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  1. This sunday we made an event in São Paulo, in the Omniverse store (Rua Comendador Eduardo Saccab, 180 - Brooklin - SP) 5 players showed up, It was really cool to have two tables at the same time in the first official event here in Brazil. If you are from the São Paulo region, send me a message and I'll include you on our malifaux social media channels.
  2. Good luck on your future projects, Mason!!
  3. I see, that's a tough one... I really like candy but she's not that survivable (like most neverborn). I Think Ludvig made a good point about playing paralyze Pandora. It's a Very reliable way to stop big guys.
  4. I was thinking about Mulligan and cheating bastard, that makes Lynch cheating really good in a very consistent basis. I forgot about ace in the hole, so you are completely right, he can Just keep discarding Aces.
  5. I recently start to use Mr. Tannen in my summoning Pandora lists and he is performing really well. He has an attack against willpower that put a condition on target so It helps with the summons and passive damage from the sorrows. His ability two make an aura that give +2 to masks enable Pandora to summon using the 8 and 9 of maks. Also, I think his aura that makes the oponent discard a card when cheating is very good against Lynch. I never faced yasunori before (I guess I'm Lucky) but a friend of mine started with Malifaux recently and is buying TT. So I'll be definetely following this thread!
  6. It will be great if he continues to belong to the Neverborn! Until today that was only fate I was wishing for him. But now I'm imagining how cool would be Barbaros with a sombrero and I'm having mixed feelings about his destiny...
  7. I'm having this same doubt. I was looking to buy the Lilith box just for Barbaros (I really want him in my Titania crew). Now I think I'll wait for M3E to pick the nephlims, maybe there will be a new henchmen that goes with Nekima (I like her a lot and I'll pick his box in M3E for sure). Is the alternate Barbaros available on the special dates? That miniature is gorgeous and I want to paint it even if his future could be with the outcasts.
  8. I really need to learn how to sculpt greenstuff! Now that I saw your Lilitu, the one I have looks really boring. Amazing work, mate!
  9. It makes a lot of sense. Now that I thought about it, I've never been in a situation that I wanted to summon more than three. Also with the M3E changes it is probably best to avoid niche purchases. I guess I'll buy butulgin for my Titania instead!
  10. I'm glad to hear that! I play in a very small meta and I only saw him played with the guardsmen. Some things I read also sugests the guardsmen. Nice to know I was wrong, now I'll definitely consider to get his box!!
  11. Losing Collodi was a little bad (I'm happy I choose to paint Dreamer before him!) but I really liked Euripedes description. I pick neverborn because of the monsters and it feels like his crew will deliver it! I expect that Lucius and Marcus doesn't look like a Guild/Arcanist crew (like lucius does at the moment) when I look at them on the table, even if I'm playing Neverborn. I have high hopes that they will get a "Neverborny" vibe when I play them on faction!!
  12. I played a few games with summoning Pandora and I noticed there's no rare number on the sorrows. Does anyone had more than 3 at the same time on a game? Is it worth to get an additional sorrows box?
  13. Agree! She requires some finesse. I'm playing her with the summoning Pandora, not sure if its the best place for candy, I'm often in the situation where the only condition I manage to put on my enemies is mood swing so I can't summon to save the activation control for candy. Also I play most of my games against resser or acanists, the arcanists keep trying to shoot from a distance and the resser throw the summoned units to candy's face so I can't paralyze the units I really want to. I'm a begginer in malifaux, I'm guessing it will take some time before I can make good use of her crew, but anyway I always have a great time playing Pandora!
  14. I'm struggling with candy too. Nice to know I'm not alone in that!
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