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  1. So having discussed this with the group of people i play with we boiled it down to the following. They dont enjoy it because they can see by turn 3/4 how hard it makes their attack / defense flips and that they lose more often than not before cheating. There is no counter play to it except to kill those models asap. I then compared it to Parker's crew abilities to put down an incredible amount of scheme markers (yours and theirs) and then use those scheme markers for fast on models that hit with + flips built in. There is nothing you can do to stop it except to kill those models. In Mal
  2. I think this is the part that broke some peoples brains. Not being able to do anything against it sucks. I would like to see this be cheatable on the flip so my opponent has some say with the stitched being able to grab a card you've taken out of the game now. At least then they aren't sitting there knowing they are going to lose 90% of the time when i have thrown a 12 /13 out of the deck.
  3. Been playing dreamer a lot lately now that interest has been reignited in the local meta. turn 4 and 5 are brutal for my opponent for sure if they let me get the cards out of my deck. However having played against several ranged heavy lists (parker in particular) I rarely have more than 4-5 quick actions (after turn 1 depending on deployment) doing this a turn because the models they are on are super squishy and die in 1 activation from the opponent. Dreamer can summon in 1 model a turn reliably (2 if its day dreams) and they must now spend an action to use their (quick action) as they are stu
  4. So parker just basically auto scores 2 points with his new trigger from dig their graves right? They place our scheme marker in base to base then they die from shots? Or does the place happen after the damage?
  5. Took a huge utility hit... no reason to ever take more than 1 and thats pushing it now. I agree 100% give that to Nekima and some other melee nephalim, the ones that want to be in combat, not the shaman in the back who has a garbage knife now having to hit an enemy. BLEH this newest update was garbage for neverborn all over the place.
  6. I have not had luck with Rougarou as they tend to die super fast (1-2 activations from an opponent at most) I do agree Bultungins are great for scheme running or ganging up on people. They are just fun cheap minions.
  7. Bluefyr


    I use her card draw almost every turn as well but she is not worth 7 SS imo. Lures arent nearly as good with range 12 and guns being range 12 as stated above. I wish she wasnt so lack luster but she is able to be made from a terror tot turn 1 so ... what do i know Lelu has been a damage champ when he gets there... which isnt as often as i'd like. They both feel really slow.
  8. I disagree on the simple fact that averages dont play into any given game as they require large amounts of data. It becomes luck based to a certain extent and if you get 3 or 4 flips with no low cards you have just set your deck back a chunk with no gain. Yes you can also flip thw opposite but it comes down to luck. Being forced to get rid of a card that you dont want to is a NPE period.
  9. Thats 15 uses... How many games have You been able to use it 15 times and remove a 1-5 for all of those? So far in my 4 games with that iteration I have not. I get some medium cards as well as a high card at least once a game. It just feels awful to have an ability you control screw you over.
  10. Right but its a negative cost to an ability going off. Put in a target number then. I would rather it fail then to be forces to get rid of a card I dont want to. Or give us a synergistic ability that buffs nightmares in some way since people lose their minds over card / deck mechanics.
  11. Why does there need to be a chance to remove a high card at all is my question? Do they just want a risk associated with an ability? I dont see this in other factions or abilities so it honestly has me questioning the reasoning behind it.
  12. Its once per activation, and you move the enemy model not ours. So it wouldn't work like that even if it moved friendly models.
  13. You're correct i read it wrong. It does move the enemy model after re-reading it. Thats helpful for survival on Pandora against melee assuming her def trigger goes off. I'm negative because i've been playing with and against 4 other factions (gremlins, outcasts, arcanists and ressers) and they all get to buff and synergize with their own models with no negatives to doing it. Most of them get 2 benefits from 1 action. Sometimes from a trigger and sometimes built in. We now have 2 crews that have built in negatives to their actions or have to jump through hoops to get something to go off tha
  14. They literally could have done this several different ways and much better. Why not just give them the + with any condition on the enemy model. Instead they make us put a condition on them to begin with thats a debuff, and then remove it. They literally just needed to take out the "remove the condition from the enemy model" part of their previous version. This feels like a straight nerf on top of Misery aura damage being removed. Moving something 2 inches after it gets stunned is interesting but its a 4 inch aura when we have 8 inch range on our stat 4 actions that cause stun (outside
  15. FLucid Dream - - - -Reveal the top three cards of your Fate Deck, choose one revealed non-Joker and remove it from the game, then discard one other revealed card and set the last card aside. After this model Activates, shuffe the set-aside card back into this model's Fate Deck. I like this one a little better but im getting tired of neverborn being picked to have a negative effect with their abilities. Why are we forced to get rid of one if we flip a 13 / 13 / 13 for example or even a 9/ 9 / 9. Why cant it say "you may remove up to 1 card. Discard 2 if you dont remove any, then shu
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