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    This is a big part of facing off against Brewie, McMourning, Kaeris, etc. They want the condition on their models, and it's almost better to go on the offensive and strip what they need off than it is to constantly fend off all the conditions they'll apply to your models. I enjoy using Lures and lots of repositioning tricks to isolate and strip key models and murder them early on. It can really catch your opponent off guard when you do. Pandora is excellent for this, and I also like Iggy with Eldritch Magic because Reckless gives him that extra activation to remove a key condition when you need it.
  2. Nice win! Interesting choice using Coppelius in that crew. I always want to try him but the cost always makes me shy away as for one more stone I get the utility of the Hooded Rider. However, with two other Nightmares in the crew he seems like a solid choice and is always fun to use.
  3. Giving Pandora a mask with Despairs Influence is a really good way to ensure she stays out of trouble. Pandora, more than most NB masters, is hugely dependent on really good positioning. I like to also have Iggy near her for an additional Misery proc when he inevitably gives something Burning.
  4. Killed off, of sorts. He's now considered a part of Dead Man's Hand. Some theorize he'll make a return as a part of the Explorer's League.
  5. I agree with most on here that NB have a different setup than most factions, in that we just have solid models that can kill but also scheme when necessary. The "scheming" models that existed in 2E are gone and it's likely for a solid design reason: there's just no other purpose for those models in certain pools. You see the same with most of the other factions, with some exceptions, and I think that's a conscious design decision to give models more utility in a more focused window (the keyword mechanic).
  6. Against Perdita, Candy's Glimpse teleport can really screw them over, especially if they're bunching up at all. Don't be afraid to be aggressive with Pandora too, as her Terrifying helps quite a bit, and having her eat all the Focus off the Family models is a huge help. Serena Bowman is a great model for that matchup, and Hooded Rider is a threat they have to worry about all game. I also like Doppleganger against them because of the bonus action that gives Concealment, and I love copying Serena's Twist Reality, using the Tomes trigger to get Family models way out of position, which forces them to waste AP to just save models.
  7. And at the rate Wyrd is going lately, we may not see them until next December
  8. I save his fate tokens for his defensive trigger. Most of the games I've played, my opponents know what he's capable of and do not allow the bomb trigger of Greatsword to be a possibility.
  9. No but she can give it to herself with Despair's Influence for the entire turn, thereby guaranteeing it for all Df/Wp duels. That's a pretty standard play for her once she gets into the fray. Inhuman is meh, it can be great on the right models but I agree with the sentiment that solid play lessens the need to spend two stones on this. Ancient Pact is a great upgrade for certain crews, not so good with others, and can win you some games of Corrupted Idols so I tend to run two of it in those lists. +2 Initiative is big. Eldritch Magic sees play against Kaeris, and maybe McMourning or Brewmaster. That's it. Pandora being able to pull all burning and injured off a model for one action is pretty devastating to a Kaeris crew.
  10. I use this all the time on Hinamatsu for an 8" move. People look at me like I'm cheating when I do it
  11. This. They require some finesse, like most things in Malifaux, and they're fantastic for pinning down fast models that tend to be used as scheme runners. I've had a couple games where they've basically negated a model with Butterfly Jump thanks to Misery and Misery Loves Company (looking at you Silurids).
  12. I think he's solid for the Nightmare crew. I would not, however, take him as an OOK model unless I had some kind of gimmick for him.
  13. Pandora and the Woes. Super versatile, synergies are great, requires a high skill cap to execute but when you do it's super-oppressive. Mood Swings on a key activation can win you a game, Candy is one of the best models in NB. Overall just super good and fun.
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