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  1. Yeah based on the color of the background it has to be for Explorer's Society right?
  2. Here is my submission. See if you can find the "Easter Egg" haha.
  3. Will the GG1 errata cards be available perchance?
  4. The Carrion Emissary would be good to generate corpse markers for him too. I don't have the grave diggers yet but would be interesting to try them out.
  5. Initially it seems they should have lowered Archie's cost by 1. Dropping him down to all stat 4, taking away his suit on the leap, no built in heal on hurl corpse, etc. He seems on par with Manos and Yin in a Seamus crew at least. Seems like he got hit so hard his cost should be reduced to that of Manos and Yin:8. Where is the Redchapel love? This would have been a perfect time to bring the Belles, Bete, and Sybelle up to snuff!
  6. Hi everyone, how do you display your forum badge? Thanks for the help!
  7. Man these are cool. Neverborn or Ressers?
  8. Ok very cool! I see in order to resurrect Yin from the Reliquary upgrade I would need Yan Lo. Man Yin just keeps getting better and better!
  9. Very clever. I like the interactive stuff that is coming out this season. I am getting into the events that are happening too. I think it's generating alot of excitement about the game!
  10. I will let my LGS know! I think this is a great and simple solution.
  11. Ok I am hiring him into a Seamus crew, would this still apply? Also it sounds like any model can pick up the upgrade? Or is it for sure a friendly model? Thanks
  12. Looks great. Do you know if they ship to the U.S.?
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