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  1. @Franchute i agree with you, Ryle is too Powerfull, when i played against him (it's my first game with perdita in M3E), over the turn 2, kill one model with activation and i need to use all my Soulstone to prevent damage from him (and anyway it was'n work). Ryle and Hoffman Bubble, it's a really powerfull combo! and the weak damage from the guardian (3) don't help to keep Ryle in engaged
  2. Guys! thank of all... your miniature are amazing and give me the force an inspiration to try to finish my old major miniature... i think it's finished, but maybe i do another thing in (not in the near future., ;D ). @Caedrus i'll try to do web-blend in, but i don't know it work... (I think you're really good painter) i'll try to do it my best in february and finish Gracie soon
  3. Hi! I have a question with de card of Old Major (pig) from de Bayou. The skill "Ate every's food" don't have a description... that's correct?
  4. Hi everyone! i'm signed like Henchman and I want to finish this month my Old Major, that i stared in november (i have a problem with finish my miniatures ) and Gracie this month... @Caedrus thanks for make this challenge and you are amazing painter! I love your NMM effects! PS: i'm new in malifaux and in the forum
  5. i'm new in this forum, but i love de idea and i want to try this year, @Caedrus please count me like a Henchman.
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