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  1. Huh, coulda swore it did... was that an old version that let you do that? I can't remember. Then there's another thing we've been doing wrong.
  2. Taelor is a henchman and can therefore use soulstones. Correct?
  3. Nope, just screwed up the rule.
  4. Strategy . Turf War, Flank deployment Scheme List Dig their graves, Hold up their forces, Outflank, Claim Jump, and Vendetta Total Time Played, Rounds Played 3 hours, 4 Turns Final Score . Viks 3 VP Soniia 0 VP Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. @Revoke23 , The Viktorias (leader), Taelor, 3 Ronin. Scored 5 VP on Turf War, chose Outflank and Claim Jump as schemes scored nothing from schemes Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. @Archmagnus , Soniia Criid (leader), Samael, 3 Witchling Stalkers, and the purifying flame (totem) I know one of his schemes was Claim Jump as well, though not the other one. Neither of us scored Schemes Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form.  As a brand new player to Malifaux with no 2E experiences we have played multiple trial games to learn the 3E ruleset and we finally finished a game. Turn one the Viktorias and Ronins Battle temp and on the move abilities proved invaluable as I was able to get right next to three of the turf markers and even flip the one in my deployment zone. I was VERY threatened by the ranged attacks from Soniia and her crew, several of my models got burning put on them, most of all, Taelor. Throughout the turn I focused more on setting myself up to win the strategy more so than fighting and this tactic paid off in the end. @Archmagnus brought some heavy damage in on Turn one that was pretty troubling. Turn Two I was able to flip over three of the turf war markers and hold them. I brought Taelor into engagement range with Soniia and pumped her an extra action with Soulstones (I had 3, Arch had 6) and was able to wallop her down to almost dead during Taelors activation. That was pretty much a trade off as Soniia had almost killed Taelor in turn and thrown 5 burning on her. In the meantime one of my Ronin's perished which allowed Arch to turn a nuetral marker to friendly. The Viks had moved into the center using their synchronized activation abilities and ranged attacks to further damage some of the Witchlings and Soniia a little further, and remove the friendly marker to neutral that Arch had flipped. End of turn 2 I had 1 VP to Arch's 0 Turn three Taelor dies from Burning at the end of T2, Soniia is barely alive, A Witchling stalker dies quick denying Arch the Claim Jump VP. I use my movement advantage to flip another Turf war marker to friendly, and press the attack on Soniia from range with the Viks. Soniia goes down early in Turn 3 allowing me to flip the marker in Arch's quarter, thus giving me all five markers as friendly. More witchlings fall prey to ranged attacks from the ronin and the viks, Samael pushes back and ends up killing a vik, The last Vik comes in and kills a Witchling leaving us two models a piece. End of turn I still had all the turf marker friendly, and now I had 2 VP to 0 Turn four, we finished out the activations and combat with the back and forth between the last Vik and the witchling / samael. I killed the last Witchling, and my last Ronin died. At the end of the turn Arch had Samael and the purifying flame left and I had a Vik left. We decided to call it there as he wouldn't be able to flip enough markers to score enough before the end game of my Vik dying happened so we called it at the end of Turn four, giving me 3 VP to Arch's 0. (I'm pretty sure I counted the VP correctly. I wasn't 100% sure wether I had three or five, but I think it's three) All in all, it was a blast, and now that we've figured out the rules and things are going quicker, I am totally stoked about this game.
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