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    Things that caught my eye

    Totems count as 0 cost when hiring if their master is the crew leader so I’m pretty sure they’re all free edit: also most totems cost 3ss so it seems appropriate
  2. Distruggiuova

    Tips for building a thematic crew in M3E

    Ooh damn, you can’t just drop a comment like that without explaining! How can we not know what are Lenny’s rules till Wednesday? XD
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    Learning Malifaux with Gremlins - Ophelia

    Hello again! The game was a blast and we both had a great time, unfortunately we’re still too slow, we managed to do just 2 turns with 2-1 for Gremlins so I won’t do a full bat rep. Francois was the MVP surviving a round of melee with Lilith and killing her (as well as himself) while Raphael got me the first Vendetta point vs a Young Nephilim. Ophelia’s Useless Junk upgrade was super useful for Search the Ruins while he ran his terror tots around corners for Surround Them. I think I was in a good position end of turn 2 but his army was ready for some heavy melee work so it could’ve gone either way. next week we’ll start playing M3E beta so I’ll probably start a new thread for that in the new Beta forum thanks for helping out a new noob player!
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    Learning Malifaux with Gremlins - Ophelia

    Hello again soon-to-be-Bayou people! tomorrow night I’ll have my second Malifaux game ever and it’ll be my farewell to 2nd edition as well since we’ll jump on the M3E train next week. We already extracted S&S and I have my crew ready to take down those pesky Neverborn but since there’s a chance my friend is lurking the forums I won’t share it yet. I’m looking for advices on how to tailor the crew knowing the strat and schemes and how to choose the schemes appropriately so I'll give you the encounter setting: Standard deployment Ply for Information Surround Them, Inescapable Trap, Search the Ruins, Hold Up Their Forces, Vendetta I know he’ll play either Lilith or Collodi since they’ll be gone in M3E so...fire away your lists and why’s if you’d have to play this game! I’m going to play Ophelia btw, not worth it to learn all Somer’s abilities just to unlearn them next week
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    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    My only complaint is that if every grown up model is now Ht 2 compared to the previous Ht 1 the old ones won’t be good “proxy” models for the new edition Dreamer crew. My friend and I just started Malifaux and, while I’m waiting for M3E with my Somer and Ophelia crews with optimism, he is quite pissed about his Neverborn consisting in Lilith (gone), Collodi (gone), Dreamer (grown) and Pandora (not dead!).
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    That’s exactly what I hoped for M3E, I’m listening to the Breachside Broadcast and I’m loving the background of various casters from different factions. Being able to play them without having to invest in the whole faction is HUGE! The only problem is that I like too many masters for my limited walled and play time 😭 Any chance to have a preview of how Ophelia and her Kin play in M3E?
  7. Distruggiuova

    Learning Malifaux with Gremlins - Ophelia

    Thanks for the reply! Now I’m struggling to decide between the two casters for my next game 😮 Death balling means buffing one or two models to remove the enemy’s strong pieces AKA first or second turn aggression right? I’m having some trouble understanding the utility of the Do over upgrade, I see it in a lot of Somer’s lists but is it taken for 2 cards first turn or for the “do over” ability? How do you draw cards after useing Bigger Hat then you or do you just rely on bayou 2 cards to give you an edge over other masters? thanks again for the input on Somer!
  8. Distruggiuova

    Learning Malifaux with Gremlins - Ophelia

    Hello everyone I was recently introduced to the game by a friend and I’m enjoying it so I lurked the forums a bit and I decided to share my learning experience with the community to get feedback and hopefully be useful to fellow starting gamers. I played an introductory game with Rasputina last week and then I played my first 50ss game (well at least a couple turns since we had a lot of rules checking to do) with a small gremlins lot I borrowed from another friend (I’m probably buying it in the future if I decide to stick with gremlins) My current army consists in Ophelia and Somer crew boxes, Slop Hauler x2, Burt Jebsen and Lucky Effigy Deployment: Corner Strategy: Squatting Rights Schemes: A line in the sand, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Outflank, Take a prisoner (standard missions) Declared Faction: Gremlins Crew Name: 22/12/18 vs Lilith 50ss Leader: Ophelia LaCroix - Cache:(3) Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Young LaCroix 2ss Francois LaCroix 8ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Stilts 1ss Raphael LaCroix 6ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Pere Ravage 6ss Rami LaCroix 7ss Slop Hauler 5ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss vs Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: 22/12/18 vs Ophelia 50ss Leader: Lilith - Cache:(4) Wicked Mistress 1ss Beckon Malifaux 1ss The Land Consumes 1ss Cherub 3ss Nekima 13ss The Mimic's Blessing 1ss Terror Tot 4ss Terror Tot 4ss Terror Tot 4ss Waldgeist 6ss Waldgeist 6ss Waldgeist 6ss Both players revealed Outflank and kept the other scheme secret I deployed first with Raphael on a flank with a Bayou, the other 2 Bayous on the other side and the rest of the models centrally ready to shift to either side thanks to Ophelia’s movement tricks, Rami got a nice nest inside the deployment zone and threatened the entire board severely limiting my opponents options (until he realized he wasn’t all that scary after all) First turn I activated all the chaff (including the underwhelming Rami) before committing my heavy hitters and my opponent split his army with Nekima on the Bayous side and Lilith on the Raphael one, then I threw Pere inside a nice bunch of enemy models including Lilith but I didn’t realise I needed Tomes to make him explode so he ended up sitting there with 2 wounds and killing only a terror tot Turn 2 my opponent tried to assassinate Ophelia pulling her to Lilith but he failed and she retaliated killing her with a couple of bullets to the face giving me the Assassination 3 points and control over the right side of the board since he only had Terror tots and Waldgeist there and I had all my good pieces close by We called it there with a rough estimation of a possible 9 points to 4/6 for the gremlins Win for da Kin! Ophelia’s upgrades Useless Junk, Metal-lined Cloak and Jug Rocket are incredibly helpful in moving Pere, Francois or herself around, Pere was extremely threatening but I had no tomes so it didn’t do as expected while Raphael proved a tough nut to crack for my opponent. Rami didn’t do much for a 7ss model while I didn’t had the chance to unleash Frank but his card is impressive. My opponent did a bad mistake in splitting his army and I think he took way to many tricks and support but he lacked punch aside from 2 models. I’d like to try Burt or possibly Lenny next game instead of Rami depending on the Strat&Schemes A question about Somer: can he support a more elite play style or is he “forced” into summoning/spam lists? Thanks for any tips and tricks you may suggest!