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  1. G'day Breachers! Today's Horror Adaption is based on Steven King's 1995 movie Langoliers. I call this version "Last Stop" A group of Fated are on route to Malifaux when a strange phenomenon after entering the breach, instead of emerging, the train continues travelling along an endless rail through a thick fog bank. The train and it's passengers are interlopers to the enigmatic Void, a space between Earth and Malifaux, and the native creatures are drawn towards the intruding creatures. The Fated are trapped in a claustrophobic cabin with several passengers, whose sanity begin to erode
  2. Someone posted a great idea onto Facebook regarding Nicodem's Avatar of Decay model. Instead of using the Avatar of decay as a Carrion Effigy alt sculpt, using it as the Aura Rotten Alt. It is the same base size and abilities such as Necromantic Font, Accomplice, Decay, Re-Animate and Zombie Apocalypse, suit Nicodem to a T. Is there any way to request for this to be officially acknowledged as an alternate sculpt for Asura Rotten?
  3. Hi there, I'm fairly new to TTB. I'm looking at designing encounters and such to balance out my game. I am curious if there is a formula or equation that is used to determine an appropriate challenge? I understand the difference between each of the classifications Peons / Minions / Enforcerers/ Henchmen / Tyrants But I'm wondering what is the strength value of each category is compared to each other. Something like 1 Minion = 5 peons. 5 Minions = 1 Enforcer. From there What fated should be able to handle Starting out a fated should be on even playing fields with a minion
  4. Hi guys, Some friends and I were testing out the idea of running a through the breach campaign. It's a fun RPG and we recorded our test game to see if it was something we'd like to maybe turn into a series. We're now seeing how many people we can find, that would be interested in a dedicated custom TTB adventure. Please let us know what you think either here or via the Youtube comments, apologies about the audio levels. We had some technical issues which affected the whole recording sadly but it kinda clears up a little around 30 minutes in. Enjoy
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