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  1. I've begun dabbeling with the Mod somewhat, but I definitivly lack the know how. I'm currently updating some models and trying to add some more terrain. I'll check If I can look at some of the things mentioned here. But If anyone is interested in balling some ideas and helping out with the technical stuff Im all ears
  2. I've noticed this thing in my last few (3 games). I've used Cooper twice and Jedza once for information. During all these network games, when decieding targets for Hidden martyrs you can select all minions, even insignificant models, but nothing else. All enforcers and henchman are non existant, even if their costs should have allowed for it. (I tried to recreate this in a Local game but that seemed to work just fine)
  3. Thank you for the fast response, I went ahead and submitted the reciept. It is pretty specific so I probably should'nt have any reason to worry
  4. So... I pre-ordered the book today from my LGS hoping to get somewhat early access to it. But as I read in the promo it seems I acually have to have the physical book in the photo in order to get the digital PDF. Is that a correct interpretation? Live in Sweden, so will probably have to wait a month or so to get it.
  5. Old post, but this was just what I was searching for in these forums.
  6. We've had one game on our team as of yet. Yan Lo Vs Ma Tucket. Might get @Verdeloth to post their lists
  7. What about the little pipes stickning out of the generator thingys? Ht1, blocking, climbable? Or just nothing? Just to clarify some more; are the stairs not treated as stairs, but as sloped terrain? There is also 2 separate instances of stairs. The stairs leading up to the circular platforms and the six stairs going over the ht2 pipes. Is there any differance?
  8. Northern Moose Infantry Vs. Team Scotland AlexDS - Nekima vs Cleezy - Perdita, 3-5 Verdeloth - Von Schtook Vs ScottishMetaLew - Marcus, 5-1 Louie - Basse Vs Rosskow - Zipp, 5-5 End result: Draw Thanks for our games, it was thrilling down to the very end!
  9. Results report round 2: Northern moose infantry Vs Team Savoies AlexDS Vs Bedjy Lucius Vs Asami 5 - 7, Win Team Savoies Verdeloth Vs Hemgath Von schtook Vs Marcus 7 - 1, Win Northern moose infantry Louie Vs le_wahou Cornelius Basse Vs Lady Justice 7-6, Win Northern moose infantry Summary: 2 - 1 Win Northern moose Infantry
  10. Hello! I just started out Fatemastering for a group of routined RPG'ers and I want to make their experience the best possible. The thing is, I've never done role play games before but they did enjoy our first session that was partially written by myself. Since my knowledge of Malifaux, (and they know close to nothing) puts me on a strict advantage when it comes to coming up with twists and turns. And i like to keep them open to all the options and possibilities the game can provide. Question one: I read somewhere that you could just kill of low rank minions when they fall unconcious, but what about higher level who automatically pass their unconciuous test? Can you as GM just decide that enough is enough for the sake of the cinematics? I know about the critical effect beeing to severe to possibly survive, and the + to the table depending on negative wounds. I also know this has been asked a million times, and I have read it. Ive just forgotten. Question two: Alot of Fatemaster characters have triggers on their attack, but as far as I see it, no ways to get triggers since they dont flip cards. Can I just choose to use it, or is there another way? Question three: These first sessions is mostly about sidequests, getting an income, learning about Malifaux and perhaps getting a bit better gear and grimoire's. How much money should simpler jobs award? There are 3 players, and I did the award for a Guild request to clear a haunted house 20§. (puzzels and some sorrows causing commotion). Is that low or a "good price"?`
  11. Team name: Northern Moose Infantry (Swedish team #2) Captain: Alexander Backström Sälldin (AlexDS) Faction: Neverborn Player 2: Andreas Ådén (Louie) Faction: Guild Player 3: Andreas Söder (Verdeloth) Faction: Ressurectionists
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