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  1. Hello As the title suggest: is Burying considered a movement? I was playing a game vs Tara with Cornelius. My Pale Rider had a Lead-lined coat which should allow him to choose NOT to be moved...so, can I choose NOT to be buried?
  2. Indeed, that's exactly my point. Truth be told, Anya looks like the kind of Master that NEEDS lots and lots of cards, but, to quote you again, a pack of Prospect, Yannic and Rifleman Prospect: 4 SS Yannic: 7 SS Rifleman: 5SS That's 16 SS we are talking about, and to make them work you need to spend a lot of efforts and activation. I don't know if it could be worth the investment. But I would love to give it a try
  3. Thank you, I see now. Even though that seems like a lot of effort and that will keep her a little too much behind your lines maybe? But I'm going to give that a try. Talking about Anya though...I noticed that the no online store I know have the box in stock yet (same things for the Intrepid Fate box). Does anyone managed to get hands on a box?
  4. Care to further explain this, Adran? I see the Prospect making you drawing 1 card at the start of their Acivation...but how does Yannic give you 2 cards?
  5. Yeah, I noticed that. His 0" engage is not ideal to be a pure beater (but still, he's a better henchman than Reichart from Basse's crew. He is, in my opinion, a poorly built unit).
  6. Thanks for your answer. Indeed a little bit of extra-damage is veery welcome in this crew. I admit that, so far, I didn't manage to win a single game with Anya....certainly there is something I'm doing wrong but I don't know what. For example, about Corvis: I'm not sure how to use him. Just for the damage? For his "Pressure" attack? To stagger enemies? ALL of it ? I always take him in my comp (not a lot of choice in keyword anyway...) but I've never fond him particularly "crucial", so to speak.
  7. I like Austera and Twigge in this list, I can't wait to test it. On the other hand, I'm not sure The Damned is worth taking. 8SS is quite expensive, for an enforcer that doesn't seem to synergize that well into Aya's comp. In your opinion, what role would The Damned cover into the crew?
  8. Here is a question. An Outcast crew led by Barbaros hires a Mature Nephilim with "Servant of Dark Power" upgrade, giving the Nephilim a Terrifying 11. Now, the Mature Nephilim has Combat Finesse, that says "When this model is targeted with a action , the attacking model's duel cannot be Cheated". Does this mean that I cannot cheat the Terrifying NOR the Attack Action? This seems pretty weird (and powerful) to me but the way the ability is spelled leaves me a doubt.
  9. Totally true. Not knowing the crew so well, I was sure that Student of Viscera could heal the Valedictorian...then I noticed the Living only and I was like "Ooohhhh s***t..." Furthermore, I noticed that the second student of Viscera was not really helpful (terminated in Turn 3, not a single VP claimed by him). Next occasion, I will definitely bring Sloth, or at least a Carrion Effigy with upgrade
  10. Thanks for this excellent guide! I'm trying out the Transmortis crew (on Vassal) before buying it, and I have to confess I performed VERY poorly with them so fa 😕 Hopefully your guide will help me to improve, starting with the list building. In my last game against a Leveticus (I had Symbols of Authority, Claim Jump and Spread them out), I used a list like this: VS + Assistant Valedictorian Student of Viscera + Killer instinct Student of Viscera x2 Undergraduate Necropunk I realized, after being defeated 6-4, that the Valedictorian REALLY needs the GST upgrade on her
  11. I agree on that. Part of her success, in that particular game, was due to the fact that my opponent kinda ignored the Nurse the whole time (even if she was well hidden and defended). I suspect that she can't resist too much if you go at her with decision.
  12. I'm not a Resser expert, in all honesty (I only have 2 crews, Jack Daw and Kirai). Anyway, I've found a box of Nurses for a very reasonable price, and since I loved the look of those models, I've bought it and yesterday I've tried a Nurse with a Kirai Crew against a Tara. Strategy was Corrupted Lay lines, and my list wasn't really tailored on that, I admit. My Schemes were Let them Bleed (on a Aionus and a Nothing Beast) and Clay jump (Datsue Ba) Here is the list I used Kirai Ankoku The Whisper Ikiryo Datsue Ba Lost Love Goryo Grave Spirit's Touch
  13. So it means that "Jaws of the Beast" will allow friendly shots to ignore Concealing too? Oh god, this is HUGE
  14. I do own a 1ed Austringer and the 2ed Austringeers. There is no a big size difference, they can perfectly stand close to each other and you will barely notice the difference
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