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  1. After reading all of those I’m less excited to play McCabe. It seems like there’s just too much to get artifacts that do too little or are just meh. Not to mention the complete lack of keyword options
  2. That makes McCabe sketchy. How else do you get a scrap or corpse marker besides one time with Luna?
  3. I’m assuming a lot of you are hitting the obsidian statue to drop a scrap marker, but it says when it suffers damage from an enemy model, and it’s specific. Does this mean you can’t get a scrap marker off hitting your own statue or is the model considered an enemy when you attack another model in your crew?
  4. Just made my day with this video...
  5. I thought of that after the fact and you just make it a tn 10, stat 7 with a built in tomb and tomb trigger. that fits neatly into the rules without creating a loop, does it not?
  6. again, I think the wording is too much. Simple, but effective. Remove a power token from a friendly model and give it to another friendly model and remove a condition. If a condition is removed, repeat this action. This seems clean and to the point while remaining effective.
  7. Yeah but the nurse is worth it. I play mostly resser and recently got big into ten thunders with McCabe, Lynch, And Yan Lo
  8. Which two have conidition removal?
  9. IronmanKC81

    Sun Quiang

    Soul stones are a valueable resource and wasting them on Sun for a trigger is not something I’m prepared to do. He doesn’t seem all that viable.
  10. No, you just have to be more tactically aware and force the Tara player into boxes. The range of the ability is 6 inches. Tara doesn't make Hoffman useless, and every master has another master who counters what they do in some way. Hoffman needs work, but I don’t think he’s useless.
  11. IronmanKC81

    Sun Quiang

    I don't think his issue is being able to use soulstones.
  12. I disagree with this. Hoffman is viable as a support master because he hands out power tokens and fast. I don't think he is great, but if overpower goes from a tact action to a zero, he becomes absolutely useless, and he doesn't go on the shelf, he goes in the closet because he doesn't deserve to see the light of day. Hoffman needs some adjustments in my opinion, and I fought for him in closed beta with zero changes, so I moved on.
  13. IronmanKC81

    Sun Quiang

    Well I did play against Som’er that first game and all he did was stand around, throw a heal and did some distracted/focus. His value that game was nil. even my opponent asked why I would ever take him.
  14. You can’t take away overpower and make it a zero. Hoffman becomes useless at that point.
  15. And if you get rid of projected voice, the abiltiy Will need to make up for that and more. Sybelle wants to be in melee, but she can’t make it more than a turn or two.
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