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  1. This is true-unless one of the parties is adjudicating rules in an organized play situation (which is is the situation here). I appreciate your thorough response-hopefully it will help our group get this one sorted out!
  2. Yeah but ‘no’ is not helping me convince anyone of that opinion.
  3. Someone else from our group tried in the NB forum and didn’t get much of a response, so I’ll try here too: Does Lucius’s Hidden Sniper ability require him to have LOS to the friendly Mimic/Elite model that he’s using to draw LOS from?
  4. Haha-yeah I totally understand. It’s an abstraction of true LOS my brain just wasn’t able to flip the switch until I read your post. Honestly now that I have this under my belt I feel good about the mechanic-it was just a journey to get there!
  5. @Adran‘s explanation was the clarifying one for me here. Cover checks whether you’re in shadow and whether any LOS ‘crosses’ or ‘goes through’ the terrain piece. Which is (for some reason) distinct from being blocked by it. I’m with ya’ll now!
  6. For cover to be granted, target model has to be in the shadow and have one or more lines of site blocked by the piece of terrain generating the shadow. But per page 18, if the terrain is lower than both models, no lines of site are blocked, so how could the model have cover?
  7. Rulebook Page 18: Rulebook Example Page 19 Two questions: 1) Does terrain with height X grant cover to models with height greater than X? 2) Doesn't the bolded part of the example conflict with the rules excerpt from Page 18?
  8. Just confirming-this grants an 'Action' which is additional and not related to Activating the model, correct? I just started playing the crew, and someone said A Por El worked like 'Companion' from 2E...but that's actually not true at all, right?
  9. Buy the Will O Wisps: no question. List suggestion: Bad Juju 3x SIlurids 3x Will O Wisp You've got 11 stones left, I'd just grab a Bayou Gator or a Waldgeist to protect Zoraida/backfield and leave yourself with 5-6 stones. Silurids are unbelievably fast scheme runners and can't be targeted outside of 6". Send them off to scheme, and use the Wisps to keep enemy models away from them, or otherwise out of position. Put Bad Juju right the in center of the board and Zoraida 12" behind him - this creates a Hex/Obey bubble with a 13" radius from the center of the board (plus Zoraida's LOS in the backfield). Use whatever stones you have left to protect Zoraida. Don't focus on the Voodoo Doll...it's kind of a trap. If someone walks up to you, summon it: but don't but her out of position to try to get it to go off.
  10. Concealing: If a sight line drawn to a model passes through Concealing Terrain, that model has Concealment. When drawing sight lines, a model in Concealing Terrain may ignore that terrain’s Concealing trait if any single sight line drawn between the two objects passes through 1" or less of that terrain. Most fog banks count as Concealing Terrain. Question-in the rule as written, if I can draw a line of site to a model that does NOT pass through concealing terrain, but can also draw one that DOES: does the model benefit from concealment?
  11. Crew Lists Titania (4 stone cache) Gorar Aeslin Rougarou Rougarou Autumn Knight Zoraida ( 4 stone cache) Bad JuJu Silurid Silurid Silurid Will o the Wisp Lady J (5 stone cache) - Reckoning Scales of Justice The Judge Domador de Cadaveres Domador de Cadaveres Exorcist Lady J (5 stone cache) - Other Strats Scale of Justice Domador de Cadaveres Domador de Cadaveres Exorcist Death Marshal Death Marshal
  12. Pittsburgh Malifaux 3E End of Open Beta Tournament (03.24.2019) Tournament Report: conykchameleon Results 1st Place - conykchameleon (Neverborn: Titania, Zoraida) 2nd Place - Dave (Outcasts: Jack Daw) 3rd Place - Chance (Thunders: Jacob Lynch) 4th Place - Jen (Guild: Lady Justice) 5th Place - Frank (Neverborn: Nekima, Zoraida) 6th Place - Greg (Ressers: Manos) My Experience Game 1 (Titania) Flank Deployment, Turf War, Outflank, Breakthrough Opponent Frank (Nekima); Breakthrough, Assassinate? I was terrified (figuratively) of Nekima and the Ag-grow crew. It was a fairly careful positioning game with only one or two reach-out-and-touch-es prior to turn 3, when nearly the entire Nephilim crew flew out from behind a large building and came down on my weaker flanked. I was able to hold on just long enough with the Autumn Knight to score a second point on Turf War. But otherwise the flank was totally wiped out. Meanwhile the other Rougarou, Aeslin schemed Breakthrough, with some support from Titania who just took pot shots and the fringes of the Nephilim crew. The rest of the Nephilim crew broke through (literally), but was held up just long enough by the weaker flank that weren't able to catch up on points. Final score 5-3 (Titania) Game 2 (Titania) Wedge Deployment, Reckoning, Assassinate, Search the Ruins Opponent Jen (Lady J); Assassinate Search the Ruins Easily the most aggressive and contentious game of Malifaux I've ever played...and it was against my wife! There was a building right at the point of my wedge, which split the fight into two distinct theaters. Rougarou and Autumn Knight on one hand (A); Titania, Aeslin, Rougarou on the other (B), with Gorar hanging back. Rougarou (B) went down fairly quickly, and Titania and Aeslin started quickly dumping all their attacks into Lady J: who burned all five stones on damage prevention plus self healing and healing from the Domador's Decay. All in all I probably sunk 20-25 damage into Lady J. Aeslin and the Rougarous went down, but Titania finally used Queen's Command to ding the final damage off of Lady J. In theater (A), some fortunate activation orders and a timely Parry trigger allowed Rougarou (A) and Autumn Knight to take out the Judge. This started a 'garbage time' section of the game, with what was left of both crews running off to Search the Ruins. Titania cleaned up two models in the last turn to score a second point off of Reckoning, I got two from Assassinate, and one from Search the Ruins. Lady J scored twice off of Reckoning and once off of Search the Ruins. Final score: 5-3 Titania. Game 3 (Zoraida) Standard Deployment, Corrupted Idols, Search the Ruins, Power Ritual Opponent Chance (Jacob Lynch); Search the Ruins, Assassinate My strategy was fairly straight forward on this one: Bad Juju on the Centerpointish, Zoraida hiding 12" behind, three Silurids on the flanks, and a Wisp supporting one of the Silurids. The Silurids were sprinting as fast as they could toward Search the Ruins and Power Ritual (stopping to nudge an idol here and there). Juju sat in the center and made a Hex/Obey bubble for Zoraida. The Silurids were quickly able to get me 4 points at the end of turn 3: two for idols, one for search, and one for power ritual. an Illuminated was able to push the other idol back to make the score 4-1 Zoraida at the end of turn three. However, all three Silurids and the Wisp were now dead. But, Huggy and others on the Lynch crew were well out of position to score any more points...or so I thought.... Huggy popped up right between Zoraida and JuJu, revealing an assassination attempt. I was able to fend it off and kill Huggy. Jacob was able to push another idol to score a second point, and it was clear that at least one would be scored for search. However, because I was down three models: I was able to modify my initiative flips to place the idols on the last two turns (including modifying a 12 to beat a Red Joker...) so I dropped them right on top of JuJu in the center of the board, so I was able to deny more points for Lynch and actually score a third point on Idols. This was something that was totally unexpected, but is another wrinkle in the wacky mini game that is the initiative flips of Cursed Idols. Final Score 5-3 (Zoraida) Final Thoughts We didn't know the Scheme and Strat configurations going in, but I decided I would play Titania on Reckoning/Turf War, and Zoraida on Cursed/Explosives. Went with lower model count on Turf War and Reckoning to give fewer, tougher targets. On Idols it was the bubble and the Silurids on the flanks: and they managed to break through just enough to carry the day. These plans worked pretty well for me, and I was aided by some timely luck from the Threads of Fate to end out on top for the day. Hats off two all three of my counterparts- they were cordial and thoughtful opponents, which is exactly what you hope for when you decide to spend 10 hours playing Malifaux. And congrats to Greg on best painted! Great group of guys and gals and I'm excited to continue to explore 3E with them. I will post more crew lists if I'm able to grab them.
  13. It does for me...but if people don’t understand it...then it needs a clarification.
  14. I do find myself consulting it...and it takes about 20 seconds. So that I don't see an issue with. I can understand the relative positioning issue: people absorb information differently, so something that's relative spatially can be challenging for people who don't think that way. And I agree that we need a definitive ruling on the Joker reflip thing. Overall, I think it 'works'...and if it's not for you then play a different strategy. I don't care much for Plant Explosives...but that doesn't mean it needs to change.
  15. I disagree with this. The unpredictability is an important part of this strategy. It requires significant board control to overcome and provides hard choices at key moments on the initiative flips. My experience has been that after a play through or two, it’s not really that confusing/complicated.
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