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  1. I read that you can get 2-3 ss per turn. Reading all skills, i cant see how you get all those ss. Can someone explain me? Thank you. PD.I found the answer.
  2. Thanks, didnt know "at the start of the activation" was like not having activated yet.
  3. Hi everyone, I was looking to use Oath Keeper on my crew and also with Viktorias for the letal combo at turn 1, then i got this doubt about the Oath Keeper. Following Oath Keeper, Desperation: This model may discard a this Upgrade at the start of its Activation to gain the Fast Condition. Then follwing the Rule Book: FAST: A model with the Fast Condition generates 1 additional general AP when it Activates. The Fast Condition is removed at then end of a modelĀ“s Activation (not during the End Step). This means that a model that gain the Fast Condition
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