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  1. You shuffle at the end of your activation the card you put aside. I don’t like the new ability though, it’s too complicated and they know it
  2. I read it as if you move the target 2”, is it wrong? edit: I think the new Woes synergies really well with each other now, I don’t get why you are negative, if it proves to be underpowered after a couple weeks of testing it’ll be adjusted (more damage maybe?) but now it’s a control crew that doesn’t totally invalidate half the enemy’s crew with a bonus action from 6 ss models. It doesn’t seems weak to me. re-edit:
  3. I think the problem with schemes is that having only 2 points there’s not much room for variance, you need 1 pt to be relatively easy to score early and the second can’t be easily awarded to keep things interesting till last turn. Maybe the solution is to go back to 3VPs per scheme (so you can have some room for bluffs) and up to 5/6 for Strategy to keep it important? I enjoy the game as it is right now btw but I miss the bluffing of M2E a lot
  4. Now I want to try to set up a board as an hazardous full table jungle, with destructible underbrush and trees. We may need 3/4 turns just to engage the enemies so we’d probably need to play a couple more turns PS: I’d hire Pere Ravage!
  5. I agree but @Jingizu solution is simple and brilliant, it may also solve similar problems in future updates so I think it may be implemented even if they change Opportunist.
  6. I disagree with your solution, I don’t know if it’s too strong as it is now but the Stuffed Piglet main purpose is to blow up so restricting the demise ability won’t work imo.
  7. In timing order: Flinch: When an enemy model targets this model with an Attack Action, if the Action's Stat is higher than this model's Resist Stat, this model gains Shielded +1. Opportunist: After this model targets an enemy model with an Attack Action, it may end one of the target's Conditions to receive a + to that Action's duel. Focused +X: Before flipping in an opposed duel, this model may lower the value of this Condition by one to receive a + to the duel (and any resulting damage flip this model makes). 1- if a model with Opportunist target a model with the focused condition it strips off the condition before the target has the opportunity to use it for the defensive bonus, right? 2- if a model with Opportunist attack a model with Flinch the shielded condition happens first so you can always strip it off for positive flip While it seems n1 is working as intended n2 may be something that went unnoticed. If I play Ophelia vs Pandora my crew’s skill becomes...”give positive flips to the opponent” I personally believe the fix is in Opportunist to remove negative conditions only (and buffing the models with it to compensate if needed) but it may be addressed also modifying the timing on Flinch to “after being targeted”
  8. I just bought her box and I’ll try her vs Pandora with Emissary, Gracie, Trixie a couple bushwhackers and either Burt or a third Bushwacker and Inferiority Complex on someone. I’m a bit worried about stun and Pandora herself shutting down my beaters too easily but I should be able to outscheme her with 2-3 bushwackers in Cursed Idols I hope
  9. After another game with Ophelia, mostly in theme plus Burt, I feel she really need some card draw. I think Sammy may be mandatory with all the discard actions we have, I’ll try her next time but it may not be enough, the Lacroix Raiders could use a buff and become her card drawing minions imo.
  10. In the “Detailed Timing” table pg 38 there’s still a reference to drawing a card when using a pass token.
  11. Oh, I see it now, I thought the timing part was only for the flip effect. Enhance a Duel: Before any cards are flipped in a duel, a model that can use Soulstones may spend a single Soulstone to add a + to its flip. It may also spend a single Soulstone to add a suit of its choice to its final duel total. If both models involved in the duel can use Soulstones, the attacker declares its Soulstone use (or lack of use) first.
  12. You can stone to add a crow after you flip to hit in M3E I think
  13. If you are required to drop tokens or cards and you don’t have one of the two you are forced to pick the other choice, I don’t remember if I read it in the rules or if it was a reply from Matt or Kyle but I’m sure I read it from some official source!
  14. I don’t like “Bigger hat then you” not because it’s UP or OP (or neither) but cause it’s totally passive for the Bayou player, it gives the opponent an annoying thing to consider (save a pass token to drop OR use all your good cards and drop the last one, depending on the turn) but I’d prefer something we could actively include in our strategic thinkin’.
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