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  1. Had a more Ner Orleans feel to it than I thought it would. Cheers for pointing me in the right direction mate.
  2. Cheers EternalVoid. Will have a readthrough of Into the bayou as soon as possible.
  3. Being on the map makes it important but how many souls are living in Edge point? My adventure starts there and being the last railway connected town before the wilderness i thought I might rather large. Anyone have seen any estimates or could make an educated guess?
  4. Like Deadwood on sterioids? Thats where Im hearing 😊
  5. Been browsing the different books and found three entries in the "Above the law" source book. Short sections on the Latigo Stronghold, The Debtor's delve and the Fumaroles. I'm Slowly putting pieces together but a badlands source book is desperatly needed.
  6. Cheers @Shadowopal Might grab that but so far the Penny Dreadfuls have been very sparse on actual information about the Badlands. In the end I think I will have to create everything myself, even if this is even more fun 🙂
  7. Grabbed "In defence of Innocence" and "The Badlands invitational" but they contain very little useful information regarding Badlands outside of the adventures. The Badlands invitational only had a few lines of description of the land you are racing through, so only grab this if you want to run the adventure race there's not much else to find here. "In defence if Innocence" had a decent description of the town but very little information of the lands around it.
  8. Hey there everyone I'm about to start a small campaign set in the Badlands but I find very little information about this area. The only thing I found is the old Campaign map from 2015 where they have divided the badlands into areas with names. But I can't find anymore infor besides that map. Does anyone know where I can find more information about the Badlands and maybe more info from the Nythera campaing (Ithink that was the one)? Cheers
  9. They hint at didtances in different books. In "In defence if Innocence" they say that Innocence is 10 days hard riding from Malifaux or little over 2 weeks by foot or cart. If you look up data on horse back riding and travel distances 50 miles (8 metric miles) seems like the most you can travel with a horse if you press it. That would make the distance between malifaux and Innocence about 80 metric miles. So everything on the map can be reached within a few weeks travel.
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