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  1. Yajnho

    Underbrush Markers

    It’s a stamp from Happy Seppuku model works from the Wetlands pack.
  2. Yajnho


    I just meant Rougarou is a reasonable damage dealer at 2 points less than Killjoy. The slightly diminished damage track is somewhat mitigated by the triggers.
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  4. Yajnho


    Killjoy is more durable by virtue of Terrifying, but they are both def 4, if some one wants to kill either it can be done. Rougarou has a decent damage track with multiple triggers for damage output, lots of wounds, and hard to wound. Plus he is WAY more mobile than Killjoy and can move your pieces as well. For 2 soulstones less. If you are not taking the discounted beater both the horseman and the emissary work better in the Fae crew at 10 points by virtue of Unimpeaded / Planted Roots. Emissary doesn’t have the greatest damage track, but it at least can spread damage around and potentially give out staggered and/or slow. Whats up with most of the Fae being def 4 anyway?
  5. Yajnho


    I was already taking Rougarou over Killjoy, but it was close. Now it’s not close. This version of Killjoy is bad. The loss of the previous bury mechanic is unfortunate and the new mechanic is a lot less fun. Plus it doesn’t work well. If it’s on a model that’s going to survive long enough to use the ritual I probably don’t want to kill it off for Killjoy. If it’s on a cheaper model that model will be dead before I use it. Finally, the inability to negotiate the underbrush markers is a complete no go regardless of the bury mechanic. Right now he can’t get through and his fat 50mm base blocks up your other models as well. Putting abundant growth back on the card at least makes him not a detriment to the crew.
  6. Yajnho

    Are the Zoraida nerfs from Closed Beta warranted?

    Sure seems like the intent was to get the ensorcel trigger from the melee action. Maybe they just add text to that effect? “If this action is successful the ensorcel trigger may be declared”. Seems like going from arcing from every friendly model to a single model you don’t actually control is a pretty big shift. Maybe allow her to arc from the cursed model and the voodoo doll? Brainstorming...