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  1. @Kyle you said in the beta updates that (Also worth noting that with the Stunned changes, this model (soul stone miner) is staying the same, so it can now Unbury and Interact). how? I see no changes on the card that allows this. stunned says are still action and can only take 1 per turn but count towards the action limit. the soul stone miners card still says interact actions are and the unbury action is still a , so how does it unbury and interact?
  2. side question, has anyone found a use for Iggy? I've never felt that he's worth taking.
  3. Moving away from the landing spot
  4. thanks for all the hard work, appreciate it. do you have a faction breakdown for that because I think that would be really interesting to see?
  5. I'm not sure the damage is ramped up as you taking damage from the condition being added not the total stake. for example a model is on injured +2 and would gain an injured +1 it would take 1 damage not 3. this is how I read that rule change any way.
  6. I'm not completely sold on the new injured, having a cap on it I think is a good thing but only having work while the model is being attacked I don't like as it makes injured gained by hazardous on their turn next to useless. If it did go down this route it should last till the end phase rather than end of activation. My preference would be to stay as is but put a cap on it. im in favour of the change to stunned as I've always felt no triggers and no bonus action was over kill. I'm not seeing the reasoning that stunned would now be useless with this change. Not being able to take triggers is still really strong, if you look at the back of a card half of it is triggers, you are denying a lot with just taking away triggers. distracted is just a wording clarification in my opinion no real change don't like the focus change, as it makes distracted a lot better in comparison. Distracted would need to change to coincide with focus in my opinion to keep them balanced.
  7. but he would loss the ability to increase it by removing scrap as you are changing the rail drive action which he shares with the rail workers, so either he will need a stat increase or the action needs to be renamed. agree with construct, as he, sparks and willie really suffer from friendly vent steam at the moment.
  8. I assume you would also increase Neil Hennry's rail driver to stat 7 then as well?
  9. Are rail works in an irrelevant spot? Even though their at the same cost as the metal gamin they do very deferent roles. The gamin are a tanky set up the rails model where as the worker is more offensive model dealing out the damage. I'll agree that the survivors look a bit irrelevant.
  10. It's a create not a place so you can't put the marker in base contact with models or other markers Edit: also the initial placement of a marker does not count as moving the marker, therefore it will not be effected by the hazardous even if it was a place.
  11. I'm inclined to say yes as the trigger happens after the action is resolved
  12. If this is directed at the initial post then firstly the surgestions I made I felt were more lateral change as arguments could be made that making your opponent loss 2 cards (1 for discarding 1 for the cheat) to cheat is better than just no cheat as it gives an element of control over your opponent s hand similarly negative flips to all opossed duel with it can be argued as stronger as they can't cheat and have to take the lower value (if they don't focus). It was just to enable some counter play as I found it a really strong ability. secoundly my main aim was to see if other people also Had an issue or if I was barking up the wrong tree. Like I said in the post, I had played 1 game against and hadn't answers to it so I was also asking for advise. thirdly are you saying we should just leave everything as is and not raise concerns about abilities we think are too strong? In that case why bother with the beta just release it now. Im not saying this ability is broken to all hell, I was raising a concern, surgesting a solution to said concern and asking if others had the same concern. If the developers decide that the ability is fine as is then my concerns are unfounded, but I do think that I should raise any concerns I have while playtesting wether that be this model is to good or this model needs to be made better.
  13. completely agree, I find myself having to take either a Soulstone miner or more recently a wind gamin (now that the miner isn't as good at running schemes) to be a secondary scheme runner as neither the Fire starter or Carlos can do it all by themselves. defiantly think the fire starter should have an action to put out Pyre markers, especially since Kaeris has now lost Inferno. I think you could just give him on the pyre
  14. I have a slightly side question on our versatile models, which ones are you taking (as Versatile, i.e. not including keyword) and with which masters? why did you take that model and was it worth it?
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