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  1. Just read that back and saw it, thanks a lot, that would have probably cost me quite a bit if you hadn't warned me. I'm kind sad that I'm not bringing a student of sinew, for the anti charge, but that will definitely be a priority for summoning at some point.
  2. In that case I'm sort of relieved, I haven't really figured out what was meant exactly with 10t countering schtook, it's just what I've heard and i kind of went with it because I don't have a lot of experience with either. I'll be facing youko with misaki ook, I'm currently trying to figure out wether or not I want to try and take youko out with an alpha strike with the valedictorian... But I think that will largely come down to cards in turn one...
  3. Hey, I'll be playing a game next week and we have already picked crews and strategies. I'm really new to Transmortis, but wanted to play the keyword more often. Since it is a friendly game and I don't want to go in very competitively, I don't really want to discuss the specific game. My questions tie more into this: We have had some discussions about how Transmortis is really strong at my lgs, but how ten thunders are really good at countering them. Is there something about that? And if yes, why? Also, how do you pick into ten thunders specifically then, do you just not go for transmortis? I t
  4. What are you thoughts on faking a breakthrough or something with her, having breakthrough in the pool, but not actually taking it and basically have her as a bait for melee heavy crews so your beaters can get some heavy hits in. It's just a thought, but I think it could have potential. 8 soulstones is really expensive though, so might be a bad concept
  5. The experience I have had with Ressers versus Outcasts is the following: In terms of upgrades, Ressers win by far: Wanted Criminal is fun for shenanigans, but not really that good... Soldier for hire is pretty much useless because it just gets overshadowed by Prospectors, none of the Tormented are living Servant is good on Daw but he can heal from card draws and that makes The Whisper objectively better because there it is either draw or heal plus the benefit of Intuition, one of the stronger abilities on an upgrade in general. In terms of versatile, the main models
  6. I really like that summary. I think while on the surface, whisper on jack just seems like a heal 2 on a kill, opposed to GST this gives your opponent an interest in hurting jack because if he hits jack 2 times and then jack kills something and you heal him 2, that is a netto loss of 4 cards. I honestly don't really like GST on the hanged. It is a good upgrade, but the bonus action on the hanged is something that I almost always want to at least try to use. This means that even if there are any corpse markers lying around, they won't really get used. While terrifying 13 is big, 12 is almost as
  7. Yeah, rooster riders are quite scary with ruthless. If they are in the range of 14'', i can get a hanged into mele with their bonus action and a little push from jack for example. Then they start beating. But yeah, that is a scary model. Havent really used the whisper quite yet, but I looked at it again and yes, i need to play it, its great.
  8. I want to try that sometimes. I always take GST on Jack, but you need his push tricks turn 1. As for sparing bnus actions on Hanged. I always have them stone or cheat a mask to port to a guilty. If both port there for a bonus action. It will only get 1 Upgrade and they port for 12'' as a bonus action, potentially getting 2 attacks off turn 1. That is why i disagree that jack takes long to get into position. Plus if you combine that with jacks on your heels trigger and a lure from Jakuna. You can spend 2 attacks and 3 bonus actions to get 5 Models to the center line in normal deployment. I do t
  9. Yes, that is true. But, for some random reason, and i have done this before, Ligeia can get rid of these upgrades (I know that that generally is not a good idea to try but I think its kinda weird that of all totems the one that actually wants the enemy to have them can get rid of their upgrades). I think those upgrades make the match into kind of a glass cannon fight for both sides. While they can now hit me through ruthless, this also means that they really want to at least get their models into LoS with my core crew. This means that if I use on your heels triggers well, 2 usually are enough
  10. Why do you think that Jack is bad against Bayou, I have played against the same player with Daw like 7 times, him bringing all sorts of different Bayou crews and I have lost 1 out of 8. I honestly dont really see why bayou would be a good counter. What am I missing?
  11. I know it is a bit long, its my first guide and i will continue to work on it. I just wanted to post it because i knew otherwhise it would never get finished
  12. Yes, you can Relent on the duel, however, this also means that you cannot blast off of the guilty. They are both friendly and enemy and you cannot blas off of friendly models. It has also been clarified that when attacking the quilty for the on your heels trigger from jack, you get to choose wether or not you want to curse him. With the hanged, it is different because you have to treat them as enemy for the action and cannot target them otherwise.
  13. There has been some discussion about Jack Daw on the forum and in my LGS (mostly thanks to me🙃) lately so I am gonna put what I learned about the crew playing about 10 - 15 games in m3e With him. I have a few games in with Tormented in Henchman Hardcore in as well and Montressor is quite good there but it is not what I will focus on here. Lets start with the one and only: Jack daw Df: 5, Wp: 7, Mv: 5, Sz: 2 Pretty average statline, the Wp 7 is nice but nothing special for a master. Undying and Injustice: At only 6 Wounds, Jack is the master in M3E with the lowest woundc
  14. One hanged got taken out turn two by levi but he had to stone twice for it and even then had to cheat to get through, I feel like people underestimate the pressure Jack puts on your hand by having draws alone, I pretty much constantly have a full hand. Plus I double Lured Levi turn 1 and then beat him down to half health with Jack. On an empty board yes, Levi can take out a hanged a turn. But if you use Incorporeal well you can pretty much just prevent any seightlines from being drawn.
  15. This is the jack daw player he was playing against: he took Hans, who took out ligeia first turn because i slightly misplaced my guilty to block sightlines. Apart from that, he didnt do mugh because i took out his scavenger first turn with jack himself (i dont know why people keep saying he is slow, the guy is insanely fast with the ability to port to his own guilty). He also took taelor and i managed to pretty much swamp her down by the second turn. Both of my hanged went after his necropunks, engaging and cursing them by the second turn geting hits in on other models on the way. One of them
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