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  1. Yep, I think that's plenty to start with. Get a feel for the crew and whether you like it or not. Katashrio are in the 'Karmic Debt' box and are a good next purchase. I would hold off on the Emissary, especially since you have the Dawn Serpent already.
  2. The obvious qualifier to my points below is that they only apply to tournament settings. If you're playing a casual game...have fun and play however you need to for you and your opponent to have a good time. With that said... 1) I want to offer a counterpoint here to some of the thoughts about question one. Obviously the caveat is you should not be intentionally trying to prevent someone's ability to make decision. Apart from that though, the ability to play quickly and decisively should be a base requirement to play in a competitive Malifaux tournament. In the above example: the def
  3. This is true-unless one of the parties is adjudicating rules in an organized play situation (which is is the situation here). I appreciate your thorough response-hopefully it will help our group get this one sorted out!
  4. Yeah but ‘no’ is not helping me convince anyone of that opinion.
  5. Someone else from our group tried in the NB forum and didn’t get much of a response, so I’ll try here too: Does Lucius’s Hidden Sniper ability require him to have LOS to the friendly Mimic/Elite model that he’s using to draw LOS from?
  6. Just confirming-this grants an 'Action' which is additional and not related to Activating the model, correct? I just started playing the crew, and someone said A Por El worked like 'Companion' from 2E...but that's actually not true at all, right?
  7. Buy the Will O Wisps: no question. List suggestion: Bad Juju 3x SIlurids 3x Will O Wisp You've got 11 stones left, I'd just grab a Bayou Gator or a Waldgeist to protect Zoraida/backfield and leave yourself with 5-6 stones. Silurids are unbelievably fast scheme runners and can't be targeted outside of 6". Send them off to scheme, and use the Wisps to keep enemy models away from them, or otherwise out of position. Put Bad Juju right the in center of the board and Zoraida 12" behind him - this creates a Hex/Obey bubble with a 13" radius from the center of the
  8. Crew Lists Titania (4 stone cache) Gorar Aeslin Rougarou Rougarou Autumn Knight Zoraida ( 4 stone cache) Bad JuJu Silurid Silurid Silurid Will o the Wisp Lady J (5 stone cache) - Reckoning Scales of Justice The Judge Domador de Cadaveres Domador de Cadaveres Exorcist Lady J (5 stone cache) - Other Strats Scale of Justice Domador de Cadaveres Domador de Cadaveres Exorcist Death Marshal Death Marshal
  9. Pittsburgh Malifaux 3E End of Open Beta Tournament (03.24.2019) Tournament Report: conykchameleon Results 1st Place - conykchameleon (Neverborn: Titania, Zoraida) 2nd Place - Dave (Outcasts: Jack Daw) 3rd Place - Chance (Thunders: Jacob Lynch) 4th Place - Jen (Guild: Lady Justice) 5th Place - Frank (Neverborn: Nekima, Zoraida) 6th Place - Greg (Ressers: Manos) My Experience Game 1 (Titania) Flank Deployment, Turf War, Outflank, Breakthrough Opponent Frank (Nekima); Breakthrough, Assassinate? I was terrified
  10. I guess I'm kind of thinking I'll just use mysterious emissary as Killjoy. Fits better aesthetically, and then...you know...he can also be the Mysterious Emissary.
  11. How does this work exactly? Not bring a rules expert-I’m running into some situations that aren’t intuitive... 1) Does it allow you to make disengaging strikes with a ranged attack? 2) Does it allow you to charge? 3) Does it give you an engagement bubble (that people can’t walk through)? 4) Does it enable triggers that are checking for melee like Parry/Counterattack?
  12. Thanks for this topic! I am in the exact same spot. Love Titania, :hate: the aesthetics of Killjoy
  13. So is the ‘debate closed’ result that Fae ignore the penalty for concealment when drawing line of site through underbrush markers? (Do to the ‘unaffected by terrain’ rule)
  14. Gotchya-so in that case the last sentence may be the thing that actually moves the enemy model “in severe terrain”. That makes more sense. Thanks!
  15. “Awakened Hunger: This Action ignores Concealment and receives a + to its duel if the target is in Severe Terrain. Target suffers 2/4/5 damage and gains Injured +1.” “Into Thorns: Target must be within 2" of an Underbrush Marker. When resolving, the target suffers +1 damage. Then, place the target into base contact with an Underbrush Marker within 2” of it.” If I Germinate a market under an enemy model, cast Awakened Hunger, and activate the Into Thorns trigger, will that model still be “In Severe Terrain” at the end of the activation? i.e. If I then cast Awakened Hunger again, will
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