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  1. I think it's pretty safe to say that the new masters that don't exist as sculpts will be prioritized at launch of 3e. Like Von Schtook, Cornelius Basse and Dashel. I think they will keep the rest of the sculpts as is and just reshuffle what you get in each master box. It's also possible that they will do something like TOS and make bigger starting boxes with fate decks and rules and such. I think that could be nice and more new player friendly.
  2. It seems to me that the division between Minion and Enforcer is largely arbitrary. The Enforcer station seems to indicate a more fluff oriented "limited specialist" role rather than a notion of power level. There is two cases that makes it meaningful. Summoning and Strats/Schemes. Most summoners can only summon Minion models of a specific type. The Enforcer station restricts what models can and cannot be summoned. Strat/Schemes. a few schemes and strats have specific requirements on station. Like Take Prisoner that only works on minions and Plant Explosives where non-minions can carry extra bombs. I think the Enforcer station could be removed with little impact on the game overall. However, it doesn't negatively impact the game either so I don't have a huge problem with it.
  3. You can if you use Focus to counter.
  4. While I appreciate the idea of more granular buffs it does add more complexity to the game, and not in a good way. I already think that some of the new conditions like Injured, shielded and Staggered are problematic since they require you to subtract from your stats in an additional calculation step. Imagine of we added an additional addition step from a minor buff as well. All this math might seem fine to you but it will generally slow the game down and make the game a headache for new player to get into. My second issue with your proposal is Action Economy. If you spend an Action giving a model Fast, you have basically transferred and action from one model to another. Hopefully because that model is in a position to make better use of it. However, if you would spend an Action to give a model a minor buff - it would generally be a badly spent Action. The only way to address this is to Mass Buff - but you can already see examples of this in the game with beneficial pulses and auras. Those would be my counter arguments. The only "Buff" I would like to see added to the game is actually a condition that hands out a Suit to a model. Like here, have Masks now for whenever you need to use it. That would be useful, not add extra complexity and worth spending an Action on.
  5. My main problem with Injured is that it leads to another calculation step and makes calculating duel totals slower and more error prone. The proposed fixes in this thread only seems to make it more complex. The design intent with the condition seems to be to be able to use an Action to lower defenses in order to make future, more high value, Actions more accurate against that target. My humble proposed change is to treat it like Distracted (which is a great addition to the game) but for Defenses only. Injured would then give a minus flip to Defensive duels (Df & Wp) per stack. This way Distracted and Injured mirrors each other but does not compete or stack, the extra calculation step does not happen as we are still in the established rules of plus and minus flips. Also, it can be countered by Concentrating and using Focused defensively. It may not have the same flavor as the suggestions you make here however and may cause other issues that I haven't foreseen.
  6. Please note this was an introduction game to a totally new player, hence the low SS count and the fact that we only randomized 3 Schemes. 1. Strategy Plant Explosives 2. Scheme List Take Prisoner, Power Ritual, Assassinate 3. Total Time Played, Rounds Played 3h, 5 Rounds 4. Final Score 4vp vs. 4vp 5. Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. GM_loke, Sandeep Sandeep Banasuva Shastar Vidiya Guard Oxfordian Mage Oxfordian Mage 5ss cashe 1 Vp scored from Plant Explosives 1 Vp scored from Assassinate 2 vp scored from Take Prisoner 6. Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. Not on Forums (yet), Mei Feng (Arcanists) Mei Feng Forgeling Metal Golem Metal Gamin Metal Gamin 5ss cashe 1 Vp scored from Plant Explosives 2 VP scored from Assassinate 1 VP scored from Power Ritual 7. Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form. If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Plant Explosives was fun but hard to score more than one point with the few models we had. It felt very active as models picked up planted bombs and took them from others. We both agreed we'd not spread bombs out over many models but concentrate them on fewer models in the future. Schemes were good in general. My opponent regretted taking power ritual because of the low model count. Both of us having Assassinate made for a Climactic last round were Sandeep ran out of stones first and died. MVP for me was the Shastar Vidiya Guard who was very flexible and mobile. MVP for my opponent was the Metal Golem who tanked all attacks and was very scary. Concerns & Confusion The timing of "During End of Phase" effects was probably the only thing. The escalating scoring of the Strategy was confusing to my opponent who was new to the game. Additional Feedback? That Rail Walk works when engaged was very powerful in our game since there was a ton of scrap everywhere. I had to re-read all of Sandeeps Crews Mantras several times during play to figure out who it applied to and they turned out to not come into play ever since I only had Banasuva and one Summoned elemental in play at any one time. It's very cool thematic effect but feels very situational. I will have to play more and see!
  7. Hello, I played my first open Beta Game and a minor timing issue came up. on pg 32 in the rulebook: It states that Shielded is removed "During the End Phase", It also states that Poison and Burning damage is taken "During the end phase". Does Shielded protect against these two types of damage? In my game I said yes, since I'm the owner of the model I can choose to resolve the effects in the end phase in any order I want. Not sure this is correct. Follow on question. If I would take more than 1 point of damage from poison or Burning, will Armor reduce it to a minimum of 1? Reading the rulebook I would say yes? Grateful for your insight.
  8. Makes sense, but the lack of player control over the Shielded condition irks me somewhat
  9. Reading the rules I could not get a clear enough picture of how some Conditions work if higher than 1: Shielded: Can shielded reduce more than 1 damage per damage instance? Say I have Shielded +2 and suffer 3 damage. What happens? Will I reduce the damage and condition by 1, thus suffering 2 damage? Or will I reduce the damage and condition by 2, end the shielded condition and suffer only 1 damage? The first interpretation seems correct as written but I'm not sure this is what's intended? Might need to be clarified in the text. Focused: If my Focus +X is +2 or higher, can I lower it by more to gain additional + flips in the same duel? Or is this restricted to 1 per duel? This could also be clarified in the text. The same question could apply to Distracted; if it's higher than +2, can i lower it by more than 1 - flip in the same duel? This one is more obviously no, but that's an assumption on my part.
  10. Noticed this on the Staggering punch actions for Survivors and Gregory & Olaf. Is it confirmed as a typo?
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