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  1. Regarding the mentioned trigger Coordinated Attack as part of Trixie´s Sharp Wit attack, does the friendly model, that takes a Attack against the target, have to be within the range to be able to do it? Thanks
  2. Hi! The description of the Popcorn Turner´s ability On the Move states that at the start of his activation, he can move up to 3" ignoring other models, so I would think that includes also enemy models that are engaging him. Is this true, can he leave the engagement this way? Thanks.
  3. It doesn´t necessarily need to be an opponent model for A Small Favor ( trigger), he can do it on a friendly model as well.
  4. Hi! Is there anything, apart from a possible fairplay issue, stopping a player to use a shockwave action against the stealth ability of some models? For instance, Misaki has a shockwave action range of 8", which could be useful against the Moon Shinobi stealth ability that grants them safety until they are within 6" from an enemy model. I guess it comes down to whether she needs a target for her Lightning Strike action or not. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all your comments! I am thinking between these two swamp mats: https://www.deepcutstudio.com/product/wargames-terrain-mat-swamp/ https://www.playmats.eu/mats/705-swamp-of-malifaux-playmat.html I like the look of the deep cut studio one better, but without the markings as they are light-coloured. The Playmats one has the dark markings, thoough.
  6. Hi! I am thinking of buying a gaming mat and there is an option to have the deployment zones already printed in. I would like to hear some opinions on what people tend to prefer, gaming mats with or without printed in deployment zones. Thanks!
  7. Hi! The rules quote regarding relenting: My question is, I want to target the Brewmaster who has Wp 7 with a Moon Shinobi Action Have a Drink, which has a stat 5 and is resisted by Wp. In this case I choose that the Brewmaster relents, so he doesn´t flip any cards. As I interpret the Rules, it doesn´t really matter which card do I draw when performing the said action with Moon Shinobi, as the relenting model´s final duel total will be considered the same as the one of the attacking model´s anyway. Meaning, even if Moon Shinobi flips a 1, making his final duel total 6, it would still be considered as a successful duel. Am I right here? If yes, it would also mean that it works even if Moon Shinobi flips (or subsequently cheats with) a Black Joker. Thanks!
  8. Hi, In the Hold Up Their Forces Scheme, do any upgrades count towards the model´s Cost in figuring out which enemy model has a higher cost than the friendly model I am choosing to engage it? I guess not, as Masters that are also crew Leaders count as having 0 cost, but only for the purpose of hiring a crew. So I would assume that Upgrades also count only for the purpose of hiring a crew and not for this Scheme. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Do defensive triggers like Squeal or I´m a Teapot work also when the model is attacked by an enemy attack? In the trigger description I couldn´t find anything specific saying that it works with enemy attacks only. In case it does work with attacks as well, do I read it right that Tanuki, after declaring the I´m a Teapot trigger, can be placed anywhere within 6" of the (enemy) attacker, although the attacker might be much further away (like snipers)? Thanks!
  10. I wasn't clear on that, but I actually wanted to refer to the following action (not retroactively) that the enemy model would take after the scheme marker has already been placed in base contact with it (using the aforementioned trigger), but the answer is obviously the same. Thanks for your reply and clarification!
  11. Hi, I am thinking about how to get to use the trigger "Don't Drink That!" with Tanuki. One option that came to my mind was that after Tanuki suffers a damage and has had in the duel flip, it can put a scheme marker into base contact with the enemy model that attacked it, then itself be placed within 6". I personally don't think this would qualify to trigger the "Don't Drink That!" as an enemy model didn't actually move into the base contact with a scheme marker, but a scheme marker was placed after the enemy model has already finished moving (that is, if it has moved at all that turn). I hope it is clear what I am trying to say. Is there any other trick to using this trigger apart from dropping it and then wating within 6" that some enemy model comes into base contact with it? Thanks!
  12. Hi, In an opposed duel where a model with the Counterspell ability (for instance Sonnia Criid) using a action attacks a model with the Squeal resistance trigger (like Moon shinobi etc.), does a resisting model have to discard a card to declare the Squeal trigger? I think it would basically come down to whether After resolving timing still counts as being a part of the opposed duel or after the opposed duel is finished, i.e. resolved, as the Counterspell works during an opposed duel. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! What happens it the Whiskey Gamin doesn´t have any Poison at the start of its activation? Obviously there is no push due to Driving While a Drink then, but does the second effect, giving Poison +1 to friendly models within 2, still happen?
  14. Hi, My question regarding the Driving While a Drink ability of a Whiskey Gamin is which area is considered affected by the "within 2" ". Is it 2" along the Push route, so from the start to the end of the Push? Thanks
  15. Hi there. I was wandering if there is an additional benefit in getting your own tri chi crew poisoned, apart from the Drunken Strength, that is available to the Brewmaster and Fermented River Monks. I would appreciate any input on this, as is does seem fluffy enough to try to get everybody drunk. 😉 Thanks!
  16. Hi all, I have a couple of questions regarding the Tri Chi for which I couldn't yet find an answer here. 1. I guess there is no more There Must Always be One, so in M3E Apprentice Wesley doesn't become another Brewmaster, once the original one dies within 6", right? As I can see from the cards, Wesley only gains the Pour One Out upgrade instead. 2. Does Demise (Intoxicatiing +X) deal damage to models that have High Tolerance as well? 3. Is there anything in the game denying the Stealth ability of Moon Shinobis? Thanks!
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