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  1. I’m just extra bitter about it. I purchased my first nightmare box during the Black Friday sale and picked this box because I always thought McCabe was interesting. I put these models together and boom 3e is doing beta and I’m in and nada. They’ve been sitting on a shelf since December. Very frustrating... I got over the Seamus show girl thing pretty quickly and losing Hayridden but this one has stuck with me.
  2. I guess the question is the rules state that pulses are immediate burst where the object generating the pulse is touching the edge of the pulse, and once it’s over you have your trigger. Is she within range of her own trigger when the rule says all models within the pulse and LOS are within range of said pulse, but the trigger is something different? Otherwise, regardless of triggers a model can never be affected by anything regarding a trigger off any of their pulse actions.
  3. Spirit flute is a pulse ability and while she can’t be affected by her own pulse for the move, she is within range of it. The trigger allows a model within range to attach a reliquary upgrade, and pulses say that the model generating the pulse is within range of pulses. I’ve been told in two different tournaments that Chiaki can’t give her own upgrade out because she can’t be affected by her own pulse, but she’s in range of it and the trigger simply says models in range. I really think this needs to be cleared up. Are models affected by triggers on their own pulse actions? Can I spirit flute and trigger to give her upgrade to another model?
  4. If we’re still asking this question in a year I’ll be very disappointed. This experience has led me to not want to purchase nightmare boxes. Really disappointed on how this has been handled.
  5. I haven’t used any of the stuff I normally use with Seamus anymore. I used to take a nurse every game though.
  6. I nearly fell out of my chair when someone had two rams and then red jokered the damage flip on me for 9 damage on Imazu. I think thralls are good, but I may be biased after that
  7. Doxies are not bad models. I really fought for their point reduction, which I’m glad it happened because they were awful at 7 stones. I was just taking nurses. I still feel like doxies need a little bit more, but at least they’re not Belles. A dandy is better than a belle.
  8. I’ve been taking at least 1, sometimes two in all of my Yan Lo lists. I use them to help protect Yan Lo early, and I sandwhich Imazu between Manos and one for extra protection. They’re soo good and just make killing models that much harder. Plus, it has hard to kill, a zero that can hand out injured and heals your model which I’ve done to get me back above hard to kill, armor, a decent attack with good triggers,and it’s 5 stones. Really good model that does a lot.
  9. I will say I’ve been testing a new Seamus list and of the three that has faced it all say it’s the strongest and scariest Seamus list I’ve put together. Belles aren’t in it... neither is Sybelle...
  10. 90 percent of my actions with Seamus are focus, secret passage shoot and depending on what happens, secret passage again, move away, charge, or shoot again if I’m near a corpse marker. Whisper is stapled to his card.
  11. Beckoners vs Belles is a silly debate, and its not even close. Belles are clearly the worst, if not one of the worst 5 stone models in the game, and beckoners are one of the best. Beckoner put you at neg flips... defense 5 and hands out brilliance, with the potential to hand out a lot. Also has a lure, a great card cycle mechanic, a pretty darn good zero, and has brilliance on itself which other friendly models can use to do neat things... Belles... hard to wound. Fast if you get it to go off... yay! def 4 wp 4, a garbage lure, probably the worst in the game, the corn flakes of attacks (its bland), but hey, 2 more health! Its not even close... when you have to have 2 other models within an inch or two to be effective you're a bad model. Plain and simple, and even next to them they're a bad model. Hard to wound is a decent defensive mechanic, but it doesn't make up for all of the other bad things this model has. I could see the model being good if it had a tarpit ability like m2e. The ability to do something like embrace reducing the ability of another model getting away, or giving a model slow with undress. Hell, add that as a trigger to the lure and make the lure give out distracted along with the move and the model moves up a tier right there. Not great, but not the dumpster fire it is right now. If a Belle could place Sybelle in base contact, I would try it out. Belles are missing a big piece, they're half a model.
  12. I have found lure to either be it worth doing at all or useful to pull my models back. There are a lot more movement bases and repositioning abilities in the game now, and luring a model doesn’t really do much anymore. I would consider it better if it had a built in mask for the distract, or just had the distracted in it with a chance to add another distracted in a mask trigger. Stunned takes that away, an assist removed distracted and any type of condition removal as well. Focus and doing an action does the same. Whatever formula that was used to determine how good or bad a model is simply doesn’t apply to red chapel and most of the crew. I’ll agree they were in a bad spot due to a complete overhaul but it had to be done. Lying in Wait was a terrible noob trap and I fought hard for it to be changed in closed. I tested running Sybelle with two Belles and two doxies next to her most of the time, I’ve played this crew probably 20 times since the change in closed and it’s still not good. The Belles aren’t the tar pits or damage dealers they’re made out to be.
  13. I’d rather take a dandy and it’s cheaper
  14. The problem is distracted isn’t nearly as good as it’s weight in the system. It requires AP to put distracted out and most of the time you need a trigger to do it. One decent assist flip on a garbage model, mindless zombie or goblin for example takes it away. There’s not enough distracted on the field for it to make the difference most thinks it will. Pounce is very meh, even more so on that weak attack, the lure is weak, and that’s it. They’re somewhat tough, but other than that they don’t fit well. Everything about seamus’ crew fights against itself to be good.
  15. It’s not built in. You have to have two models with scarlet temp within 1 inch to benefit from that, and the ONLY way you get 5 damage is using a ton of AP to hand out distracted and your opponent either made a ton of mistakes or didn’t care enough to assist to remove it. Belles have repeatedly been the worst model on the table whenever they’re on the table.
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