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  1. Great! I'll run what I've got until 3e hits and make adjustments from there. I appreciate all the comments.
  2. After several years of demoing Malifaux at Gen Con, drooling over the models at the booth, and telling myself "I don't need to get into another miniature game," I've finally given in. Over the past few weeks, I've read the 2E rulebook, soaked in some hours listening to the Breachside Broadcast and purchased the 2E starter set. I've also painted the models and bribed my 9-year-old son into playing through the Encounters. Now the kicker. I have finally settled on my first crew. Nicodem's Open Graves box. Mostly I wanted the punk zombies and the crew box seemed like a better deal than buying the 3 punk zombies on their own. Today I stumble over to the 3rd Edition post on Wyrd's website and see that Nicodem will be killed off, leaving him to fall into Dead Man's Hand. How big of a deal will this be for me? If my local group plays casual games and a few tournaments from time-to-time, should I worry about building another list? If so, what are some ways I can use the other Open Graves models? Would I be wise to move over to McMourning or Molly (the other 2 I was considering before Nicodem)? I appreciate any advice you could give me about me.
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