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  1. I have another question for freikorps. Does Shielded prevent Freikorpsman from using his ability Equipment Training? Equipment Training: When this model would discard an Equipment Upgrade, it may instead suffer 1 damage to not do so. page 24 manual If a model suffers 0 damage it is not considered to have suffered damage Ho this rule interact with Shielded?
  2. I like Benny with Parker step 1 hire Benny and give Parker and Mad dog upgrade wanted criminal step 2 make few scheme markers for Benny, so he can summon rats and wozy rat one into enemy scheme marker step 3 draw 3 cards from Benny bonus action. step 4 profit
  3. I would say same as Solkan target is as friendly and relent then say it is enemy at declare triggers step.
  4. Merc are fast, they have battle tempo that can get them out of engagement or aura. They are nice to play. Don't see any point changing them.
  5. Mercs are good no need to mess up with good crew
  6. Johan is great with zipp because iron skitter gives him the needed mobility.
  7. Hans can gain pass tokens... Interesting options
  8. Also sometimes you have 8 - 9 to summon a throwaway model and want keep severe for killing opponent stuff
  9. summoning a void wretch could not be that bad on like corrupted idols. student of conflict could place a scheme marker gave someone fast, you unbury vid wretch walk and interact with idol marker.
  10. You can summon 3-4 rats in one activation then 2 in next, 1 in by killing enemy model, one by being hit... once per activation could still give 4+ cards a turn... rats are basically hamelin resource
  11. Radek


    There is no range, neither LOS requirement. You can hide kamaitachi at the end of deployment behind LOS blocker and it will still draw a lot of cards. Every use of voracious rat, inevitable fate, not to mention Loyal rats with tiny hats, feels like liability. People were using bloodwretch and doppelganger hitting Serena to get the amount of cards you could get from just having kamaitachi on the table vs a spam summoner.
  12. I just had a game of hamelin vs ten thunders. Basically for each rat i summoned kamaitachi makes ten thunders draw a card. I think whole hamelin concept is swarming enemies with rats, summoning rats and doing stuff with rats. But the pure amount of cards that give to kamaitachi user is insane and gives massive card advantage. At this point i would never play hamelin vs ten thunders because the player can hire kamaitachi for extra 1 soulstone and make me not want to summon any rats... Mine opponent had a great idea to fix this making kamaitachi draw a card for non-mindless summoned models. So all the zombies/rats/what ever else that is supposed to be weak and summoned a lot, will not fear the mere presence of demonic weasel.
  13. Def 6 WP 5. 8 wounds is still fragile. You pay extra 2 ss per vik to give them hard to kill. Shielded ends at the end of turn. If you play vs viks take something that targets willpower and problem solved. I played viks in m2e where there were a negative game experience as opponent halve of crew could die turn 1. People hated to play vs mine viks but in m3e same people say it is OK. They are much less of a monsters in combat instead got a bit more survivability.
  14. I mean "booze" is enough for a trinket to give out ruthless but that might make Emmy even more amazing...
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