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  1. How does make any sense? He's still insignificant... Since "Into the Vortex is Enemy only" now, all you can hire Kamaitachi for now is to draw cards while sitting behind some building deep in the deployment zone. Sad...
  2. I think my main error was during crew building that I tried to play half-ass foundry because of fear of being to hard countered by the undergraduates, anna lovelace, and albus' ability to turn scrap into scheme markers. Should have played full foundry after all and just try to avoid putting scrap near terrain and not give search the ruins away to easily. By trying to not drop too much scrap I lost the scrap I needed. I think I will try to get a rematch of that matchup and see whether it's all that bad.
  3. Played Mei Feng vs Albus today and daaamn, never gonna announce foundry against ressers anymore. Especially since dig their graves and search the ruins was in the pool. Man, was that a grind. Any recommendations what one could do if Mei Feng is already announced against Albus? I built a half way Foundry crew with more versatile models than usual, but to no avail. Thought about hiring a second master, but didn't 😕 Got a total of 1 rail ride throughout the entire match, as all important scrap markers didn't survive long enough to help anything.
  4. I also have no trouble seeing italics text, but why not just underline it instead? Would also signify its importance in a better way.
  5. If the model currently has drunken kung-fu, focus is no good 😉
  6. @dzlier Feel free to include this simple script in your crew builder 🙂
  7. Too lazy to flip an encounter? Me, too! Here you go: http://sarstech.com/m3eEncounterinator/
  8. I feel that the very spirit of m3e is to counter the announced opposing leader as much as possible. Otherwise some masters would just be too strong. And as everyone can do this, it seems fair to me.
  9. Hey there, I updated the deck to the current texts. Max m3eSSDeck.pdf
  10. I only play more than 5SS when I need to buy triggers for my master to work. Such as Asami. With a limit of 5SS (why even less than in m2e???) I wouldn't play Asami currently, because I have no other way to get those mask triggers I need. In m2e I could get them through borrowed time, but I think the new situation is fine/better. Also I do not agree to the argument that more stones slow down games.
  11. Do the ice pillars count for base contact as well? Hence, can Raspy really interact through ice pillars besides killing and slowing everyone? This is insanely strong for all strategies. Why would anyone not play Raspy?
  12. Why can't mf be funny and use "goofy nicknames"? It's not chess after all.
  13. I play Asami quite a lot and I play with other masters against other summoners a lot. And it was always fun in both ways and I never felt that summoning was in any way heavily out of balance, even if all the board edges are crawling with mindless zombies or (in m2e) the voodoo doll burnt half my crew down. There's always the means to counter those actions. For me the fun in Malifaux is that everything is overpowered and you have to find a way to weaken the opponents overpowered stuff with your overpowered stuff in some way to make you score more points. Removing overpowered things would just make the game boring. And not doing that creates the challenge of maintaining balance between all those overpowered actions. And that's why we are here in a open beta. To balance a bunch of overpowered masters. Not to make them all boring. Otherwise we go from "Asami shouldn't summon" to "then Raspy shouldn't get ice pillars and Seamus gun should go away as well". That kind of reasoning will make the game boring and not what it's supposed to be. Of course, all this is no fun is you get tabled by it. It's not supposed to. The fun is to find your ways to prevent that. And once you do, it's hella fun!
  14. If you gain fast during your activation you get a 3rd AP in the same activation. If you gain slow, you get -1AP for the next activation.
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