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  1. I played Lucius against Kaeris - Scribe and Serena for conditions removals, 1-2 beaters for making a bit space on the board. I also played Pandora against Rasputina - seemed like lost battle at first, though Poltergeist can do wonders by blowing up ice pillars with right positioning. Try to close the distance and hit Raspy and her crew, hit her hard.
  2. I think they're more durable than in 2E and I like them, I usually take 2, I rarely have enough stones to get third one.
  3. Lucy? Lucille? I'd love to see this one.
  4. yeah something like that lol None taken I'm not saying I'm not biased, I thought that was more or less the idea behind this master to force opponent to either do things they don't want or do things they want with a penalty? I got your point and there were moments where I really felt bad for 2 Viks parked next to candy getting stunned and not being able to do coordinated attack or use bonus action. Though I'm afraid limiting opportunist to "Stunned only" together with ending this condition and proposed changes to Stunned may be taking it to far. I'm more than happy to hear more opinions on that. I agree and I would probably be the first one to start making them if it wasn't my post
  5. As a person who started Malifaux adventure with Pandora I was devastated when I saw first M3E cards for Pandora and her Crew, complete rewrite of misery and lack of stacking auras,. Nevertheless I decided to give her benefit of doubt and I after playing (ver. 2.6) I must admit that Woes came out extremely fun, mainly due to forcing enemy to go out of comfort zone and play out of designed playstyle through opportunist. Proposed change to getting positives from stun/ending stun sounds like taking most of the fun for rather poor compensation for extra movement (also forced towards enemy, not just anywhere). Also Sorrow's Stat 4 Glimpse of Insanity (and Poltergeist 5) do not sound like reliable way to pass Stunned so the only reliable "Stunned dealers" are Pandora's bonus action and parking candy and counting that someone will still be within 4 inches of her when activating (ok she still has Glimpse of Insanity stat 6). Anyway, would prefer to leave it as it is.
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