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  1. Archers are better with monks, Sensei yu can give fast and shenlong lets the archers double concentrate on the first turn. Shenlong's apprentices can use wandering style to push the archers around so they don't have to waste actions moving. Snipers are fine in misaki, you kind of want yamaziko or tanuki to buff them but they operate fine on their own. Samurai are probably better than both most of the time if you don't have a specific plan for archers/snipers. For 2 more ss they are very difficult to kill and hit harder.
  2. Gwyneth maddox (9) - can tarpit groups of enemies and draw you cards, impossible to kill with a couple stones. Good against factions that like grouping up like hamelin. Definitely charm warder(7) - you want the anti demise aura against some factions, her exorcism trigger is more likely to be helpful against most summons than her aura Misaki(15) - when you really want to score assassinate, giver her masked agent against slippery masters
  3. I think ama no zako is reasonable most of the time, but I'm not looking for well balanced models. If your not really trying to do schemes samurai are better. If you are going to do schemes ama is better with dark bargain. The problem more lies with the current set of objectives, its really easy to play something really killy and just do schemes later when you have 5 rounds to work with. Perhaps with this years gaining grounds ama will be better to take because she can do objectives easily. Bettari is kind of scary but she has no real defenses other than stones. Bettari loses out to any other big model so she has to play around the fringes and hunt scheme runners. It is nice that she can go in on a slippery master without them getting away, a lot has to go right for you to get to that point without immediately dying. Asami tends to hang back a little bit as she is also squishy so I find the summon teleport only useful for disengaging. Also not having a bonus action really hurts. Instead for 1 more point you could bring a samurai who can do pretty much everything you would want. I agree that their designs are great and probably balanced, but a lot of models in the game don't feel that way. Particularly in ten thunders they are competing with samurai who also get a free focus every turn and can easily kill models at range and can tank your opponent's big models.
  4. I've played all the 10T master's several times over the beta (except mei feng). Shenlong is fairly absurd for many reasons: useful totems, they can push around enemy scheme markers and friendly models for basically free with 4 winds punch. getting shenlongs style attacks let them randomly pressure models. fermented style is crazy and he gets an additional 6" for charges because of falling rave kick Its easy to get a lot of chi on your models and should use it mostly defensively. Your opponent can focus down your 1st monk easily but usually don't have the resources to take care of the others because of the amount of chi/focus you can stack up. Sensei yu is a great support tank. All of his abilities are useful. It feels like the only scheme runners better than wandering river monks are silurids out of zoraida can steal focus with no resist, just annoying really. Jakob is really good, I don't think he's broken. Rig the deck is really strong but takes time to get your hand built up. Gwyneth is a fairly insane tarpit model who draws you cards, I've considered taking her out of theme. I'm glad they added a test for consume brilliance on darkness, it was just broken before as you could slow their entire crew consistently. Illuminated are surprisingly squishy and will die to any big model, depleted are somehow more tanky than them. Misaki is cool, her shadow mechanic is just sweet. Her crew is fairly simple but is fun. Minako and ototo are just good. I feel like your going to take her as a second master more often than as a primary, her crew is just expensive and their mechanics are ok. I wish they added at least 1 more way to generate shadow markers. I've taken masked agent on her a few times to carry people around and turn off defensive abilities on certain masters like somer. I really wish 'No Witnesses' was a better trigger, it's fairly difficult to get it to happen. Asami is fairly good. The oni flicker mechanic is really good, 2 free focus is really efficient considering how important it is. Akaname drop schemes without interacting, so you can still pop 2 out and scheme in the same turn for easy points. You can summon an obsidian oni into a group of people and have him suicide explode on them. None of her crew really stand out to me, this is one faction where I would just take multiple samurai. You could also go really heavy on scheming with yokai since they get to teleport everywhere, they also have a pseudo butterfly jump if you flicker on your opponent's attacks. I like Youko, she just doesn't do much outside of mess with their hand. A smart opponent will just assist distracted off their models since you don't put out as much as collette's crew. You really need hinamatsu to get stuff done as most of the minions are just meant to get in your opponent's face and keep their stuff locked down. Once leverage is active, you should try and use pass tokens defensively to keep models alive. I've found that Asami is a good secondary master, making riddles in the dark active right away with 7 cards vs 5. I really wish youko's melee attack had an auto tome trigger instead of crow. Yan Luo is great, he's fairly powerful and his crew has some strong mechanics. Splitting souls onto gokudo seems to be the main thing you want to do. On turn 3 Yan turns into darth sidious and starts doing some wild shit. I'm still not sure on what exact upgrades you want early, I tend to attach spirit then blood as I want to throw him at someone with ash on 3. Mccabe is great, he is incredibly mobile and does a surprising amount of damage, focused netgun shots are disgusting on grouped models. You can regularly get fast on everyone the first turn with luna but it gets a bit more complicated as the game goes on. Hucksters are fantastic scheme runners. Looted supplies is just kind of a bad ability, if you kill an opponent's model they drop their corpse on the other side of their base which is just out of 1" so it just doesn't trigger that often. Tanuki are a little above the curve, the ability to spend 3ish actions to put 3 focus on a model like fuhatsu is strong. It isn't free as you need a 7+ but its always something you have to consider vs other models who are close in cost. I'm still of the opinion you almost always take at least 1 samurai. They tend to kill smaller models at range every turn and can tank your opponent's big models. Samurai tend to be better than a lot of models near their cost. They even get massive benefits from the trained ninja upgrade, letting them immediately start shooting the opponent and they can't interact with it because of stealth.
  5. Great versatile: Samurai. They do basically everything you want them to do and more. I take at least 1 in every crew and sometimes 2. upgrades are really good on them. Fuhatsu is great in crews that want a good ranged model. I like him with shenlong who can push him around so he can shoot 3 times. Tanuki are great for focusing up your stronger models. There's always someone you want to focus up in every crew. Yasunori has good damage output, push utility, and pseudo armor. Just wish revel in chaos was a better ability. Solid versatile: Lone swordsman is solid in most crews, but I find he really stands out in youko's crew. That crew likes another decent damage dealer and he can generate pass tokens for her other models to use. Obsidian statue, he does some nice things but I feel like you only ever take him over fuhatsu/samurai if you want his cover bonus/burning synergies. You might want him in mccabe to get artifacts. Shadow emissary. I would probably take him against Som'er and other crews that like grouping. he's a good solo model for hunting down scheme runners. Just pricey when there's other great options. Dawn serpent is a fast scheme runner with good damage but doesn't really have much defense for the cost. Most factions have either better beaters or better scheme runners so he just doesn't fit anywhere. Ok versatile: Lust has neat stuff going on, but you miss out by not playing the other band members. Wanyudo does stuff but I think there are just better options. He is a fun model at least and has some fun synergies with shenlong. Thunder brothers, they can really lock down scheme markers but I think the in keyword models around the same cost will generally be more useful. Will probably get better with better objectives. If their dance of heavens didn't need a 7 they would be much more playable. Bad versatile: Terracotta warriors don't do anything. There are barely any tactical actions worth copying and a high mask to replace is unlikely to happen. Just hire a tanuki instead.
  6. Can Rasputina, within the same action, create an Ice Pillar within her Ice Mirror Aura and then draw LoS with the newly created Ice Pillar for her Frozen Domain trigger?
  7. I agree, shenlong and monks feel really good, chi is just a really strong mechanic. So far this is the only keyword where I only take keyword models because of synergies. The Fermented river monks can just hit each other and flask to stack up poison, they don't really need to attack enemies since they have a 2" reach and plenty of chi to use defensively. They are really annoying tar pits since flask lets them stumble out of your opponent's engagement range while keeping them in yours. Agree on wandering style, even with the cost of discarding a chi, it lets apprentices push friendlies around a little too easily.
  8. I could only really see taking 2 if I want to stack up on injured and try to trigger shady dealings multiple times. Chi + jynx is strong for taking down tough models and setting up for combo's with youko or guarantee a kill from shenlong. Chaos theory can be nuts if you get lucky, and getting 2 tries at it doesn't seem bad. Getting more coverage for aura's seems ok. I feel like 2 would work better in shenlong to stack up chi quickly.
  9. zavros

    Ophelia and Kin

    For no LOS weapons like ophelia's bottle flinger, do models in shadow benefit from cover or is it ignored because no los lines are drawn?
  10. I don't think it really impacts her that much since everyone got the same nerf. her crew has a lot of good scheme runners you can hire, so you hire those and instead summon things like obsidian oni and jorogumo to tie up their models. You can still summon akaname and drop scheme markers with 'A foul gift', so maybe asami even benefits from the nerf since she still has strong options for schemes. I'm of the opinion that summoning is still too strong in general. Asami's summons are the closest to fair with flicker and marker management as secondary costs, unlike som'rs summons which have the possibility of summoning with no downsides. Trading a face card and maybe a stone for a 7+ ss model is a pretty good exchange rate, over 3 turns you can summon 21ish ss of models with barely any downsides for most summoners, thats almost half an army that immediately impacts the board.
  11. zavros


    I agree with most of what people are saying, but I don't see them as competing with models near the same cost, but those that are lower. In a lot of places the smaller models don't really seem to do as much because they are way easier to kill and don't do as much damage. They have to have a really useful support function for me to play them like the beckoners. For ex, in this lynch crew I'd rather have samurai over illuminated, i just think they do more because of the potential to kill models at range and can tank better than illuminated. I lose out on 4 more stones for my pool but I don't usually need them that bad with rig the deck and how tough these henchman are. Jakob Lynch, 4ss left Hungering Darkness Gwyneth Maddox (9) Fuhatsu (9) Beckoner (5) Beckoner (5) Samurai (9) Samurai (9) samurai over illuminated and the nerfed kitty dumont. Asami Tanaka, 8ss left Amanjaku Ama No Zako (10) Fuhatsu (9) Samurai (9) Samurai (9) Katashiro (5) I want samurai over most of the oni as I can just summon the ones I want. If the schemes need mobility I can drop a samurai and pick up some yokai or katashiro. Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter , 9ss left Luna Sidir Alchibal (9) Desper LaRaux (8) Samurai (9) Samurai (9) Huckster (6) I want samurai over ruffians, though ruffians just don't seem great in general. I don't feel that samurai are replacing the models that are already good like izamu, bill, ototo. Just all the other smaller minions that don't give utility. This might be more of problem with the strat and scheme pool as for the most part killing your opponent seems easier than playing the mission.
  12. Reckoning: My lists for this mission always consist of a few tough models to keep my opponent from scoring from the strat. Usually multiple samurai and whatever henchmen that come with the master. I feel that yan luo and shenlong work well because of their healing options to keep your tough models alive. I think asami is not good on this one because you don't want to give your opponent free points off your summons. Turf War: Every master has decent options for this mission. Misaki is really good on this; her, ototo, and minako can cancel enemy strat control by killing things and torakage are very fast for grabbing the strat markers. Mei feng with a bunch of armored rail riding models is also pretty good. Everyone has decent options for fighting and scheming on this one I feel. Corrupted Idol's: Healing yourself and hurting your opponent are a must on this one. It's difficult to move idols with small models, they will get 1 shot afterword and your opponent will move them back. Asami seems great here by summoning models that don't mind paying a bunch of health to move idols. Yan luo comes second with solid healing and mobility, shenlong third with lots of healing. Everyone else seems ok. Plant Explosives: Anyone with mobile models feel great as you don't really have to kill things, just keep them from planting explosives. I like asami, with ama no zako and katashiro for explosive running, while she tarpits with summons. Mccabe is also great, him and desper can easily get on the other side dropping explosives. Shenlong with wandering river monks is really good, they can be really hard to stop. Everyone else has decent options but might have a hard time pushing past the enemy lines if they want to fight you.
  13. zavros


    I keep finding that I want to take at least one samurai in every list. They are really efficient at killing things and are extremely durable. I think they might be too good after playing several games with them. I'm starting to take 2 and sometimes wonder if I want 3. It's possible they are a bit too good because I want them over most other models, even some henchmen and enforcers. What are your experiences with samurai? I play mostly against bayou and they have very few armor piercing models so they seem really strong there, which might be why I want samurai all the time. I'm assuming other factions have ways to punish low def models with good triggers like Thoon or conditions from attacks. Hard to wound seems like another way to negate some of their damage at least. Their free focus and the auto plus on the gun generally lets me hit things for 4-6 damage from 12in, taking out smaller models really easily and put a lot of damage on bigger models. 2 armor makes most hits not matter and juggernaut lets you heal all the damage easily. They kind of do everything really well. I feel like they might need a small nerf to keep them in line with other models. Their gun could probably be changed to 2/3/4 and still be good but not one shotting smaller models from 12in. If their gun stays the way it is, 1 armor instead of 2 would let most beaters be able to handle them more easily.
  14. Seems reasonable. They can't copy any of youko's actions as they are attack actions. They can only copy non-bonus tactical actions like bill's heal, making them way more situational. I liked them in youko before when she had the draw a card tactical for them to copy but they don't really seem to have a place now.
  15. @Kharnage I'm curious, what did the terracotta do in your game. Were you playing with the most recent version of the beta?
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