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  1. New "focus" seems to be more balanced, but some players are already accustomed to the old one, stacking it turn 1 (making it SO much more interesting). Injured should probably have a cap,though I don't know about the damage part, needs testing. Nerfed "stuned" is kind of weak, in my opinion Also, please consider buffing Burning to "+1 damage for every 2 points beyond first") Cheers
  2. Right now, her ability to dissappear is a Tome trigger on df/Wp. It's a damage reduction by 2, which can be as useful as a paper umbrella in some cases. 5 df and 10 wounds are not that great either. Maybe it should become anability once again instead of resistance trigger? With the same damage reduction but some cost, like discarding a card?
  3. Relying on luck to hit him, while your opponent is able to cheat doesn't seem fair at all. He is a henchman, so he can negate even successful hits via soulstones. Being able to cheat against him discarding a card in the process (maybe even with some ability for him to benefit from it) would be much more preferable
  4. But how can he give distracted now, if he reduces damage from burning to zero early on? Zero damage is no damage, or am I wrong?
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