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  1. Looking for some guidance on the Inscription Talent. It reads that the user can add to one single Grimoire in their possession. Players are already asking questions. 1. What happens if I lose that grimoire? - I would say then another one could be inscribed. Anyone play this differently? 2. Can I inscribe in my grimoire and then trade it to another caster for his? Then inscribe that one? - I’m torn on this one. Ideally, we’re not talking a huge impact of power level, but this does mean for one talent and some Literacy, every caster in the group gets a larger grimoire. Thoughts? Thanks. Joe
  2. Thanks all, just trying to find a happy medium between one day construct and someone asking to create enough guns to outfit a militia in a day. It doesn’t sound like there are official rules on this, so as you indicated, I may have to do research on occasion baring in mind that a complex construct can be completed in a day or at least 24 hours by a professional.
  3. I was really trying to come up with some base formula for crafting gear from the book that would allow the players to do it in a reasonable enough time to still enjoy the game. Most small gear would be size 0 but if they were coming up with something bigger, I might rule it size 1 or larger. Basically, if someone wants to craft the gear, it states, you need the required skill level, a quarter of the price, but no time frame is provided. Trying to come up with something fair but also that prevents a single man factory.
  4. Has the subject of Crafting Time been discussed somewhere? Trying to come up with a fair amount of time that also allows time to actually build and play something in game. If there is an exact rule, let me know. Otherwise, I was thinking of (Height+Skill Required) x Cost to Build = Days. It might mean somethings could be built rather quickly and might require a FM call on it, but trying to give a basic idea to the players. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the response. So if I'm understanding you correctly then for #1, the TN 12 Scrutiny should be for the NPC. A minion (5) with a Scrutiny of (3) and Cunning of (3) would have an 11 and not spot the Stitched. But if the NPC had a Scrutiny of 4, it would hit the Scrutiny check and then be aware. I'm not having every encounter necessarily require this, but at the same time, if a party of undead moves into town, might be a concern they should have to deal with from time to time. I appreciate the advise on number 3. Going to submit some of those ideas to the player.
  6. Hey all, ran my first game today and came up with a few questions from the players and game play. 1. Some of the players were considering playing as Stitched. The rules in Under Quarantine indicate that they could have been identified by a Scrutiny TN 12. As I read this, that would mean the players need to make a Convince, Deceive, or Bewitch test against a TN 12 to contest. The modifiers for different type of stitched would modify this card flip appropriately. Then one of my players pointed out that the Necromancy trigger for Masks called "It's Alive...ish" is a Scrutiny TN 12 which now causes some confusion. Is this target number for the Fated to meet or does the Fatemaster characters need to meet this TN to even guess at someone being undead? This would mean a lot of the common folk, peons and minions, wouldn't have much chance to recognize Fated Stitched. Looking at the artwork of stitched and the feel of the game, makes it seem that your common undead should be difficult to conceal. I do realize that the Fated are not common. How should this be interpreted? 2. In a Fatemaster vs Fatemaster duel, how do you determine the damage done? I ruled that it was minor damage since it was not a margin of success and had the attack beat the defense by 5 it would have been moderate, etc. Is there official ruling here? 3. One of the players met their first Destiny step and wants the power to have "Muscles of Steel" to count as Heavy Armor that doesn't subtract from defense. This seems pretty powerful to me, but would like any more experienced Fatemasters to weigh in on this as I'm very new and concerned that this might unbalance things. Thanks!
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