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  1. Even more annoying is owning his totem, primordial magic (which will for sure be in his box). So I have his totem but no master and I have Nekima but totem.
  2. Recommend having 2 Cerberus. You'll likely hire both in Neverborn and shift into one in Arcanists. Neverborn gives you access to some really neat beasts like wisps, adze, corrupted hounds, and rougarou. I haven't had much chance to play with him but he will be my focus crew for the next few weeks and I may be able to give a little more information later.
  3. The Nekima cards are purely for the different sculpts. She is still limit 1. Having multiple Lilitus or the ability to grow into them has been real nice in my Nephilim crews this edition. I love that they are minion 2 now
  4. All summoners this edition will require stones for suits. I play Dreamer and Asami and I just build in the 4 0r 5 stones to my list construction as necessary.
  5. I pulled 4 cards per turn using every model that could to remove anything 5 or less. I would often activate in what appeared to my opponent as silly in order to remove a bad card and I frequently cheated in weak cards when I knew I would lose a duel anyway in order to have that on top for my Daydreams to remove it at the beginning of my next activation. If you are actively trying to filter the deck, then Dreamer's crew is capable of setting up for brutal late turns. You have to use the Daydreams and Chompy to make this happen though.
  6. I played Dreamer Saturday and spammed Lucid Dreaming hard. By turn three I had removed almost every weak card and was holding black joker. My opponent was incredibly frustrated because my statistics were so different than his in every duel.
  7. So is it worth it to pick up a few additional yokai, or is 3 enough? I get the impression these guys are staple to Asami.
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