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  1. Many thanks for that. The Lynch crew has a few extras so I can probably get up to 50ss without losing utility. Glad to hear the Ironsides box plays okay too as I'll look to get a few games in before jumping into new purchases.
  2. Hi, just thought I would introduce myself after a long time away. Based in the central belt of Scotland - where the game is very healthy - I played pretty heavily during 1st ed but only got a handful of games in 2nd before life took over. With 3rd announced I've decided it's time to get my unused crew some gametime (ironsides, although I also kept hold of Lynch). Quick question though, am I right all models are now packaged up in a crewbox? Off to check the store to see if I can answer myself - which I should have done before drafting this post.
  3. Excited enough by the prospect of 3rd edition that I'm looking to jump back into the game after sitting out most of 2nd. Whilst their will always be naysayers change is often good and the game certainly seemed to go from strength to strength during 2nd edition. Excited to have an excuse to use a couple of unused crews and possibly pick up a few more. Happy gaming all!
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