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  1. Hello guys! With the M3e on the way, Im looking to widen my choice of crews. I started my voyage in Malifaux with Parker Barrows and Perdita (my wife loves Old West movies...), and now I want to try out Jack Daw. First of all because I love the theme, and second because I own three Dead Bandits that I used with Parker in 2e; now I found them pretty useless with Parker, so I might as well "recycle" them into a Jack Daw crew. Is Jack Daw a valuable choice for Outcasts? And what else should I buy to make the Crew more "frightening"?
  2. Tell me more, I'm always in need of good tips about gameplay
  3. I plan to get my hands on the Cornelius Basse box very soon (I already have a Guild Austringer, so I better use that guy out finally) and I was wondering if recruiting a Perdita in the Basse's crew might be worthy. As many of you already know, I find the new Family keyword very VERY disappointing...still, Family has been my first crew ever and I don't want to set it aside in a drawer, waiting for buffs. So I thought that maybe (MAYBE) I could at least use her as 2nd master. Do you think it might work? Anyone tried that?
  4. Now this is something I would love to test! Im not a fan of the two Master thing but this might actually be very fun. Bandits with rocket boots! Missiles! Explosions!
  5. Sorry sir, I do not agree Gunslingers are, in my humble opinion, the best soldiers you can hire in Parker crew, even at 10ss. In all games I had so far, they did magnificent work in killing scheme runners, giving me cards and scoring precious victory points. I don't doubt the utility and the tools that the Emissary can bring on the table, but still I prefer having more firepower at my disposal.
  6. That looks a pretty decent list, but honestly I wouldn't use Servant of Dark Power on bandits, I really don't see it worth the price. I would instead take Soldier for Hire on the Convict Gunslinger, guarantee to draw a couple of cards and it adds a little bit of protection on a soldier that is usually very fragile.
  7. I strongly agree. Gunslingers are magnificent soldiers, I always bring at least one with Parker and they are very often the most valuable piece of my crew. How about the Midnight Stalker? I love that sculpt and I would like to add him to Parker's Crew but..I don't know how reliable he can be. Opinions?
  8. That's interesting. However I really REALLY dislike the sculpt (no offense for our friends at Wyrd...) but I guess the Hodgepodge is just too useful to be ignored. How about Wouku raiders and the Smugglers? I have the feeling they are not very used with Parker even if they share the keyword
  9. Hello friends, with the arrival of 3E, Parker has become my new all favorite master in the game. Right now, I use to play him with Mad Dog, Sue, 2 bandidos and a Convict Gunslinger (or a Dead Outlaw, if I need some decent first liner). So I was wondering what else I could add to Parker's crew, right now? I've heard that Wokou Raiders are pretty good (and they are Bandits too), but what other characters would you suggest to go with Parker? Hans, Big Jake, Pride...are those viable options? And what about Bayou Smugglers? I'm eager to hear your opinions.
  10. This is a really interesting strategy. Im looking forward to try this in my next game. However, Parker's DEF is not amazing...it may be risky to send him straight into the fray, isn't it? EDIT: Sorry, I mean that Parker doesn't have a lot of defensive abilities in his profile. His DEF is totally ok though.
  11. Same problem here. Lack of resources is a huge deal for the Family, and so is the total lack of defence. This crew is frustrating, I can't find a way to make it work decently. I managed however to use the keyword ability in the first activations of the first Turn...but it was still useless: it took 3 Family models targeting the same enemy (a Ronin behind cover) and 2 "A por el" activation to take the enemy down. All those resources wasted for a 6 SS model (the only one in LoS). Is that normal? A crew of gunslingers struggling to take down a 6 SS enemy model? At Turn 2, it was already impossible to use the keyword. Too pricey and no cards left to shoot at the Viks and defending from them at the same time. As final result, Perdita and Nino died at the start of Turn 2 (bad initiative flip, impossible to move them back). I surrendered at Turn 4. I wanted to stay optimistic about Dita, but at this point I kinda lost all hopes and I will just move to another Crew.
  12. JellyRoll

    22.03 Update

    You know, Im more than willing to give them a good, long and deep try before saying that nothing works with the Family. Sure, they look less reliable than they were in 2e, but still I don't think they are THAT useless or "not funny" to play. Anyway "the omelet is done" as we say down in Italy, nothing we can do about it. We just have to do our best to make this Crew work with our creativity. Maybe game after game, we will eventually find a good synergy or combo that will make the Family stand out! I want to stay optimistic
  13. JellyRoll

    22.03 Update

    Ok, that sounds like a huge "NO" 😛
  14. JellyRoll

    22.03 Update

    I agree. Personally, that doesn't bother me too much, since around here there is not lot of competitive play. Guild steward will definitely be my next buy, together with Abuela, and maybe things will get better. How about the Pistoleros de Latigo? I didn't try them yet, are they decent scheme runners?
  15. JellyRoll

    22.03 Update

    I had the same experience, sadly. The whole card cycling mechanic feels dull and pointless (although I admit that the changes on Nino are very good). Since this is the final update, I guess we just have to deal with it : Family is not a viable crew anymore, unless you take non-family models into it, like the Judge.
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