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  1. So i am confused about a part from the errata from january 2019: So it states there, that if an action is taken through a trigger of an ability, it is taken ignoring once per turn things such as versatile. Now i am confused to wether or not that also applies to abilities themselves. Specifically can prince unathi cause the same action on a prototype asset twice? And, kind of connected to this: can i declare the field test action, if the action on the asset doesnt have anything in range?
  2. Well i played a tournament of henchman hatdcore in my lgs a few weeks ago and took it home with montressor, two guily and a hanged(and 3ss). Zhe crux is, that you can score first turn with smuggle explosives. That way you have a guaranteed vp first round by porting your hanged to your guilty(if necessary stoning for the trigger), can drop the marker and then still have an attack open. I feel like that more than makes up for the slowness of the tormented. Also while i agree the stagger from jack is bad, i didnt have that much trouble with the hanged curse. Seccond turn i would usually activate the guilty last and it would either have been killed by the opponent, sucking up quite some damage for a 4ss model, as well as increasing, or the discard wouldn't matter much and he'd just take 2 damage. Either way, i always felt like the vp was worth it. I would obviously love to see them change the ruling on it, bc its my most played crew, but i feel like a 11.5' place (with the base size of the guilty) would be too good on a bonus action without drawback
  3. For this month, ill be doing twice my pledge, since i only started this month, for this ill be doing a full unit of electrocutioners at 9x5ss, totaling out at 45ss
  4. Hey there So i would love to join in at enforcer level. I will paint double this month, to make up for january(back then i didnt know the challenge existed...) I am very inexperienced, having started painting abou 6 months ago, and im kinda hoping to make a bit of personal progress by doing this challenge...
  5. So i just started my army with the electrocutioners, which i did with a shiny silver and light blue tone, however, i dont think i will keep that for the other units, since i want the electrocutioners to stand out as the ones in the really shiny new tech, that hasn't even been painted yet (also works out better as a Faraday's cage without paint). I quite like the idea of purple bronze or purple and a steely type of colour, might try that out. I am however very much a beginner and dont know at all what i am doing so... This would be the first electrocutioner:
  6. So i have kind of a stupid question here: i often use guilty and hanged together and port the hanged to the enemy side first turn by using his horrifying whispers attack on the guilty with the on your heels trigger. So my question is this: is it possible for me to declare the guilty as non enemy, after having declared the attack and flipped for it, thus not attaching the upgrade, but resolving the trigger? I don't think so but i am confused by how freely i can use the "may" in the guilty as charged ability.
  7. Ok thanks, it seemed weird at the time. What would happen if i were to put it on an enemy montresor. Since he has demise(eternal) i would assume the demise on the upgrade would trigger as well, but he doesn't die, so would that allow to summon multiple guilty?
  8. So i was playing a game of 50 ss with jack, running amongst others 2 guilty. My opponent was running an ashes and dust. In the first round, his ashes killed my guilty, therefore attaching the punish the wicked upgrade to it. So far so good. However, as i then killed his ashes, we noticed, that both demise abilities would go off. However, the demise of the ashes and dust would replace the model with the ashen core, wich would keep the upgrade on it, while the punish the wicked just summons the guilty and doesn't remove the upgrade itself. When i then killed the core in the same activation, it summoned a seccond guilty to the table. Is that really how it works or did we get something wrong? And if it is, is it intentional?
  9. In the rules, in the movements category, where it states place as a movement, so I am pretty sure that no, it doesn't. I got that idea at first too tho due to being so used to the dreamer summoning lord chompy bits
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