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  1. I've been playing since the start of M3E's closed beta as well -- and I've got the full picture of M3E, since it doesn't require knowledge of M2E. In fact, as I mentioned, it's very easy to have knowledge of a prior edition unduly influence your opinion of a current edition. Things in this edition aren't balanced around a prior edition, nor do they interact with it. Feel free to step off with telling me what I can and can't do, though.
  2. If you actually think it's "totally useless", I'd suggest either getting some game time in with it if you haven't yet, or reassessing how you use the ability. I don't play Guild, but I do play Tara, and Burying models is wild as hell and INCREDIBLY useful. AND I was playing it without realizing that I was the one who got to pick where it Unburied (within the parameters of the ability) rather than my opponent. Just look at the idea of hitting a support model with it -- you either hit them after they've been activated, in which case they don't get to use their auras for the rest of the round and then you get to place them somewhere as far as possible from the things you don't want them to buff, or you hit them before they activate in which case you still get to control which part of the board they're on and thus what models they get to support. The same with melee beatsticks -- send them to the very back of the line and watch them waddle upfield before trying to get hits off before you send them away again. I never played in 2E, so I've got a pretty open view of things (i.e., I'm not weighed down by comparing things to how they were), and I HIGHLY suggest trying to forget 2E as much as you can. Comparing things across edition changes in any game just leads to confusion and irritation.
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