unburying (since unbury is a place) near your models
  2. Also, this rule makes stuff like condition removal harder to tech-pick, so I think this could be a great opportunity for McM to shine
  3. Bring a Flesh Construct, you'll thank me later 😂 You said Kirai, sorry dunno why I read VS, you'll be fine with the drowned
  4. Well, I don't want to discuss this here from all places. I'm sure my good friend Sandeep "My Fire Golem just concentrated as a bonus action so he is going to do 19 side-effects" Dessai can play Public Enemies, I'm just wondering if he should. These two look to me like good players, I would like to see them in their best decision making! So just roll a pool and pick your poison :3
  5. I might be wrong, but isn't Public Enemies like the worst strat for summoners? I'm really enjoying this post so I'll be happy with any match up you come up with.
  6. There's multiple ways to deal with a McM in bayou, brewie being one pretty obvious, but as a general advice try to hit hard and remove models completely. Bayou has some of the most absurd damage dealers of the game, so take a pick. Inferiority Complex (for the Ruthless) upgrade on your one/two beaters of choice can be very helpful, specially if they are certain chicken models that can also easily use bully... For removing conditions pick of choice between: BBB, Ophelia, the Banjonista or the Wrastlers/mancha (prefer the latter as they target Df which is low on ressers models) can do
  7. You could also run over them with the emissary and destroy them just to assert dominance
  8. As a Hamelin player I find this is disgusting and I love it
  9. Hamelin +6ss 3 Stolen Obedient Wretch Nix Benny 2x Rat Catcher Rat King w/ Servant A rat My rival, more or less Pandora Poltergeist 2 Sorrows Candy The baby + teddy Serena Reckoning Search the ruins, outflank, assassinate and two more I don't remember, lol 5-3 for me First game with the plague boys, very interesting gameplay, and very different from what I've tried before. I found nix a bit underwhelming for its cost and Benny an absolutely clutch pick, at least against misery
  10. Oh, forgot to add the convict Gunslinger to the list, edited, ty. I chose barbaros to have someone that could stand a beating, he survived one turn to the viks so in hindsight I could exchange him for a wokou or something and save 1ss
  11. Parker Barrows vs The Viks (50ss) Reckoning, Wedge Deployment Detonate Charges, Search the Ruins, Outflank, Assassinate My List: Parker Barrows Doc Mitchell Mad Dog Bracket Barbaros Bandido Bandido Bandido Prospector Malifaux Child Convict Gunslinger 0ss My Rival: Viks Taelor Ronin Ronin Ronin Prospector Vanessa Big Jake 6ss Ended up 6-2 to my side I chose Search the ruins (scored 2 VP) and Assassinate (Scored 1 VP). He chose Assassinate (0 VP) and Outflank (1 VP) My friend is starting to play (I am new too, but with all the demos I'v
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