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  1. I only play more than 5SS when I need to buy triggers for my master to work. Such as Asami. With a limit of 5SS (why even less than in m2e???) I wouldn't play Asami currently, because I have no other way to get those mask triggers I need. In m2e I could get them through borrowed time, but I think the new situation is fine/better. Also I do not agree to the argument that more stones slow down games.
  2. Do the ice pillars count for base contact as well? Hence, can Raspy really interact through ice pillars besides killing and slowing everyone? This is insanely strong for all strategies. Why would anyone not play Raspy?
  3. Why can't mf be funny and use "goofy nicknames"? It's not chess after all.
  4. I play Asami quite a lot and I play with other masters against other summoners a lot. And it was always fun in both ways and I never felt that summoning was in any way heavily out of balance, even if all the board edges are crawling with mindless zombies or (in m2e) the voodoo doll burnt half my crew down. There's always the means to counter those actions. For me the fun in Malifaux is that everything is overpowered and you have to find a way to weaken the opponents overpowered stuff with your overpowered stuff in some way to make you score more points. Removing overpowered things would just make the game boring. And not doing that creates the challenge of maintaining balance between all those overpowered actions. And that's why we are here in a open beta. To balance a bunch of overpowered masters. Not to make them all boring. Otherwise we go from "Asami shouldn't summon" to "then Raspy shouldn't get ice pillars and Seamus gun should go away as well". That kind of reasoning will make the game boring and not what it's supposed to be. Of course, all this is no fun is you get tabled by it. It's not supposed to. The fun is to find your ways to prevent that. And once you do, it's hella fun!
  5. If you gain fast during your activation you get a 3rd AP in the same activation. If you gain slow, you get -1AP for the next activation.
  6. Considering that it requires quite some effort in Asami's case to keep her summons alive beyond the turn they were summoned, I think having them non-slow and being able to interact is ok. She mostly can't summon more than one model per turn anyways. A general restriction for slow and no interacts as in m2e would be too weakening for her. I could imagine an ability on the summon upgrade "if this model takes the interact action it gains a flicker token" to impose a tax on interact actions. This won't make much difference though when the summon is used as a one shot scheme runner. So I don't think this makes much sense. Compared to other summoners, such as Sandeep's Golem factory, I think there's no need to change things here. Also compared to other masters, summoning is not generally stronger than the other powers. I mean, Asami, without bad luck throws out a summon every turn and uses flicker for + flips, Shenlong has Chi to push his stats to 7-8 when needed, Mei Feng is all over the place with focus and shielded, and Misaki unburries and kills something every turn and everything charges stuff. I mean every master has their strength and it's about choosing the right strength for the right task. Additionally through pass tokens, outactivation is gone as well. Otherwise, everyone would always play summoners. And I don't see that, I only play Asami on encounters where her strength is particularly useful. Which might be about 1 out of 4.
  7. Yes, please, make Sensei Yu great again and make wandering river style push friendly models again 🙂
  8. Feel free to add your files to our m3e group on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/m3e/things I designed many of the token , marker and conditions in there.
  9. The changes sound good. The only thing that gets me worried is focus. Wouldn't it be better to just make concentrate to be "once per activation"? Then focus could still stack through other abilities or throughout turns, but spending all of turn 1 concentrating isn't an option anymore?
  10. Short question: Shenlong's Wandering River Style reads: Does this mean that I can only target enemy models at all, or that I can only remove and place markers when targeting an enemy model? Since the enemy model part is not italics, I would assume I can push friendly models around, right?
  11. The Kamaitachi used to be the universal 10t totem and therefore was insignificant. Why it stayed insignificant, I don't know, maybe because it's just a weasel? I agree that the mechanics with the Weaselnado are weird. I always hit my own models with it for the trigger and keep the Kamaitachi in the background for its draw cards ability. Doesn't seem to make much sense, but that's how it works 🙂 But why did they rename the Weaselnado? WHY? >>
  12. Since the reveal might be a bit too easy it could be restricted by the killed model having to be on the enemy half of the table.
  13. I find that the scheme pool is currently a bit too small. I'd like to have some more schemes, hence I propose the Kodokushi scheme, Japanese for "lonely death" for Joker flips: J: Kodokushi Reveal: After a friendly model kills an enemy model with no other models friendly to the killed model within 5" you may reveal this scheme to gain 1 VP. If you do so, place a friendly destructible Kodokushi marker in base contact with the killed model before removing it from play. End: At the end of the game, if a friendly Kodokushi marker is in play, and if no enemy model is within 5" of it, gain 1 VP. How do you like the idea?
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