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  1. Yes! I'll probably go for von schtook, I looked how he plays and seems pretty fun!
  2. Hi guys! I decides to return to malifaux in 3ED edition after 2 years of not playing. Since I sold my old zoraida crew I had to buy a new one and managed to get all these miniatures from ebay for 20$: -Seishin × 2 -Nurse × 1 -Canine remains × 3 -Rotten belle × 2 -Draugr -Dead doxy -Philip and the nanny -The valedictorian -Student of steel -Student of sinew -Student of viscera I now I don't have any master up to now, but what is the best 50ss crew I can build with these models? I guess it should mostly be based on the transmortis models but I really don't know how to make all these work together. I maybe will get new models in future, but for now I'm just going to use them in friendly plays against the dreamer and hoffman
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