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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m new to Gremlins, and I think Bayou Two-Card would work best after someone (like Merris) uses Gremlin Cunning to stack the top of the Fate Deck. That way, you could essentially place a garbage duel-loser on top, and a strong winning cheat card next for the cheat flip. Would that be a correct usage?
  2. Hello! New player. New Arcanist. Seeking advice on how best to maximize the models I have. My group has a Resser who plays McMourning (with a brutal poison game) and now Reva with the Carrion Emmissary, a Neverborn who mostly plays Pandora with woes, but recently picked up Lilith and some Nephilim, and a Neverborn who plays Jakob Lynch. I have Ramos M&SU and some extra spiders. I have proxies for Soulstone Miners and the Mobile Toolkit. I haven’t ever really used any upgrades, and I don’t spend soulstones much. I probably should. I usually have Joss kill the MT to start a scrap summoning train, getting two spiders each the first two turns. Just to make sure I’m reading the rules correctly, I need 16 for two spiders, right? And they come in at three wounds + slow, yes? I’m thinking about trying the following list just to shake things up a little: Leader: Ramos Arcane Reservoir Electric Summoning Vox Populi Brass Arachnid Joss Bleeding Edge Tech Open Current Howard Langston Killswitch Steam Arachnid Swarm Soulstone Miner Mobile Toolkit Still want to have Joss kill the MT, but keeping him near the spiders will let them heal on activation, so I’d spend the stones for summoning three each turn. Howard can go forth to beat things (hopefully with Reactivate from the BrassArach), while the soulstone miner can pop up somewhere at the end of turn one, drop a scheme marker if needed, then start generating stones. Ramos will focus on summoning spiders and placing the Strike Markers to mess with movement shenanigans. Maybe summon an Electrical Creation to head toward my opponent and blow up nearby. It seems reckless, but I’m tired of playing conservatively and getting trapped near my own deployment zone. Please advise?
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