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  1. Under her attack Ethereal Reaping it reads If this model is unengaged, it may measure range for this Action during its Activation from any Corpse Marker or friendly model with Shielded within a8. Target suffers 3/4/5 damage. a8 supposed to be 8 inch range?
  2. I only have 3 haha.
  3. So I need a lot of pyre markers?
  4. I’ve never played Reva before, but I have the crew and wanted to try her out. Looking for list ideas and the thoughts on her crew by others.
  5. I think I found the answer but it could be easier to find
  6. Saber tooth cerberus has onslaught, got his mask trigger but cheated to get it. Mr. Tannen has delirium so when he cheated I move his model out of melee range. My question is, when does this happen? Does the move happen after the the onslaught trigger because there isn’t a clear timing mechanic for the move, or onslaught? One time thing suggests the push happens directly after while another says it happens after abilities have resolved. Really its missing this happens after resolving the current action
  7. So I’ve been messing around with Yan Lo in resser with Izamu, Toshiro, two gokudo, two komaino, and a couple of mindless zombies. I run them up, soulstone a crow and summon an ashigaru. I can normally get one per game with ease, but normally Toshiro does other things to get the crew going so the summon is a little over valued.
  8. Yeah, with two cerebus and only killing one model?
  9. That just seems bad. My opponent failed when he flipped a 12 because the trigger stats, this action fails, and he had to accept the trigger. He wasn’t happy, I didn’t blame him for being unhappy about it, and I’d be pissed too. That kind of trigger needs to go.
  10. I stated McCabe himself won me the game. No down playing him. Moving the bubble from 8 inches to 6 inches is my only suggested nerf that brings the bubble in a little and I suggested a buff for the banjo guy. I also suggested removing awful triggers.
  11. Reckoning Claim Jump Search the Ruins Assassinate Dig their graves Vendetta 5 rounds played McCabe - IronmanKC81 vs Som'er - Zulix McCabe squeezed out a victory 5-3. McCabe Crew - 3 soulstones Choose Search the ruins and claim jump McCabe Luna Sidir with trained ninja upgrade Obsidian Statue Huckster Huckster Ruffian Ruffian Ruffian Som'er crew - 6 soul stones - Dig their graves and Som'er with inferiority complex Skeeter Skeeter Lenny Gregory and Olaf Good ol'boy Good ol'boy Spit Hog Banjonista McCabe and Sidir are in good spots, the Obsidian Statue died on turn two and did almost nothing. He hit Lenny for min damage once, put some burning on some summoned gremlins and on Lenny, then died. He needs a boost to his defensive tech. Def 3, 8 wounds and 2 armor may seem good on paper, but everything hits him, and a lot of the time is moderate plus damage. I've played three games with him and he made it to turn 3 once. The lack of options really hurts this crew, and makes them not fun. I tell my opponent what master I'm playing and he knows my list to the T. I know, I've heard the talk about a new faction, problem is, we don't know how good or bad those models will be. We can't test them. They could be OP, they could be hot garbage, but McCabe's crew is in bad spot right now. Hucksters seem good, but i'm always scared to do anything with them due to how fragile they are. Ruffians are ok, they can do a little of everything, but don't excel at anything. The artifacts are pretty meh as well. Whispering artifact... is there a point to this one? Its awful... Bladed is ok, haunted is pretty good, and they all give fast, which is good, but thats it. Lots of AP to get artifacts out there and moving around, Not sure if anyone else has grown a little frustrated on your first turn doing so much for so little. I think Som'er is great. The bonuses for being near bighat models is amazing. The 8 inch bubble is too big. Why is it 8 and not 6 like almost every other bubble that I know of? Due to all the bonuses being tossed around I would suggest 3, but bringing it in line with the rest of the crews at least. My opponent had some bad luck with flips and being forced to take awful triggers, one was the action automatically fails, can't remember what it was but he flipped a 12 for it. Thats a big cases of the feel 'badies' and I get gremlins are supposed to be goofy, but thats bad game design in my opinion. Lenny is good, good ol'boys seem good, Som'er is great, and the spit hog is pretty effective. The banjonista needs a bump. He didn't do much, but he can remove conditions which is really good. I was losing until turn 3 when McCabe grabbed the haunted artifact, ran into the middle of a bunch of models and went off. My opponent made a tactical error and neither of us realized how good McCabe could be when he lives the dream. Sidir also went off on turn 3 as well and I scored 3 VP in that turn alone. McCabe did die, but he ate so many AP it won me the game. Granted, I had built up soulstones with the hucksters, and got really lucky with preventing damage. We both agreed I got extremely lucky with him, but other games I've played with him he seems to be well balanced. The game ended with Som'er and Gregory/Olaf still on the table with a Huckster, Sidir, and Luna for me.
  12. I was playing against Som’er Tooth, he punched Lenny once and put out some burning but it was quickly removed via the banjo guy and two other summoned gremlins assisting. He was dead turn 2 and that has happened all three games I’ve played with him
  13. I should submit a battle report, and I may tonight after work but the Obsidian Statue needs a little bit of work in my opinion. Even with armor 2, defense three is soooo bad the armor may not even matter. It’s an enforcer, so it can’t stone, it’s heal is meh, and it was consistently getting hit with moderate+ damage. I think he may need another 2 health, or up his defense a little. I could also see a reduction in cost, maybe by 1, but I think he just needs a little more survivability. Ive had 3 games with this crew, and the crew just overall, outside of McCabe and Sidir, lacks sustainability and damage. I just feel like a lot is missing here.
  14. You don't know if they're going to be good, or how many there will even be, or if they'll even release them with the main release. I've lost a little bit of faith with McCabe being at all good.
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