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  1. but "celebrate with" by Seamus in theory also works without a corps marker, only changes that it cannot shoot. 2 times. quite right ?
  2. I use 2 nurses because they help me draw the cards I want, I give support by discarding cards to the summoned FCs and in addition I love their "little favor" action used on my 3+ poison models to make them do extra actions at certain times. If you leave, sometimes I get Sebastian's poison bombs fired 4 times in the middle of 3/4 enemies.
  3. hello, I tried Mc Mourning like this: Mc Mourning; Sebastian; Rafkin; Kentauroi; 2x nurse; 2x Gravedigger; Chiuaua. Turn 1 I already have 3 corpse markers to summon FC, turn 2 another 3 corpse markers to summon the second FC. Then with the nurses every turn I remove slow to the CF and I remove distracted from MCM. Very strong combo ...
  4. Bete noire is very good, I use it with ASURA and I have some crazy combos, thanks to "zombie apocalipse" with the trigger "come to me" (Books, Crow)
  5. hi guys, do you think the golem is a good alternative to a revenant (ex: Lampad)? I thought to kill him the first round with a friendly model and then let him go where I want in the second round ... what do you think?
  6. with Reva you have much variability of models, depending on the game you want to do choose the appropriate models ... I for example use 3 shieldbearer because I like to pushare 6 "the other models friends ... first use Vincent to give him shield, then I keep all the cards with masks good to get the trigger of the push, so pusho, charge and push again ... usually for Reva and some other big piece, so I can charge in the first round.
  7. in my opinion, rotten belle does not make sense now with a lure that does not do anything, because Seamus moves easily across the field, does not need anyone approaching ... then there are no models that hit hard, the same rotten have only 1 \ 2/4 or "1 damage" per action ... it made sense to use them when the upgrade "the whisper" (for 2 SS) gave the sign of choice at the beginning of activation ... then with one you chose the masks for give distracted with the lure and with the nearby ram for the trigger "unespecetd ferocity" ... so they worked really well.
  8. but are you sure it gets buried after the terrifying duel?
  9. another doubt on the poison, the friends models can decide to lose the duel on the SW shot by Sebastian to take poison?
  10. thank you very much, sorry for my english
  11. "catalyst" ability also applies to friends models? or, if I have a model that starts with 3 poison, with full lives, I have to climb the poison by 1 if it is close to a model with "catalist" or can I avoid climbing it if it is a friend?
  12. if it were for me, I would give "Wait for it" to madame Sybelle, as an action at 0 instead of challenge, on "i've got your back" I would remove the "engaged" clause, at Seamus I would return to give the action to 0 "BOHH" with terrifing 12/13 aura at 3 "that from slow to failure (so would help to use" Feast to fear "and" horrifing presence "by Sybelle) .Less 1 cost to the Doxy.
  13. Hi all..in my opinion the self-included upgrade for Seamus is "the whisper", since it can only fire once per turn, it would be a pity to draw the black joker, or if you are without high cards on the hand, you can hope for the 3 flip from the deck ... again, essential upgrade for him.
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