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  1. He can move 19" a turn on his own, he hits like a truck, and his defensive trigger, along with Hard to Wound, make him super resilient. Your opponent has to devote a turn's worth of actions to really get him down, and there are times where he's worth losing in the grand scheme of the game. If you bring any kind of healing, he becomes so much more annoying for your opponent. And as Kharnage mentioned, the Ruthless is great to have, as is Unimpeded. He's a very solid utility knife, one that is very sharp. One note: I have never run him with upgrades, but Inhuman Reflexes is quite nice on him. I just cringe at 13 stones for a model, because at that point I'm only a couple stones away from another master.
  2. Good to hear! What was your final score and what were the scheme/strats?
  3. Eldritch Magic basically allows the Woe crew to hard-counter most condition-heavy crews out there. I am eventually going to be playing Colette soon as another player in our meta uses her exclusively in 3E so far, and I was thinking about this exact strategy. The trick is to give Pandora enough mobility tricks via her crew (Ride with Me, Where's Teddy, Lure, etc.) to make sure she can be where she needs to be to strip the conditions off. Definitely excited to try it.
  4. I decided to just use the models I had for this escalation league, but I wanted to use Aversions something fierce. I think they're going to be a huge part of Pandora crews moving forward and are absolutely annoying for marker-heavy pools.
  5. I have always interpreted it as "once per activation", meaning only one use for her in a turn unless she somehow gained another activation in that turn. Aside from it just reading correctly to me, if it were not that way, it would make her by far the most broken master in the game by a country mile My opponent was reading it as though he could only use Ensorcel on another model's Action once per turn. I can see how someone would interpret it that way and we resolved it amicably. As I said in my recap, my opponent was super solid on all other rules and a solid technical player so he definitely was not trying to pull a fast one.
  6. Game 4 (4-3 win vs Bayou Zoraida) - 45SS Pandora w/Ancient Pact, 4 stone pool Poltergeist Hinamatsu Candy Doppleganger Baby Kade Sorrow w/Ancient Pact Strat was Corrupted Idols, and my two schemes were Dig Their Graves and Vendetta. I went into this game fully expecting to play for a draw because my opponent, who is an experienced Bayou player and a solid player in his own right, was using the most busted master in Malifaux right now for Corrupted Idols. However, he went with a list variation I was not expecting, which was Zoraida, McTavish w/Inferiority Complex, Bad Juju, First Mate w/Inferiority Complex, a Bokor, and a pool of 8 stones. I was expecting two Silurids in place of Juju, so my list was actually a bit more well-suited for what he ran vs. what I thought he'd run. We also found out he'd been playing the Ensorcel trigger wrong up to this point (he was using it multiple times in Zoraida's activation, getting off 3x Ensorcels every time she activated, hence the 8 stones), so knowing that now, I think he would've maybe changed his list up a bit from what he actually ran as his need for 8 stones is questionable. That said, my opponent is one of the more technically sound players I've played in Malifaux and is a straight shooter, and made this game immensely enjoyable. Other than a missed point on turn two for the strategy, he played an excellent game. This one was super tight with only a couple minor mistakes by the both of us, and was probably one of the best games of Malifaux I've ever played. Tip of the cap to you Steve! Some of the MVPs: - Pandora - She did not do a whole lot this game, but a clutch turn 4 Grasping Tentacles slowed down First Mate enough to prevent him from reaching an idol marker and interacting with it, which denied a strat point in turn 5. That single play made up for my bad positioning of her most of the game. - Candy - She had Vendetta on Bad Juju and made it count, smacking him for 6 damage with Self Loathing to score the first and only point I'd get for the scheme. I had a pretty good idea I'd never score the second point of that scheme (Juju is a healing machine), but knowing how conservative I wanted to play this game, one point was all I'd need. She ended up dying by the end to McTavish but not before putting him down to about 3 wounds, which later allowed the Doppleganger to score Dig for my second scheme point. - Baby Kade - He got off a single attack all game. Sounds pretty useless right? Nope! Kade Lured and used his bonus action the whole game, using movement tricks to protect models, move stuff into range for attacks, and positioned things for helping to score VP. His movement tricks are super useful and although his stat 7 melee attack is scary, I'm finding the little tyke more useful as a utilitarian piece lately. - Doppleganger - There's never a game that I run her that she doesn't have some kind of key impact with scoring VPs. This time around it was a Lure against McTavish to put him within 1" of a scheme marker, and then a charge to take off his last wound and score Dig. Don't Mind Me is always valuable. - Hinamatsu - I had no intentions of ever going into his Obey-fueled pain train bunker, so Hinamatsu's main role this game was mostly as a decoy. I used her mainly as a deterrent for the First Mate to roam free, but also as a 15" threat should he expose Juju enough to give me a window to charge. She didn't do much but her ability to slice and dice absolutely weighs in the minds of your opponents and you can definitely use it to your advantage at times. Overall I had a blast and it was a super fun game. I wanted to play for a draw but as the game went on I started to get less and less afraid of McTavish and moved up to control the center of the board, as my opponent built a little bunker with the gator man, Juju, Zoraida and the Bokor. I also hope we got the Ensorcel rule right now, as our Henchmen ruled for once per Zoraida's activation, so if anyone on here knows otherwise, please confirm so my Bayou opponent and I know what's correct. Game 5, which is the final round, is in about two weeks, so I'll post more then. I think Woe has pretty much locked up the top spot in the league unless I massively lose next week, but let's hope that's not the case. Thanks for reading!
  7. Sort of. The main bubbles now are Pandora's bonus action plus the Poltergeist's 2" Wp aura and Weeping Widow when it plays into things. Mood Swings is also a 6" bubble pretty much. Tendrils can factor into certain scenarios too. Also, Candy's 4" Corrupted bubble is pretty important, if not one of the most important ones in the crew. Misery is an afterthought in most games, but it does add up over the course of a few turns, especially if you're maximizing Woe bonus actions to dish out Stunned like candy (pun intended!)
  8. Ok, that was my assumption due to the special restrictions clause, but I wanted to be certain. Thanks!
  9. How does using Self Loathing on Zoraida work if I were to select her Obey action as my Self Loathing choice? Can the Pandora player Obey another model through Zoraida? Or is the Pandora player basically Obeying Zoraida herself to do an action? Or is it neither?
  10. So now that this debate has raged, I'd be interested to see people's response to this question: Given you're facing Bayou Zoraida in a 50 SS game, what master do you run, and what's your crew look like? Assume Cursed Idols is the strat.
  11. Stone for stone, Hinamatsu is probably one of the best, if not the best Henchman in the faction when used correctly. Absolutely brutal to deal with, and the pass token generation is way more useful than you'd think.
  12. Thanks, it was that or get blasted apart in the middle of 15 Ice Pillars, so it seemed like an easy decision to make
  13. The thing I like so far with her the most is how versatile she ends up being, and to be honest it's kind of surprised me just how versatile she's played. In my games vs. Guild, she is essentially a beater more than a control piece. With all the huge damage tracks on many of the Guild models, she's capable of laying down a lot of damage pretty quickly without putting herself into a lot of trouble. In the game vs. Raspy, she was used as a control and support model the most, using Mood Swings for key activation swaps, placing Stunned where needed to remove defensive triggers, pushing Kade around and granting him automatic triggers on his attacks, and of course helping with the strat/schemes. She's able to do so much that you almost always have a valuable thing to do with her Actions. Pretty sure my next matchup is going to be Swampfiend (Bayou), and the next Neverborn master I'm painting up is Zoraida. Should be a fun game to say the least
  14. Another update from the escalation league I'm in: Game 3 (8-5 win vs Rasputina) - 40SS Pandora Poltergeist Hinamatsu Hooded Rider Doppleganger Baby Kade Strat was Plant the Explosives, and my two schemes were Search the Ruins and Claim Jump. Opponent is an experienced Raspy player from 2E who hasn't played a ton of 3E games yet but is a very good player nonetheless. He usually gives me fits with Raspy so I decided in this game to forgo Woe synergies in favor of fast, hard-hitting models from the Neverborn hiring pool. I also wanted three Lures to keep models away from the Ice Pillar spam, and it worked like a charm. His forces were pretty spread out to get bombs placed (he ran Raspy, Wendigo, Blessed, two Acolytes, two Ice Dancers) and I think that ended up hurting him a bit in the end. Hinamatsu is incredibly strong at 9 SS, as Armor +2, built-in , Onslaught and Flurry are just so hard to deal with, not to mention being able to burn stones to prevent damage. Hinamatsu took the Blessed off the board in a single activation, leaving my opponent a little dumbfounded. Hooded Rider was also fantastic, with his defensive trigger keeping him alive for two full turns to get his bombs placed and a scheme marker for Search the Ruins as well. I also managed to get the dream situation: Poltergeist engaged with Raspy. At one point she was Stunned, Slowed, had no Ruthless thanks to Poltergeist, and was at to Wp duels thanks to Poltergeist. She was completely crippled and a sitting duck. Pandora did some great work with Mood Swings, forcing Raspy to skip her activation two turns in a row in favor of another model in LoS. This ability, when able to be used, can be game-breaking for the Woe crew, and I'm finding I'm being more aggressive with Pandora to be able to get it put into use, when it makes sense to do so. I also found my new favorite Woe combo: Pandora uses Despair's Influence to give Baby Kade a crows trigger for the turn, ensuring his knife attacks gain Execute. Absolutely brutal late in a turn when the opponent is either out of stones or down to one or two cards. Doppleganger did what Doppleganger does best: Lure, Mimic the Poltergeist's Telekinesis ability to clear Ice Pillars, and use Manipulative/Disguised/Don't Mind Me to full effect. Overall it was a pretty solid game, I probably could've tried to do a bit more denial, but with how fast the Ice Dancers are, and with the Acolytes having From the Shadows, it felt like the right call to try to score max and force him to slow me down vs. the other way around. Cheers to my opponent, and I gotta say, I really feel like Woe is not talked about enough as a top option for NB. The control game is soooooo strong when you pull it off, and I'm finding it's not as difficult as I originally imagined. Game 4 is in about two weeks, so I'll post more then. Thanks for reading!
  15. Curious how your experiences were with Woes and Nightmares, and how many games you got in with each. Care to give an overview of your thoughts on each?
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