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  1. Maybe I wasn't reading things right, which is entirely possible, however I had no problems with the mechanics of "placing" be it a model or marker or other game effect.
  2. Huh, coulda swore it did... was that an old version that let you do that? I can't remember. Then there's another thing we've been doing wrong.
  3. Taelor is a henchman and can therefore use soulstones. Correct?
  4. Nope, just screwed up the rule.
  5. Strategy . Turf War, Flank deployment Scheme List Dig their graves, Hold up their forces, Outflank, Claim Jump, and Vendetta Total Time Played, Rounds Played 3 hours, 4 Turns Final Score . Viks 3 VP Soniia 0 VP Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. @Revoke23 , The Viktorias (leader), Taelor, 3 Ronin. Scored 5 VP on Turf War, chose Outflank and Claim Jump as schemes scored nothing from schemes Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. @Archmagnus , Soniia Criid (leader), Samael, 3 Witchling Stalkers, and the purifying flame (totem) I know one of his schemes was Claim Jump as well, though not the other one. Neither of us scored Schemes Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form.  As a brand new player to Malifaux with no 2E experiences we have played multiple trial games to learn the 3E ruleset and we finally finished a game. Turn one the Viktorias and Ronins Battle temp and on the move abilities proved invaluable as I was able to get right next to three of the turf markers and even flip the one in my deployment zone. I was VERY threatened by the ranged attacks from Soniia and her crew, several of my models got burning put on them, most of all, Taelor. Throughout the turn I focused more on setting myself up to win the strategy more so than fighting and this tactic paid off in the end. @Archmagnus brought some heavy damage in on Turn one that was pretty troubling. Turn Two I was able to flip over three of the turf war markers and hold them. I brought Taelor into engagement range with Soniia and pumped her an extra action with Soulstones (I had 3, Arch had 6) and was able to wallop her down to almost dead during Taelors activation. That was pretty much a trade off as Soniia had almost killed Taelor in turn and thrown 5 burning on her. In the meantime one of my Ronin's perished which allowed Arch to turn a nuetral marker to friendly. The Viks had moved into the center using their synchronized activation abilities and ranged attacks to further damage some of the Witchlings and Soniia a little further, and remove the friendly marker to neutral that Arch had flipped. End of turn 2 I had 1 VP to Arch's 0 Turn three Taelor dies from Burning at the end of T2, Soniia is barely alive, A Witchling stalker dies quick denying Arch the Claim Jump VP. I use my movement advantage to flip another Turf war marker to friendly, and press the attack on Soniia from range with the Viks. Soniia goes down early in Turn 3 allowing me to flip the marker in Arch's quarter, thus giving me all five markers as friendly. More witchlings fall prey to ranged attacks from the ronin and the viks, Samael pushes back and ends up killing a vik, The last Vik comes in and kills a Witchling leaving us two models a piece. End of turn I still had all the turf marker friendly, and now I had 2 VP to 0 Turn four, we finished out the activations and combat with the back and forth between the last Vik and the witchling / samael. I killed the last Witchling, and my last Ronin died. At the end of the turn Arch had Samael and the purifying flame left and I had a Vik left. We decided to call it there as he wouldn't be able to flip enough markers to score enough before the end game of my Vik dying happened so we called it at the end of Turn four, giving me 3 VP to Arch's 0. (I'm pretty sure I counted the VP correctly. I wasn't 100% sure wether I had three or five, but I think it's three) All in all, it was a blast, and now that we've figured out the rules and things are going quicker, I am totally stoked about this game.
  6. @SilentEric I would also be interested in this.
  7. Thank you so much! This is super helpful and I will pass it on to my guys. I have been struggling because I think I've been switching crews to much, I'm just gonna stick with the Viktorias and I have one question there, Since it's one card to cover two models, and both are masters now, then BOTH models get three AP correct?
  8. Hey! Thank you so much! Yeah when the Pandora question was raised, and I couldn't find anything specific enough to satisfy a definitive answer I dug through the 2E rulebook and figured out how to decipher and read the ability. I do appreciate you explaining it as well since it lets me know I am interpreting things right. Thank you for the clarification of summoning, That was what I was figuring after re-reading it several times and pondering, but it's awesome to hear it. Any helpful tips on speeding up play? We tend to have about four hours to play and rarely get past turn 2. Not sure if it's because we're trying to figure things out, or just morons.
  9. I wish I could. Unfortunately I am at work on Thursdays, I get down there on some Sundays.
  10. At first the Arcanists, for their backstory and the whole battle mage feel to them... Though Now I really like the Outcasts as well. To be honest I like all the factions stories and aesthetics, those are just my top two. It's been quite hard to pick a favorite.
  11. Hi!, I'm new around these parts and wanted to put my 2 cents in. To give you some background and my gamer credentials, I have been playing Miniature wargames since the 80's. I have always had a heavy focus on Warhammer, and the Games Workshop properties, though I have played games from other companies, like Warlord, and CMON. At my favorite, almost too far away local games store (giga-bites, here in Marietta, Ga.) my buddy stumbled upon the Malifaux models and went ape shit over the aesthetic. I can't say I blame him, I have appreciated the models and loved the feel of the artwork of Malifaux for years, though I knew no one else who played so I never got to play it, and therefore never collected the models etc..... Fast forward to shortly before the M3E Open Beta was announced, and I was gearing up to play my first game with a couple friends who wanted to get into it with me. We decided to tackle the M3E ruleset instead of hammering out 2nd edition and learning 3rd later on when it comes out. With all that being said, I wanted to give my perspective on what it is to play M3E without ANY prior Malifaux experience. NOW FOR THE GOOD PART. 1. The Rule book. I am not harping on any grammar or spelling, I also know and understand this is NOT a polished and completed rulebook. Overall, I think the rulebook is pretty darn good, my only complaints are two things, a.) It feels disjointed, Some of the different rules we have been looking for seem to be mentioned in certain places, like I have had to look up three different things and areas to figure out how to resolve one action or ability. I know some of this can't be avoided but these are my impressions. I assume some of this will be fixed in the final version. Overall not anything that would keep me from playing. Maybe I'm dumb but one thing that tripped us up, was the non-passive abilities, like Pandoras defensive ability, it shows DF / WP (tome) and it confused the ever loving shit out of me as to what that meant. Should it be read as a thing that triggers whenever the model takes a defensive or willpower test and gets a tome?, does it trigger on a defensive duel and the models affected need to make a willpower test? Eventually we reasoned out what was supposed to happen, however an explanation of how to read that or an example of it being used would have been awesome. b.) The end of that last one leads me to my next thing, I feel like a lot of the rulebook was written for people with a grasp of how Malifaux already plays, not someone coming in new. This may alienate new players, and cause for some heartache in the end. Some of the abilities and mechanics are not fully explained, in my opinion. (Like summoning, I am still a bit confused wether you have to hold models off to the side to summon after hiring them? OR do you just get to summon them in and they aren't costed in with your crew when you buy?) I get the mechanics of how to summon them in, doing the test etc... just the setup to be able to summon isn't explained in my opinion. 2. Encounters. I love Malifaux for it's super narrative, super characterful feel. It's honestly an awesome and involved world and story and I love that. I love the Strats & Schemes method of encounters and getting everything ready. I enjoy the fact that it's a miniatures game where it's not just "hold an objective, or kill something" The game genuinely feels as though you are doing different things. That being said, they feel cumbersome. Clunky, even a little grindy. To a new player it is a CHORE to figure out the system and what in the hell you're supposed to be doing to win the models. Maybe I'm dumb, but it took a hot minute to know what to do with the Schemes, the Strats are more straightforward but overall, I lump them together. 3. Overall, I find this to be an awesome, challenging and fun game. I have enjoyed trying to figure things out with my friends as there is not an experienced player amongst us and we are trying to figure it all out from scratch. If my opinions seem overly critical I assure you, they are not. I just communicate that way. If none of my concerns are addressed in the final 3rd edition rulebook I wouldn't be let down and would continue to play and promote this game. I have been covering our experiences in my podcast, "The Beerhammer Podcast" and would love to even have someone from Wyrd on for an interview about 3rd edition. Thank you for your time in reading this.
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