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  1. Very strange. We have pre-ordered at wayland in May and nothing has happened since then, I asked them and they said they don't have any updates and didn't receive stock yet 😞
  2. We have pre-ordered everything weeks ago in Europe and still see no stock. waylandgames.co.uk, firestormgames.co.uk, and fantasywelt.de do not have stock and state that they have no idea when they will receive the product. What went wrong? We have lost more than half of our community in the beta already 😞
  3. How does make any sense? He's still insignificant... Since "Into the Vortex is Enemy only" now, all you can hire Kamaitachi for now is to draw cards while sitting behind some building deep in the deployment zone. Sad...
  4. I think my main error was during crew building that I tried to play half-ass foundry because of fear of being to hard countered by the undergraduates, anna lovelace, and albus' ability to turn scrap into scheme markers. Should have played full foundry after all and just try to avoid putting scrap near terrain and not give search the ruins away to easily. By trying to not drop too much scrap I lost the scrap I needed. I think I will try to get a rematch of that matchup and see whether it's all that bad.
  5. Played Mei Feng vs Albus today and daaamn, never gonna announce foundry against ressers anymore. Especially since dig their graves and search the ruins was in the pool. Man, was that a grind. Any recommendations what one could do if Mei Feng is already announced against Albus? I built a half way Foundry crew with more versatile models than usual, but to no avail. Thought about hiring a second master, but didn't 😕 Got a total of 1 rail ride throughout the entire match, as all important scrap markers didn't survive long enough to help anything.
  6. I also have no trouble seeing italics text, but why not just underline it instead? Would also signify its importance in a better way.
  7. If the model currently has drunken kung-fu, focus is no good 😉
  8. Do the ice pillars count for base contact as well? Hence, can Raspy really interact through ice pillars besides killing and slowing everyone? This is insanely strong for all strategies. Why would anyone not play Raspy?
  9. Why can't mf be funny and use "goofy nicknames"? It's not chess after all.
  10. Yes, please, make Sensei Yu great again and make wandering river style push friendly models again 🙂
  11. Short question: Shenlong's Wandering River Style reads: Does this mean that I can only target enemy models at all, or that I can only remove and place markers when targeting an enemy model? Since the enemy model part is not italics, I would assume I can push friendly models around, right?
  12. The Kamaitachi used to be the universal 10t totem and therefore was insignificant. Why it stayed insignificant, I don't know, maybe because it's just a weasel? I agree that the mechanics with the Weaselnado are weird. I always hit my own models with it for the trigger and keep the Kamaitachi in the background for its draw cards ability. Doesn't seem to make much sense, but that's how it works 🙂 But why did they rename the Weaselnado? WHY? >>
  13. Can we get the hashtag #bringtheweaselnadoback trending on Twitter or something like that?
  14. The action "Chantred Sutra" on the Aspiring Student's stat card does have a Stat but neither TN nor Rst. In the previous version there used to be TN 10. Is the action now free or is the missing TN an error? Also there's a spelling mistake "targetl"...
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