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About Me:

I enjoy every type of game out there, from cards and board to tabletop and video. I'm a huge fan of Indie games! 

As an Alaskan transplant to the South, here are answers to some FAQs I get a LOT:

  • No, I don't drive a dog sled, but I know how
  • Yes, it's cold up there (google #40BelowClub
  • No, I never had a pet polar bear/penguin (but I have had encounters with both)
  • We use American money
  • We speak American English (and fluent sarcasm for the tourists)
  • No, you can't see Russia from Sarah Palin's house, and no, I don't know her, but you CAN see Russia from this one island, if you're brave enough
  • None of the "reality" shows are real¬†

I will never say no to seeing pictures of any cute animal or badass paint job ;)

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