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  1. welp i reached the 4th place in the tournament, given that it was a really small tournament and we were 6 players total. 2 victories, 1 major defeat against another neverborn at the second match (he was more experienced and had more models than i did) overall, i had fun. Lilith in the first match was really good, zoraida in the third one helped a lot but i think i missed all of her potential (i just stayed back and did "obey" on models i needed to) in the second match i chose Lilith, "eliminate leadership" and "undercover entourage" on nekima. Unfortunately, the other player had nekima and teddy, as well as a will'o'wisp that kept making Zoraida use a 2ap action for free during the activation. So pretty much he had a stronger Nekima which really made the match hard for me. Also my nekima died to teddy.... i want a will'o'wips now ahah
  2. unfortunately i dont have her i was suggested to bring Zoraida in the second match by a friend. I also have "the first mate" (my dad has a Gremlin crew) so i can use it
  3. Thanks all you guys for the tips, they'll be extremely useful to me!
  4. i'm pretty confident with Lynch and Lilith, also i have hight adaptability so i never waste time. I mean, i dont plan on winning, i wanna learn which models are more useful with those pools of schemes.
  5. Hi there! I'm fairly new to Malifaux and on the 22 of july I will take part in my first tournament (fortunately is a friendly tournament with friends so nothing too competitive). Since schemes and strategies are already out , i was wondering if you could help me decide what do bring in the matches, maybe some tips on wich model works best in those sceniarios, and what schemes i should choose. I have Lilith, Jackob Lync, Zoraida, The Dreamer as masters and their crews. I have also a fair amout of other models to help them (like doppleganger, widow weaver, waltgeist, nekima, Tannen, Graves and so on...) Thanks in advance! These are the matches: First Match: Deployment: Flank Deployment (13) Strategy: Symbols of Authority (Masks) Schemes: * Punish the Weak (Masks) * Set Up (3) * Show of Force (7) * Take One For the Team (10) * Vendetta (12) Second Match: Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Public Executions (Tomes) Schemes: * Eliminate the Leadership (Tomes) * Covert Breakthrough (1) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Undercover Entourage (5) * Search the Ruins (8) Third Match: Deployment: Standard Deployment (6) Strategy: Supply Wagons (Jokers) Schemes: * Guarded Treasure (Jokers) * Hold Up Their Forces (4) * Inescapable Trap (6) * Take Prisoner (9) * Public Demonstration (13)
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