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  1. Just want to say I didn’t shoot or kill anyone today.
  2. P.S. This is getting closer to what I would describe as "Min-Maxed beyond belief" =P I don’t know what you are talking about. hehehe
  3. I’m looking at some of the pursuits and thinking why can’t you go back through? Gunfighter is a good example of this. Wastrel wouldn’t be because of double down. I’d like to see some pursuit talents start to reappear in other pursuits like “Bulletproof.” Then cap it at three. Performer and Mercenary are others that could use this.
  4. The one exception to this occurs if the character already has ten ranks in a Basic Pursuit; if this happens, the character cannot choose to advance in that Pursuit any further and must choose a new Pursuit at the end of the Prologue. never mind. Found it.
  5. After you complete all the steps in a pursuit can you start it over and pick up the other choices? Example: a mercenary finishes all the steps. Can they start the same pursuit again and if they have endless pursuit then pick up odd jobs?
  6. I would like to enter exhibit B into evidence if the court will allow. The original poster is in one of the sessions that I run as a fated character, that can’t stop jumping out of windows. That group is about 3 or 4 steps behind the defendant group in question. As I’m starting to run into similar problems I went back to the Core book and realized neither he nor I have been using Fate Points to the fullest! I ask the court IF these Fated are so min/maxed then WHY haven’t the NPCs been ending conditions using Fate Points? (I totally forgot this was a thing and was stuck using them only to activ
  7. Come on gremlins! I want to spend my hard earned scrip.
  8. So I’ve been looking for talents that remove or prevent statuses. I haven’t had much success. Anyone know any pursuit steps or talents I’m missing that would fill this roll? Thanks
  9. I just want to say I made it through an entire session without drawing my pistol or killing anyone.
  10. He did this last night in our second encounter. Swarmed by Freikorps of all kinds hitting week NPCs and splashing damage onto us while we were trapped in a derailed train car. Many pigs died because of this. We lost Cookie Monster last night. I don’t think we are over it. That pig earned its keep week after week.
  11. This would disband our group. No question. We are all really invested in our characters. REALLY INVESTED. Unhealthy like.
  12. @Fire5tone I am playing a maxed Gunfighter that has 3 ranks in Wastrel, James O’Mally Because of talents his initiative bonus is an 8. I always cheat in so that I can use finger on the trigger to its most effective. I havea free 1AP range attack from maxing gunfighter as well. The first thing I did was discard a card to look at the top three cards of the Fate deck. The red J was in there. I set the red J up so it would be the damage flip. The character also has crit strike and there were two rams in the duel. Oh my pistol is an Edict that I won gambling. I call it “Ace of Crows” the maste
  13. Ok I redact all my previous statements. I just Killed a Master level Character like it was nothing. WOW! I’m an awful person. Awful.
  14. As a Fatemaster I think it is the one flaw in this game that comes from it NOT being a combat driven game. Combat tends to be easy or hard but no in between. Our group isn’t as good at ongoing challenges. Without giving our Fatemaster any ideas a dramatic time where one of the group was picking a lock, one was trying to protect the lock picker, one was returning fire, and another was Fighting off the close combat dogs. We wouldn’t be able to play off of each other and would have to carry our own part of the encounter. This is also the problem with large groups (4+) in RPGs, each character is
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