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  1. I fear there will never be a concencus until Wyrd gives out an official answer to this. If we can't agree on the rule, we can definitely agree that this rule is open to a lot (maybe too much) interpretations.
  2. Being rude won't make your statements right. Have a good day
  3. I fear you miss the point. "Finger of the trigger" only allows actions. If Perdita is engaged, she can't use , instead she will use , so you can't use "Finger on the Trigger". Gunfighter won't solve the problem, because Gufighter will let you use a action...which is no use for "Finger on the trigger". At least, that's how I see it Exactly this.
  4. This is the correct interpretation. I had the same question some time ago and one of the mod stated that you can't use Finger on the Trigger when you are in melee, since it requires to take a action.
  5. I find myself ALWAYS struggling a lot with Perdita, and my list is exactly like your (beside the Monster Hunter, usually replaced with Santiago). Would you be so kind to tell me how can you make the best out of this list?
  6. Dang...I'm 100% sure it was a Mature Nephilim. My opponent didn't have cards on table, he used the game app, so I never got the chance to actually LOOK at his cards. What a huge mistake by me... Honestly, this is one of the MANY weird things my opponent did during the game. That could be a mistake in good conscience...or a deliberate try to cheat. I'm not so sure anymore, but thanks a lot for pointing this out. Next time I play against him I will be more attentive, too many things went weirdly wrong during that game. To be honest and fair, he DID engaged Mad Dog with his Mature Nephilim, but thanks to my Scheme Markers, Mad Dog gained Fast at the start of his activation. This way he had time to disengage and fire 2 times at the Nephilim (that got killed by the Woukou Raider in the same turn). Hayreddin was the next victim of Mad Dog's shotgun (already damaged by Mad Dog's blast), so there was nobody left to hold Mad Dog, except Nekima herself, too busy dealing with Parker. Totally legit...but after he saved my Woukou (and the game with it), I'm pretty sure I will use him in EVERY game, from now on
  7. Yes, the Wokou Raider survived with just 1 Hitpoint, incredibly but true. In Turn 2, I had to cheat a 13 on initiative to bring her out (she had a Scheme Marker next to her, so she was Fast). She regenerated 1 hitpoint for the Hodgepodge Emissary and once she was away from the fray, the Emissary took good care of her with a double heal: in the end she recovered 6 hitpoints out of 8. I loved the Emissary SO MUCH in that moment. Him and the Raider were definitely the MVP this game. Indeed that was the plan...that's how I lost all of my Scheme Runners 🤣 I definitely underestimated Neekima's damage, that was just too much for them to handle Well, it happened that the Woukou Raider had to be defensive, since she was the target for Vendetta, I couldn't expose her without risking. Then, as I said, the 2 Bandidos were dead and so was the Prospector. Basically I had no Scheme Runner available by Turn 4 Unlucky flips didn't allow me to trigger a single Trigger Finger in the whole game, incredible that might sound. Turn by Turn, Mad Dog just walked forward , shooting his gun at everything in sight, until he managed to reach enemy deployment zone in Turn 5, uncontested (he was full life and with Vitality Potion upgrade on him...honestly only Neekima could have stopped him). That's exactly what happened. Resources -and luck- were deplenished very fast in first 2 Turns. Holy Dark Mother...I keep forgetting this!!! This means that the game actually finished 3-3...which is pretty consolatory.
  8. Ok, so the game didn't go as planned. The guy used Nekima and I lost 4-3 (I scored 2 points in Reckoning and 1 in Breakthrough). The other Scheme was Deliver a Message, no VP for that. My list was Parker (+Wanted Criminal)Doc MichellMad Dog BrackettWouku Raider2 Bandidos ProspectorsHodgepodge Emissary Even if I lost, I'm frankly happy how the Bandits managed to hold off the demons. First turn, 2 adults Nephilim and Hayreddin charged right into the Wouku Raider to score Vendetta. But, thanks to the Hodgepodge Emissary and Mad Dog Brackett, the Raider survived (I didn't imagine he could survive to such a furious attack). I managed to take down an adult Naphilim and the Henchman by Turn 3. Sadly though, all of this fight took all of my resources, cards and SS and I found myself pushed tight into my deployment zone, which madetty hard for me to score Breakthrough. In the end, my opponent had to use Neekima to score 1 point of Power Ritual while Mad Dog ran all the way across the field to score 1 point of Breakthrough. I lost 2 Bandidos and the Prospector, he lost 2 Adult nephilim and the Henchman, which honestly is an unexpected result. Nekima was NEVER in fight, except with the Prospector that died before he could score Deliver a message. After that, Nekima was always too far away from me (and he moves so freaking fast) and I didn't want to risk Parker to score the Deliver a message. All in all, I'm not that mad about the game considering what I was facing (for the records, I never faced a Nekima before, so I had no idea of her mechanics with the Corpse markers...otherwise I would have take good old Sue). Poor choice of schemes by me: the Nephilims are just too fast to allow me scoring Breakthrough. A last word about Prospectors: are they really THAT good with Parker? Good old Parker is not that hungry for SS, and honestly those 3 extra SS I got from the Prospector didn't really swing the game in my favour. I found myself regretting not taking Sue.... I probably used the guy poorly, having him behind a building next to Parker for 3 turns, doing nothing but generating SS, before Neekima flew over him to eat him with one single attack (a lucky flip and a Focus). I would love some tips on how to correctly use those guys in the future.
  9. Thanks a lot for your precious advices. I was indeed tempted to take Sue for extra fire-power, and leaving out the Emissary. Then, I've thought tha Hans might be an interesting choice to deny my opponent Breakthrough or Power Rituals.
  10. Hello guys! As in the title, I would love some tips & advices for my next game. This is the setup: Standard Deployment Strategy: Reckoning Scheme pool: Detonate charges, Deliver a message, Breakthrough, Power Ritual, Vendetta I don't know what faction I'm going to play against, but I will probably bring Jack Daw or Parker Barrows. Honestly, I think that Parker and the Bandits could be more efficient in this setup, but still I would love to hear your advices for the Schemes and the lists for both Jack and Parker. What would you choose for a game like this? If I should choose Parker, I would probably go for Deliver a Message and Breakthrough and a list like this Parker (+Wanted Criminal) Doc Michell Mad Dog Brackett Wouku Raider (+Servant of Dark Powers) 3 Bandidos Hodgepodge Emissary 4SS No idea about Jack Daw though. What do you think?
  11. Would love to see a battle report to take note on how you use those traps. I find Frontier crew quite disappointing, so far
  12. Good job mate! I gotta admit, I'm struggling making a good use of Cornelius crew. I can't find a good spot for them to be in, so Im willing to have a try with your list...
  13. Thank you for the clear explanation I always supposed that wasn't a FLIP for damage. Until today, I always calculate the reduced distance using the difference between the opposite duels.
  14. Hold a moment... Are you telling me that, after the disengage duel, you still have to FLIP for damage, and using the "weak-medium-severe" system to reduce distance (ignoring the damage and other effects, of course) ? If this is the case, I've been playing this SO WRONG for months.
  15. Hello folks, I have a doubts about Perdita's Tactical Action "Finger on the trigger" (FotT, for short). Having Perdita the ability "Gunfighter", does that mean she can actually use "Finger on the Trigger" on an enemy that declared a charge on her? If I understand the text correctly, Perdita CAN use FotT on an enemy that charges on her, but then she CANNOT attack OTHER charging enemies. Is that all correct? Thanks for clarifying
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