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  1. Playing Ironsides now for the first time since she had Cage Fighter. I noticed the sentence order on Good Shot, My Turn changed from the previous version and I'm not clear on if that's significant. Is _only_ the Adrenaline gain After Resolving, and the damage After Succeeding, or are _both_ effects After Resolving?
  2. My wife has played her as purely Neverborn and her starter set which is mixed and I think preferred the starter set. Overall, I think her Keyword can do a lot and Neverborn vs Bayou is probably mostly a matter of if you want a particular Versatile model, upgrade, or 2nd master. Not speaking from a ton of experience, but that's my impression. I have a rules question about Zoraida as well. Does Poisoned Fate only work on models that have less than Armor 2? It seems like something that could bypass Armor, but it doesn't say that, and Armor doesn't say it only works in duels, so I'm thinking I'm understanding it right, but where I am in learning the game I'm still not sure when something is or is not an exception to a rule. Thanks!
  3. Guess who just realized he printed the wrong edition of the cards! So that's cool. Reflecting on how using the right set might have changed things... Losing the Press Release I think I like, it felt a bit weird. I like how the Focus economy changed. More control, but also requires more effort. I think overall she's shifted even further in the tar pit direction. I feel like the crew's synergy is more natural, if that makes sense. The 3/1 edition I almost felt like I had the crew, and some filler models.
  4. I'm currently 3 turns in to a very slow Nellie v Zoraida game. Turf War. I think she's handling the scenario OK because all the debuffs and all the focus give me freedom to go toggle strategy markers, but the killing portion of the game so far has been a slow slap fight. First kill of the game just happened in turn 3. Part of that is we're using small probably strange crews since limited model selection and new players, but I think I'm starting to get how the crew works, and it's interesting, but I feel like she needs something faster. A little more damage may also be good, but fast feels like it fits the theme better. Admitted I'm not familiar with what versatile Models are in guild. If I seem way off base I probably just don't know what I'm talking about but hopefully beginner impressions are helpful, and I wanted to help test the crew that needed testing.
  5. So does exclusive interview mean if an enemy model within range, say, places a scheme marker it becomes your marker? Or, if that's not it at all, how does exclusive interview work? I'm not sure I fully understand.
  6. Oh, duh. I was wondering if it makes Fight for the Union on Mouse give her an extra adrenaline token, but that's not a Grit ability. Makes sense. Thanks!
  7. Does Ironsides benefit from her own Injured Workers Act?
  8. The Healing Burst trigger on Healing Energy (ver 1.31.19)reads: Healing Burst: Models within 2 of the target Heal 1. Is there something somewhere that precludes that from healing enemy models? Or is it intentionally worded to heal friendly and enemy models? Or just an oversight? If the first option, could that rule be pointed out to me? Thank you!
  9. I figured she'd eventually have a new one, just curious if they seem to mesh well still, I haven't tried yet.
  10. On the topic of more general Ironsides discussion, are the Oxfordian Mages still a good complement to her crew, or is her box just going to be weird until she gets resculpted or repacked?
  11. Oh, cool, I remember finding these on YouTube when I first started researching the game. Thank you for putting them together!
  12. This is a really clear and concise overview, thank you.
  13. Hello, My real name is Spenser, and I'm in Orange County, California. My long term gaming background is mostly in RPGs, but I started miniature gaming a few years back with Infinity. I now also play BattleTech, and have been dabbling in historicals with Age of Sail naval games. I've been watching Malifaux lately, and the M3E announcement has piqued my interest again. I'm looking forward to getting involved!
  14. I, too, am in the vicinity of Comic Quest in Lake Forest, CA, and am looking forward to getting started!
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