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  1. Yup, Austringers are my favorite pick. I wonder if the Lone Marshall could be a decent pick too...
  2. Seems like I'm the only Basse player that can't get a damn done with him or his crew
  3. I had a fun game last night against a Brewmaster. To counter the poison conditions I took Perdita with this list: Perdita (+ Lead-lined coat) Nephilim Francisco (+ Lead-lined coat) Santiago Papa Loco Nino Abuela Guild Steward Strategy was Corrupted Idols and I choose Claim jump (on the Steward) and Take Prisoner (on Apprentice Wesley). The game ended 4-4 (I scored all the points for Schemes but not one for the Strategy) and I've been VEEEEERY unlucky with cards. A couple of examples: two different turns, Perdita had positive flips on damage, and both times I flipped two low cards and nothing to cheat with. Felt so bad. In my last turn, my control hand was 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4. And no, I'm not joking. Finally, I lost ALL initiatives for bad flips and impossible to cheat with the cards in my possession. The Idols were always away from my crew, impossible to chase them. Following all of your tips, anyway, I think I improved a lot my gaming with Perdita and with better cards I would have probably won. Using Tomes to charge Perdita with Focus turned out to be a winning tip and she had at least 1 focus in each Turn (she had 3 in Turn 2, when the low-cards damage flip happened...) In the end, Perdita charged with Focus still managed to kill everything she touched (2 whiskey gamin, Fingers Leong). Nino survived 'til the end providing Focus and Cards for Perdita at each turn. Abuela was kinda "meh", probably won't take her again. Long story short: thanks a lot for your guide! I will try again Perdita with a Rider to have more mobility, which i could have used in this Strategy.
  4. Hello guys! During last game (Tormented vs Mercenaries) , my adversary came out with an interesting problem. He activates Bishop, which was engaged with Montresor. He declares Bishop's Bonus Action Chain gang, which allows him to move a target friendly model (in that case a Midnight Stalker) and then moving Bishop himself up to 3". He does so, and proceed to move Bishop out of Montresor's engagement zone, since the Action is not a Walk Action The rules, in fact, states (pag. 26) Engaged models cannot leave an enemy model’s engagement range with a Walk Action Meaning that, since Bishop didn't actually perform a Walk Action, he can actually leave Montresor's engagement zone without consequences. Is this correct? A move that is NOT a Walk Action can allow a model to leave an engagement zone? Sorry for my bad english, but I hope everything is clear
  5. Such an AMAZING work, sir! Perdita was my first love when I first started Malifaux 16 months ago, but in 3E I never managed to take the best out of her crew. I will surely treasure your tips and I will drink a glass of wine to you once I'll have my first victory with her
  6. Usually yes. She works fine against heavy melee crews (she's excellent, for example, against Ulix's pigs). With her 50mm base and the 3" drowning aura she can easily control a nice portion of the table (excellent for Claim Jump or to secure a Turf Marker). I've tried in the past to take a 2nd Hanged in her place, but the result didn't feel great. Those Hanged requires tons of SS to be 100% effective, and I prefer using just one Hanged and giving to him all the resource needed to dominate the game. But this is just a personal way of playing the crew, I don't think one option is necessarily better than the other
  7. The last Jack Daw list I used in a local tournament: Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Jack Daw Lady Ligeia Montresor Guilty Guilty 2 Hanged - Grave Spirit Touch Dead Outlaw Jaakuna Ubume Game setup : Deployment: Standard Strategy: Turf War Scheme Pool: 12: Claim Jump 11: Deliver a Message 2: Breakthrough 5: Dig Their Graves 4: Search the Ruins I choose Claim Jump (with Montresor) and Deliver a Message, versus a Crossroad 7 list. Game ended 6-3 in my favour (2VP for ClaimJump, 2 for Deliver a Message, 2 for Strat) The Dead Outlaw is HUGE to deny enemy Scheme Markers (I used that twice to give Fast to Montresor), even if his Defense is too low for my tastes. Sadly Jaakuna didn't perform brightly in this matchup, she almost got killed in turn 2 and I had to move her back to avoid give my opponent an easy kill. Luckly, the Hanged and Jack manage to lock down Greed (she was the Leader) and score both point for Deliver a Message, while Montresor occupied the center of the table with the two Guilties and Ligeia supporting from behind. A solid list all in all, but I think that the Dead Outlaw is not always the best choice.
  8. So far, I only played Tormented and Bandits, and beside the fact that Outcast upgrade are kind of "meh" (not useless, watch out, but forgettable) the only thing I would correct is the cost of Dead Outlaws, tuning them down to 5. Even into a Tormented crew, they are not the smartest pick: their low Def makes them such an easy target, and on the top of that, their attack is far from amazing. I still don't understand why they cost 6 (sure, they have Run and Gun, but still doesn't justify the cost. Low their cost to 5, or raise their Def to 5
  9. See? Im REALLY quite the noob, even after one year of playing Malifaux Anyway, tournament will be happening this Saturday, I hope to give you some juicy report next Monday.
  10. And since I'm quite the noob, only 48 hours after the game Im thinking that simply, I could have choose NOT to declare the Critical Strike trigger, when I flipped the damage...but well...
  11. Hans wasn't supposed to be the killer. The bandido was supposed to score. It was just bad luck
  12. After reading your reply, I gave Hans a try yesterday. First turn, he 1-shot a Lost Love from Kirai's crew. Ironically, Lost Love was supposed to be my target for Vendetta. I just wanted to soften him a bit before landing the "coup de grace" with my Bandido on Turn 2 (LL was the only valid target for Vendetta, trust me). On a double negative flip, I flipped 3 Severe cards, and the Critical strike did the rest. Very unlucky. But now I can definitely see him working fine in a Vendetta Scheme and I will definitely bring him into the Tournament. Thank you sir, a glass with you!
  13. Very good point! I will definitely do this Yup, I don't like it too, but the other viable option would only be "Detonate charges" that sounds very hard to accomplish, even with the Bandits having easy access to lots of Interact. This just scares me so much. Mmmh, never considered using Hans over Sue, honestly. Why would you think he performs better? Sue is still a Bandit after all, and I can use Parker "Bandit raid" to give him an extra shoot, thing I can't to with Hans. I think Sue would be better, but feel free to convince me
  14. I'm using Jack Daw a lot lately, especially into Outcast, but I see that you already got a lot of answers here, so here is my 2 cents for you In my opinion, for the best possible use of Jack's crew, you will need at the very least 5 SS (I normally take 7, since I use my Hanged a lot for his Triggers). 1 Hanged is usually enough (with Servants of Dark Powers upgrade, it' a must) and you definitely want to take at least 2 Guilties with you. Dead Outlaws are great if you want to mess with Enemy's Markers (discarding them and giving out Fast condition to Montresor or the Hanged). Jaakuna is definitely worth considering, against Melee-oriented crews (i.e. she works fine against Ulix's Pigs. My opponent never dare to send those fatties close to her). Midnight Stalker is a good option if you need a good Scheme runner, but personally I never used him; I've found Jack doing alright even without him. I used the Drawned a couple of times, they are ok and worth considering against a heavy melee crew. Keep your Crew well clustered together, and Ligeia close, to drain your opponent's hand. Once your opponent has no cards left, you can start attacking with Montresor and Jack Daw, using the Execute trigger; this is the main reason to have TONS of SS with you. With Jack and Montresor, you always want to have Crows in your attacks to trigger the Execute. This will force your opponent to burn his SS just to defend...and once his SS are over, is basically GG for you. Careful though, because Jack Daw is not immortal, and sending him straight into the flay can result in a premature dead for him. Have fun
  15. Hello everyone! Im preparing for a tournament, and in my second game I will have the following setup: Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Plant Explosives Scheme Pool: 1: Detonate Charges 8: Power Ritual 7: Take Prisoner 10: Assassinate 13: Vendetta For this, I have 2 different list available (actually I have three, but one of them is Jack Daw Outcast, not the best guy for Plant Explosives) List n.1 Pool: 3 Leader: Parker Barrows Totem(s): Doc Mitchell Hires: Bandidos x2 Mad Dog Brackett Wokou Raider +Servant of Dark Powers Hodgepodge Emissary The Midnight Stalker List n.2 Pool: 3 Leader: Parker Barrows Totem(s): Doc Mitchell Hires: Bandidos x2 Mad Dog Brackett Sue Hodgepodge Emissary The Midnight Stalker +Servant of Dark Powers Are those lists decent enough? What Schemes should I choose? I don't think I want to drop the Midnight Stalker (he's just too good for Plant Explosives) and I would consider choosing Power Ritual and Vendetta (I think Sue is great in this case, thanks to his Positive Flip and Critical Strike on his Attack). Maybe I should consider a Convict Gunslinger or two? Then, who should take the Explosives? I was thinking giving 2 to the Midnight Stalker, 2 on bandidos and 1 on Mad Dog I'd love to hear your advices. Thanks in advance!
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