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  1. Finished one commission for my friend and started a new one for another friend Awful MrTannen photo( But i hope u will get the idea)) I bet youve never seen Tannen like this) And new Kira crew commission. Gaki are looking so cool, i was so impressed by this model.
  2. Okay, now i got it. I thought promotions on website are for 2018, but they are for 2017.
  3. My version of the mysterious effigy) Didn't want to paint some common boxart style, so i came up with this little conversion
  4. I like the big guy, Rail Golem if im not mistaken. Great job)
  5. When i try to fill the form, there is only December LGS in the drop list. Promotions are still unavailable?
  6. Though i don't have any crew for Talos, i painted him) Great model, but i didn't get how to make flames inside him visible(
  7. yeah, i was waiting for this) i googled a lot, and seems like there are not too many options) Yeah, ur right, outside parts shouldnt catch the light) thx for this)
  8. And Widow. Not so spidey, not so web(( Any ideas how to make realistic web without spraying varnish from the airbrush?
  9. Thx for feedback) I finished widow and painted bandersnatch. Im not really into OSL effects, but without practice you will never get any better result. So, as for one of the first tryes, i consider its okay)
  10. Im kinda new to Malifaux and painting in general. Just want to share some models. I paint for me and my colleague. I play for Titania, he plays for Lynch. I will post models, as i get some good quality photos. My Teddy Mr. Graves "Sin City" Lazarus
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