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  1. Thank you for the clear explanation I always supposed that wasn't a FLIP for damage. Until today, I always calculate the reduced distance using the difference between the opposite duels.
  2. Hold a moment... Are you telling me that, after the disengage duel, you still have to FLIP for damage, and using the "weak-medium-severe" system to reduce distance (ignoring the damage and other effects, of course) ? If this is the case, I've been playing this SO WRONG for months.
  3. Hello folks, I have a doubts about Perdita's Tactical Action "Finger on the trigger" (FotT, for short). Having Perdita the ability "Gunfighter", does that mean she can actually use "Finger on the Trigger" on an enemy that declared a charge on her? If I understand the text correctly, Perdita CAN use FotT on an enemy that charges on her, but then she CANNOT attack OTHER charging enemies. Is that all correct? Thanks for clarifying
  4. I've lost some game, I've won others, with different crews (mostly Parker Barrows, Cornelius Basse and Perdita). All the lists I've played so far seems pretty well balanced and the guys at Wyrd did an amazing work in reworking Family keyword to something enjoyable and playable (during the Beta, Family was HORRIBLE). So, good job Wyrd ! Maybe, the only thing I've found very frustrating are the 2-Masters list. Those, I find pretty annoying to play against. Sure, I have (in most cases) bigger numbers than my opponent, but how am I supposed to move around with a Perdita and a Lady Justice that threaten to 1-shot basically EVERYTHING I throw on the board? There, if I have to make a complaint, I would say that the 2 Master rule seems out of balance.
  5. Now THIS sounds interesting, I've never heard of Serena with Lucius. I love the sculpture so I might consider taking her, but what exactly would she do for Lucius? Sorry for the dumb question but I don't know the Neverborn faction at all
  6. Sooo here is my Frontier list for the last game against a Perdita crew Cornelius Basse + LLC upgrade (2ss) Bernadette Basse Reichart (10) 2 Austringers (14) 1 Pathfinder (6) 2 clockwork traps (4) 2 Frontiermen (10) I was facing Perdita Ortega + No prisoner upgrade (2ss) Enslaved nephilim Francisco Ortega (9) Guild Steward (6) Nino Ortega (7) Santiago Ortega (8) Abuela Ortega (5) Papa Loco (7) Strategy : Plant explosives Schemes : I chose Outflank and Search the Ruins, my opponent went for Vendetta and Harness the Ley Lines. A horrible positioning mistake by me, made me lose Cornelius at the start of Turn 2. But, by then, my Austringers already killed Nino and Abuela (Nino was the chosen miniature to score Vendetta, by the way). On the left side, my Pathfinder managed to put down one Explosive and a couple of Scheme Marker for Search the Ruins, while Perdita advanced toward the center to block Reichart (dead by turn 4). With him, there was a Frontierman, 1-shot by Santiago at the end of Turn 2. Pathfinder's traps managed however to block Santiago in the middle, making impossible for him to advance further. On the right side, the Austringers dropped an Explosive marker behind a building and pinned down Francisco for a while, before getting killed eventually, releasing this way their Raptors that kept busy both Francisco and Perdita . By turn 4, all Raptors were dead, but my opponent didn't manage to advance an inch. The Frontierman reached the enemy backline, dropping another Scheme Marker to score Search the Ruins, at the end of Turn 5. In the end, I only managed to get 2 VP for Explosives, 2 VP for Search the Ruins, and 1 for Outflank, while my opponent scored 3 for Explosives and 1 for Harness the Ley Lines. This Frontier list is not bad at all, lot of guerrilla-like tactics and I took advantage of my superior numbers to reach the backlines while Perdita and the Family were too busy dealing with Austringers and Reichart. Bernadette was just "meh"...all she did was landing a "Bring it" on Papa Loco at Turn 3 to push him into Reichart's bladed arm, before getting killed by his demise ability. Probably that was stupid by me, even because she had 1 explosive on her and I kinda forgot the Papa Loco ablity to blow away people around him after getting killed Sorry for the short and inaccurate battle report
  7. Hello weird creatures! Outcast/Guild player here, but now I would love to try out some Neverborn, to spice up things in my personal meta. Initially, I was tempted by Titania but then I've heard that she's a pretty powerful and abused Master (I don't like easy winning :p) so I'm slowly shifting toward good old Lucius. Now, my question is: beside the core box, what else should I buy to play a decent Lucius/Neverborn crew in this M3 and what should I expect from them? I know Lucius is essentially a control Master, but beside that I don't know this Faction at all. What kind of mechanics am I expected to use? In what situation (schemes and strategy related) is Lucius a good choice?
  8. We all know that guys at Wyrd loves to use real historical people to craft their Malifaux characters and I was wondering who Cornelius Basse might be. Who is the source of inspiration? So my wife (adorable creature) helped me in the search and she stumbled upon this guy: Bass Reeves, the first black US Marshall in history Seems to me that the guy here shares a few traits with our beloved Cornelius. Black skin, moustache, wide-brimmed hat, being a "man of law". What do you guys think? Did we find our man? I'd love to hear a word from Wyrd developers, just out of curiosity
  9. How about the 50mm markers for the Dust cloud? How are you guys representing them on the battlefield? I just bought some brown lichen to simulate the dust cloud effect, and I plan to glue them on some 50mm bases. How are you dealing with this?
  10. Emissary is not good. It's freaking HUGE. You put him right behind Mad Dog, and you give him out a Vitality Potion: Mad Dog he will survive for ages. Each turn, you can push Mad Dog 3 inches AND giving him a Scheme Marker that he can discard to gain Fast. Potentially, Mad Dog can spend the whole game having 3 actions for each activation. I've tried this strategy (during the same game I described earlier) and Mad Dog arrived Turn 5 without a single wound on him and dispatching single-handedly both Talos and the Nothing Beast, and wounding seriously Aionus, forcing my enemy to bury him to avoid losing him. It's very expansive, no doubt, but I can't imagine Mad Dog doing all that without the Emissary.
  11. I recently tried a Woukou Raider with Parker and I must say I'm VERY happy with it. I was facing Tara and her summons, I've sent the Raider to take possession of a Corrupted Idol spawned literally on the other side of the map. The Raider survived 4 turns, all alone, killing a Void hunter and 2 Void wretches, and keeping Tara and a Student of Conflict busy in the final turns, keeping them away from the center table (where Parker recovered 2 corrupted idols and discarded all enemy markers for the "Search the ruins" scheme). Long story short, I won the game and from now on I think I will always have at least 1 Raider in my list, and Sue can go to hell 😛
  12. Hello guys! With the M3e on the way, Im looking to widen my choice of crews. I started my voyage in Malifaux with Parker Barrows and Perdita (my wife loves Old West movies...), and now I want to try out Jack Daw. First of all because I love the theme, and second because I own three Dead Bandits that I used with Parker in 2e; now I found them pretty useless with Parker, so I might as well "recycle" them into a Jack Daw crew. Is Jack Daw a valuable choice for Outcasts? And what else should I buy to make the Crew more "frightening"?
  13. Tell me more, I'm always in need of good tips about gameplay
  14. I plan to get my hands on the Cornelius Basse box very soon (I already have a Guild Austringer, so I better use that guy out finally) and I was wondering if recruiting a Perdita in the Basse's crew might be worthy. As many of you already know, I find the new Family keyword very VERY disappointing...still, Family has been my first crew ever and I don't want to set it aside in a drawer, waiting for buffs. So I thought that maybe (MAYBE) I could at least use her as 2nd master. Do you think it might work? Anyone tried that?
  15. Now this is something I would love to test! Im not a fan of the two Master thing but this might actually be very fun. Bandits with rocket boots! Missiles! Explosions!
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