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  1. Totally true. Not knowing the crew so well, I was sure that Student of Viscera could heal the Valedictorian...then I noticed the Living only and I was like "Ooohhhh s***t..." Furthermore, I noticed that the second student of Viscera was not really helpful (terminated in Turn 3, not a single VP claimed by him). Next occasion, I will definitely bring Sloth, or at least a Carrion Effigy with upgrade
  2. Thanks for this excellent guide! I'm trying out the Transmortis crew (on Vassal) before buying it, and I have to confess I performed VERY poorly with them so fa 😕 Hopefully your guide will help me to improve, starting with the list building. In my last game against a Leveticus (I had Symbols of Authority, Claim Jump and Spread them out), I used a list like this: VS + Assistant Valedictorian Student of Viscera + Killer instinct Student of Viscera x2 Undergraduate Necropunk I realized, after being defeated 6-4, that the Valedictorian REALLY needs the GST upgrade on her
  3. I agree on that. Part of her success, in that particular game, was due to the fact that my opponent kinda ignored the Nurse the whole time (even if she was well hidden and defended). I suspect that she can't resist too much if you go at her with decision.
  4. I'm not a Resser expert, in all honesty (I only have 2 crews, Jack Daw and Kirai). Anyway, I've found a box of Nurses for a very reasonable price, and since I loved the look of those models, I've bought it and yesterday I've tried a Nurse with a Kirai Crew against a Tara. Strategy was Corrupted Lay lines, and my list wasn't really tailored on that, I admit. My Schemes were Let them Bleed (on a Aionus and a Nothing Beast) and Clay jump (Datsue Ba) Here is the list I used Kirai Ankoku The Whisper Ikiryo Datsue Ba Lost Love Goryo Grave Spirit's Touch
  5. So it means that "Jaws of the Beast" will allow friendly shots to ignore Concealing too? Oh god, this is HUGE
  6. I do own a 1ed Austringer and the 2ed Austringeers. There is no a big size difference, they can perfectly stand close to each other and you will barely notice the difference
  7. Can Kirai use her "Protected" ability to chose another friendly minion to suffer the disengaging attack at her place? And once the attack is resolved, can Kirai move normally?
  8. Good point! Aren't those a little too fragile for Turf war? Just asking, I never used them before Oh GOSH You are right, I didn't notice that... This makes the effigy virtually useless, because he can heal only Jack (he doesn't need), Montresor (he doesn't really, because of the Eternal Demise) and the Guilty (again, no need because they are supposed to die to give me more cards). At this point, I should consider replacing the Effigy with a Dead Outlaw (or the Crooked), which might as well come in handy for Harness the Lay Line. I was considering a second hanged, but that w
  9. Hello and thanks for your tips The Hanged has a good trigger to drop friendly Scheme Markers (main reason why I bring tons of SS). Of course, that is NOT their main role in the crew, but this Scheme is something I might consider. True, but I think Jaakuna is better for this job (cost related), since she has a powerful Lure. Then, the Hanged has another nice trigger to place himself in contact with an enemy (Jack has the same trigger), so Take Prisoner should be easy to accomplish. I don't know about this...Usually I never pick this kind of Schemes with Jack since t
  10. Hello Wyrd people ! A local tournament is on the way and I wanted to bring Jack Daw into this kind of scenario Deployment : Flank Strategy: Turf War Schemes: - Breakthrough - Harness the Ley Line - Detonate Charges - Dig their Graves - Take Prisoner And this is the list Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Jack Daw +Grave Spirit's Touch Lady Ligeia Montresor Jaakuna Ubume Guilty x2 Hanged +Grave Spirit's Touch Carrion Effigy Presumably, I could choose Harness the Ley line /Take Prisoner/Dig Their Graves as Schemes (depending on my opponent's crew, obviously). With g
  11. Yup, Austringers are my favorite pick. I wonder if the Lone Marshall could be a decent pick too...
  12. Seems like I'm the only Basse player that can't get a damn done with him or his crew
  13. I had a fun game last night against a Brewmaster. To counter the poison conditions I took Perdita with this list: Perdita (+ Lead-lined coat) Nephilim Francisco (+ Lead-lined coat) Santiago Papa Loco Nino Abuela Guild Steward Strategy was Corrupted Idols and I choose Claim jump (on the Steward) and Take Prisoner (on Apprentice Wesley). The game ended 4-4 (I scored all the points for Schemes but not one for the Strategy) and I've been VEEEEERY unlucky with cards. A couple of examples: two different turns, Perdita had positive flips on damage,
  14. Hello guys! During last game (Tormented vs Mercenaries) , my adversary came out with an interesting problem. He activates Bishop, which was engaged with Montresor. He declares Bishop's Bonus Action Chain gang, which allows him to move a target friendly model (in that case a Midnight Stalker) and then moving Bishop himself up to 3". He does so, and proceed to move Bishop out of Montresor's engagement zone, since the Action is not a Walk Action The rules, in fact, states (pag. 26) Engaged models cannot leave an enemy model’s engagement range with a Walk Action Meaning that,
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