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  1. Dashel needs a little work because he's over tuned, most of guild is under tuned. They need a little buff
  2. Dashel is ridiculous and needs a nerf. I don't understand how this continues to not be a topic of discussion. So, I'm sure its been discussed but I want to bring the discussion back out. The card draw off the scheme marker thing is over tuned when the dispatcher counts as a scheme marker. Executioners are over tuned. Gage is over tuned. Discuss.
  3. My first love is Seamus, and he's super fun with a lot of viability in certain pools. Molly isn't there for me, I've never liked her play style much. Yan Lo is super flexible and fun, but he's about to fall out of the nerf tree and there are a lot of branches under him on the way down. Reva is super fun, but you need a lot of models from different crews to make her good. Whenever someone new comes into the game I always suggest the first thing you do is pick the crew you're most interested in. What peaked your interest to get into the game? Seamus the serial killer who is crazy and
  4. I didn't use him at all in November, but that doesn't take away from him being good. I would say not OP. He does 1 thing really really well, and thats support minions. Also, brittle bones as an idea sounds nice, but 3 damage ignoring hard to kill is ridiculous. Just make its defense -1 with that summon upgrade or something.
  5. You Just described every model or crew that does blast, shockwave, pulse, etc damage in the game, and/or anything else that resolves around positioning. Please just nerf it wyrd so this conversation ends. Hell, destroy it and give the dead rider 2 more wounds.
  6. I've never had the dead rider played against me where the revel in death "ultimate" was relevant. I've faced the dead rider 4-5 times in the last month, 2 of those it was dead early/mid turn 3 and it couldn't get the revel off because I put enough hits into it to force fate tokens on defense. Doesn't take much to really scare the rider. It only has 9 wounds, and if you want to play hide and seek with your rider, go for it. I'd rather find a key piece on the table turn 2, reap it 4-6 inches into another model and kill it. The last thing I'm worried about is spending time and energy settin
  7. Again, the ability typically isn't used that often by the more experienced players. Apply even a slight bit of pressure on the rider in early turns and fate tokens are spent on defense, not on offense. The rider is good, don't get it twisted, but the revel in death ability isn't the game breaking destroyer of worlds that you believe it is. In your own screenshot the rider can't see that many models with the building, and the forest. In your own example walking twice and doing 6 damage with 3 injured over 3 different models isn't game breaking. Lots of AP/resources go into making that hap
  8. There is more setup than that, but I understand what you're saying. If you get caught on turn 3 or later with 5 models in the aura, that sounds more like a you problem, not a problem with the rider. Again, its an ability I don't use that often. In fact the last 4 games I've played with the rider I did it once and I caught 4 models in it, 2 had armor and only one model went down. The model going down scored me a VP, but that model was almost dead anyways and the VP would have been scored regardless.
  9. 15 stones, that does soooo much. You can reactivate a model to gain activation control, that could be a peacekeeper... while scoring you a point in a turn. I've seen that rider win games almost single handedly. 3 necro punks will never do that.
  10. Val, Anna, Toshiro, and manos are on top. After that, nada. You don't take Datsuba OOK and shes good in Kirai for sure. Sloth is super situational. Also Outcast just seem like they do better against ressers, and I think it has a lot to do with the ranged attacks.
  11. Toshiro isn't a problem, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and you have a lot of people complaining about him. I keep seeing other models that just do more. Ressers are in a weird spot with henchmen in my opinion. Most are not good in their chosen crews, and two can show up almost anywhere. I really hope some of these henchmen get good changes, because they really need it. Looking at you Vincent, Philip, and Sybelle.
  12. Toshiro is really strong in certain pools under certain situations. Thats the rub with him. Put him in Reva where you already have a ton of corpse generation and you don't need to worry about getting corpses. Couple that with his 6 inch aura for positive flips on attacks with minions and Shieldbearers get a considerable jump. He also heals and supports, and if he really has too, he can go punch something with decent effectiveness. Hes a good model, but I don't think hes broken. I think he is in a good spot. To me hes very situational, and the current list of schemes and strats favor him.
  13. Lynch was hot before GG0, and once he was figured out he never really came back from that. The problem with Lynch is a lack of a real damage threat, and little scheming ability/movement tricks. The more I play Malifaux the more I see movement tricks winning you games. Lynch is annoying to play against, but once you figure out the auras etc its not terribly difficult.
  14. I almost never use his 5 trigger revel in death to be honest. By the time its relevant, I need him doing something else to score points. Toshiro is getting nerfed for sure. Probably a TN increase and a point increase I'm guessing. I'll be interested to see if Ashigaru stay the same. If he goes to a 11 its meh, 12 is a pretty hard nerf. Either way I don't think his stone count should increase.
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