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  1. I get to go up against Nexus again. Can’t wait to get stomped for the second time out of the last 3 events going into nexus. It’s the best play experience. Let us know how the rest of you did.
  2. Reva doesn't really work into Nexus either, maybe Kirai but still unlikely. At this point ressers really don't have anything competitive to take into Nexus but maybe Albus and even then its an uphill battle. Wyrd should take notice. Of course any time you discuss the negative play experience into Nexus, or explorers in general people want to just dismiss you as whiney. Its a problem, and will continue to be for all factions.
  3. Explorers win again... Its awesome to play against the same stuff over and over and over and over with nearly zero chance of winning. Really makes you want to play the game.
  4. Just say explorers are broken, move on. But you can't because mods just close the posts.
  5. Yeah, I'm really salty right now.
  6. You win. Explorers rule the world. Congratulations on your victory.
  7. We played Albus vs Albus... it was insane. We exhanged summons, his val killed my necropunk, my val killed the necropunk he summoned to summon another necropunk, he killed my 8 stone student to summon a 8 stone student, I killed vallie to summon an 8 stone student and it just kept going like that the entire game. 6-5 win for... Albus.
  8. Also, what masters/factions are you playing? Dominate your friends by asking for advice here and show them who's boss! lol
  9. Dreamer is a very strong master with a lot of good models. Alps, IMs, and stitched are all really good models that do different things, which is a really good reason as to why Dreamer is so good. Take into account lord chompy bits is an amazing totem, Bowman is an auto-include model that is annoying and slightly over-tuned, and the crew just has a ton of options. Sometimes its more advantageous to just slow the crew down with speed bumps then it is to try to be the hammer.
  10. Draug might need a look too. They just fold in my experience.
  11. Keep the demise, keep the stat 5, give them reva's ability to reduce burning to add positives to duels. Keep at 8 stones, increase def to 5, and build in a tomb to breath of fire. I think that puts the model right in line with other 8 stone models without over tuning it. Or just make breath of fire stat 6, that would probably work too. If anything its probably still slightly under tuned, but at least I would take it once in awhile.
  12. This came up once, I used it to stop claim jump. It was stunning but a focus to deny a point was worth it for me.
  13. I stated that they are so strong because they are a summon. They're really good hired in, but as a summon, they feel over tuned.
  14. I didn’t think about that, good point. I just started playing Bete again and trying seamus without the emissary so it hadn’t come up yet for me.
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